Phase Five Hammerhead Review

The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead is a completely new take on the skim style wakesurf board and unlike anything I have ridden.  The board was designed by 7 time world champion wakesurfer Drew Danielo and he clearly did some out of the box thinking when he came up with this design.  I have to admit I was skeptical the board was as good as everyone was saying after reading all the hype, but after purchasing and using the board, and I don’t say this next statement lightly, this is the best board that has ever been designed and worth every single cent. I have ridden a lot of boards by a lot of different makers and this one tops them all. This is our 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead Review and what makes this board an insanely fast fun board to ride, superior for airs, 360’s, and other tricks, and the best board that has ever been made, hands down.

Phase Five Hammerheard
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Peanut Style Shape

The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead’s “peanut style” shape is the first thing that makes this board stand out.  The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead board has two points on each side of the board that make contact with the water instead of one consistent edge, like every other wakesurf board on the market. 

The dual points of contact on each side of the board is really what makes this wakesurf board the game changer that it is. 

Where the front edge of the board juts out is where you should be planting your front foot.  The contact points on either side will allow you to achieve a greater amount of acceleration when pumping and cutting.  Conversely, the back edges that jut out on the board, will provide more stability and control due to the excess contact points.

Where the board dips inward in the middle of the peanut shape, this is going to provide more edge to edge control and increase your maneuverability.  Your cuts and movements will be cleaner and sharper. 

Additionally the dip in the middle of the board will allow water to flow differently than other skimboards.  If you have ever ridden a wakesurf board with a tri-fin setup, you know that it has more stability and offers more control, than a single fin setup.  The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead board has the control and stability of a tri-fin setup, but with all the benefits of a single 1” fin skim wakesurf board because of this design feature.

One Of A Kind Performance

The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead is unlike any other board that has come before it.  This skim style board allows you to rip through the water with more stability, extra speed, and excess control all because of the “Peanut Rail Outline”.  The board is highly responsive and super light weight.

The front of the board and back of the board are squared off which I love.  This makes it feel the same whether riding forward or revert position.  The squared off tips provide for extra balance and stability in the water too.

When doing my own carves and cuts, it was an amazing ride. I was able to slash and cut the wake with a ton of ferocity that the people riding inside the boat said it looked like I was angry at the wake. The board moves very quickly and I was even able to get some air which I have never been able to do before with other boards.


The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead is fast.  And when I say fast, I mean it.  You can pump the board and get it to where you want very quickly.  If you fall back in the wave, the acceleration this board provides makes it possible to get back to the sweet spot, whereas other boards would leave you falling out of the wave. The streamline profile is really what sets this apart and makes it just an amazing board to ride. 

The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead comes with a single one inch fin so you are basically riding with very little on the bottom of the board.  Because of the single one inch fin, the board is very slick and mistakes will definitely cause you to crash and burn.


The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead is available in the 50”, 53”, and 55” sizes.  Being on the bigger end of the spectrum myself (230 lbs), I opted for the 55” inch board and this is the best board I have ever owned or ridden.  I am able to pump and ollie with this board like no other board I have tried (and I have tried plenty and all brands). 

The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead has a deluxe skim pad with P5 Techno Grip Traction V2 so your feet stay in place.  The board is made with Black Carbon fiber which makes the board extra durable, stiff, and extremely lightweight.  I actually feel weird every time I pick up the board, because I am so used to the other boards weights being so much heavier.

The continuous core is the same thickness from the tail to the nose of the board which gives the best performance.  The board is constructed with polyester resin, Polylam Gloss, and V.R.T (Vacuum Ribbed Technology) all of which give the board its extra durability.  Truthfully, I hope I never have to test the durability from dropping the board on the surf deck or ground, but it’s nice to know it will hold up against the test of time.


The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead is designed for the advanced rider who wants to step up their game.  It is a board that can easily handle any spin trick, air trick, or switch trick you can throw at it.  I am nowhere near an expert rider, but I have been able to 360 and ollie on the board.  Putting someone on the board with much greater skill than my own would be something to enjoy watching.

Final Thoughts

I really can’t speak highly enough from personal experience with this board.  The guys that I ride with all said the exact same thing as well.  They all love the board and it is really unlike anything that they have ever ridden.  No one even asks for any other boards when they get in the water now. The 2022 Phase Five Hammerhead is the best wakesurf board on the market, hands down.

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