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Best Wakesurf Boards For Beginners to Advanced

We have been surfing for multiple years now have gained the knowledge of what the most important aspects of getting a wakesurf board are for each riders level. For beginners you are going to want something that is forgiving and that will allow you to easily catch up to the wave if you fall back.

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Kid Wakesurfer

Best Wakesurf Board For Kids

We would go to the ends of the earth for our kids.  From the smallest amount of affection to the grandest of gestures, we love our kids.  They make life worth living.  Frankly speaking, there is nothing more rewarding than spending time with your kids and helping them succeed.  I had this experience when teaching

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2021 Hyperlite Broadcast

Best Wakesurf Board for Beginners

We were once beginners too.  It is hard to know what the best way to start with it all the while just learning how to stand and stay up.  You’ll certainly need to feel your way around to get comfortable.  These boards will ease the pain and are a bit more forgiving.  That being said

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Woman Wakesurfing

Best Women’s Wakesurf Boards

I had to enlist the assistance of my wonderful wife to help with this article.  Like me, she took to wakesurfing and gets excited to be out there early in the morning when the water is calm and we basically have the lake to ourselves.  Unlike me, she has an extreme sense of coordination, balance,

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Best Wakesurf Board For Big Guys

For us bigger guys, finding the right wakesurf board can be a challenge.  A board that is too small requires a lot more effort to keep it going, while in contrast a board that is too big will cause a lack of responsiveness.  For bigger guys, an optimal board will provide you with a fast

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Wakesurf Balance Board

Best Wakesurf Balance Board

Whether you are a beginner who is looking forward to learning surfing or a pro who wishes to polish his skills, a wakesurf balance board is the right product for you. Since these boards have become a new trend, many companies have released their versions of wakesurf balance boards and hence, it can be difficult

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