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Best Wakesurf Boards For Beginners

Best Wakesurf Board for Beginners

We were once beginners too.  It is hard to know what the best way to start with it all the while just learning how to stand and stay up.  You’ll certainly need to feel your way around to get comfortable.  These boards will ease the pain and are a bit more forgiving.  That being said, make sure your board has a 3 fin configuration to give you more control of the board as you begin surfing.  We go more into depth at the bottom of this article about how to choose the right wakesurf board, but you’re probably most interested in our list of the best wakesurf boards for beginners so without delay here it is.

Hyperlite Broadcast | Editor’s Pick

Without mincing words, when I was brand new to wakesurfing, this is the board I learned on. I love this board! I have advanced beyond it and am now using a Phase 5 Hammerhead, but this is the board that got me up. This is the board I got for my kids. I can’t speak highly enough from personal experience with this board. If you stop reading the article here and buy this board, you will not be disappointed, I can promise you that.

The 3 – 2 inch fins make staying in control easy once you are up. Once you are ready, you can remove the fins, giving you the ability to do more tricks. The machined EVA traction pad is great and really increases your grip and feel of the board. This board also has a dual concave base feature and new rocker line which gives a speedy responsive ride. Do yourself a favor – click the link above or go to your local shop and get this board. It is the best beginner board out there, hands down.

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Ronix Marsh “Mellow” Thrasher | Runner Up Pick

The Ronix Marsh “Mellow” Thrasher is a perfect board for the entry level surfer that does not want the longboard. We really like this board for its ability to grow with the rider as they become better surfers. The board comes in a tri fin setup with 2 – 2.3″ fins and 1 – 2.9″ fin which is very important. The tri fin setup (which is the best setup for a beginner) along with the large volume of the board (20.2L) creates a stable environment to surf. The board is available in two sizes 56″ and 62″ (see sizing chart below to see what board size is best for you).

The Ronix Marsh “Mellow” Thrasher board comes with a machined EVA traction pad so your feet will stay planted and give you the extra comfort. This is a fantastic beginner board because it is extra forgiving with any mistakes and will allow you to catch up to the wave if you fall back. The board also features full rails, which means that it will give the classic surf feel.

Ronix Marsh Mellow
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Ronix Koal Classic Longboard | Reviewer’s Favorite

The Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurf Board provides a beginner / intermediate rider with an insane amount of buoyancy and control. Normally we say the more fins the better for beginners, but because of the thickness and length of this board, one fin is all that is needed.

The board itself has all the bells and whistles with a rocker line that has a 3.9″ nose and .2″ tail, EVA concave pads with air vents, and Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin (so the board will hold up in the hot sun). The base and rocker line allow the rider to adapt freely to wave patterns. Most importantly, the board is designed to age with the rider, so that when the rider improves they will not be limited by their board’s design.

One of the coolest things we love about this board is because it is so big and buoyant, you should have no problem dropping to a knee or just cruising. The Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurf Board will empower you to ride up and down the wake, while still being able to carve out and do a giant bottom turn. This is just a stellar board, hands down.

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CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board | Budget Pick

On a personal note, I picked up the 2019 version CWB Connelly Ride on sale at Academy Sports. From personal experience I can tell you, this is a fantastic board to learn on and we will typically grab this board to teach friends from out of town how to wakesurf on our lake.

As for specs, it was designed using compression construction technology and has a polyurethane resin core. The CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board offers its rider the ability to catch and ride waves with ease because it is so large and buoyant. Equipped with a two piece EVA pad, the Connelly is a great beginner/intermediate board for anyone looking to get started with wake-surfing.

What makes this a great beginner board is that it is considered to be a surf style board and is relatively long in length (62″). The excess length provides extra stability and control for beginners to get up and stay up while surfing. Reasonably priced, makes it one of the most affordable boards on the market for beginners.

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ZUP You Got This 2.0 All-in-One Board – Best Multi Use

The ZUP 2.0 is not solely a wakesurf board, but falls into this category for the purposes of our list. For those out there that are looking for something different for the kids the Zup 2.0 is a pretty cool board. We love the fact that it can offer riders of all-ages the opportunity to experience kneeboarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing all in one board.

The ZUP has two foot straps for riders still getting comfortable with balance when riding the board at higher speeds. It is highly rated as one of the most user friendly boards as the ZUP 2.0 is multifunctional, allowing the rider to experiment with different riding postures and gain better control of riding while practicing. It is extremely well designed and reasonably priced. The ZUP 2.0 is a great choice for kids who want to experiment with wakesurfing, but also want the flexibility of learning other water sports.

ZUP all in one
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Hyperlite Landlock | Best For Big Guys

The Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board is a versatile board that can accommodate anyone regardless of their surfing abilities. It comes with a mid tail profile so that you can rip turns when riding without losing your speed. This board is a good option for anyone looking for a stable cruising board that can stay in the pocket. Constructed with layered glass wrap and high density woven multiple layers, we know that it’s a strong board made to last. 

Shaped as a directional cruiser, the Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board comfortably stays in the wave and allows for a lot of push. It is recommended for beginner-intermediate ability level, but can still take on advanced riders.

The Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board comes with 3 fin thruster setup and takes up to 300 lb rider weight. At 69 inches, this board made it to our list of wakesurf boards we recommend.

Hyperlite Landlock
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Hyperlite Speedster Wakesurf Board – Best Hybrid Style

Similar to the majority of the boards here, the Hyperlite Speedster board has a customized tri fin setup. The Hyperlite Speedster has a Biolite 3 Core which is relatively new, making it one of the lightest and strongest cores that is one the market.

Some of the best aspects of the Hyperlite Speedster is its unique feel, making it another board for beginners to stand out from the rest. Even more exciting is that this board supports growth development where riders are able to make modifications to their board design as they improve overtime.

Standing at 4 feet 6 inches or 5 feet 2 inches tall, the Hyperlite Speedster offers great potential for new riders looking to start training with this excellent hybrid board design. This board covers the market with all the needed necessities for beginners starting off with wake-surfing. 

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Lib Tech Manna Tee Wakesurf Board – Best Surf Style

The Lib Tech Manna Tee Wakesurf Board bears Lib’s legendary tough construction, a smooth rocker and dynamic rail line from nose to tail. It is made with Lib’s new construction material – Magnesium Basalt Carbon (MBC) which helps to bring out the board’s liveliness. Aside from that, the main benefit of this construction (a blend of epoxy and polyester for dampness and flex) is that you get a board that is not only durable, but performs optimally. 

While testing out the board, we found that it has good impact resistance. This means that truly, they added magnesium fiber as they claimed. Unexpectedly, this board matches the flex of most of the high performing boards. No doubt it’s the carbon composite stringer at work.

The Lib Tech Manna Tee comes in a “surfy” round tail design for good control and aggressive carving. It also features two single foil fins and one lead fin. And then there are the two double foiled trailing fins.

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Connelly Cuda Wakesurf Board | Best Dual Tail Board

The 2022 Connelly Cuda is a great option for beginner wakesurfers. Known for its excellent reviews by rider’s, the Connelly Cuda is surprisingly affordable and has been known to hold riders up to 280lbs without issue. Being that the board is quite quick it can accommodate boats with smaller wakes or larger riders looking for a shorter board to slash the wake. Like the rest of the boards on our list, it also is designed with an EPS foam core and natural wood stringer platform.

Only a dual fin board, the Cuda should excel at turns and wave traversing. The board design reduces the distance between the both tail points, enabling the board fins to act as two separate tails. It also has a strong “push” factor, which allows the rider to surf all sized waves, edge to edge. 

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How To Choose The Right Wakesurf Board

Whilst there are no set length recommendations, rider weight and wake size are effective guidelines. Other factors that influence this decision are the board shape, rail, and tail shape. Here is some further information that should assist you when choosing between different sizes.

Larger wake surf boards have increased surface area with increased float and are therefore best suited to larger riders. If trailing a boat that produces a smaller wake, pick a bigger board. Large wakeboards move much slower through the water and are therefore easier to control, ideal for beginners.

Smaller wake surf boards are more playful and can maneuver faster on the wave. These make for an ideal choice for more advanced riders and lighter riders. Bigger waves will suit a smaller board.

Wakesurf Board Size Chart

Rider WeightSurf StyleSkim StyleHybrid Style
Up to 110 lbsUp to 4′Up to 4′Up to 4′
100 – 170 lbs4′ – 4’8″4′ – 4’4″3′ 9″ – 4′ 8″
150 – 200 lbs4’8″ – 5′4’4″ – 4’10”4′ 8″ – 5′ 3″
190 – 250+ lbs5’+4’10″+5’+


Boards that are longer in length are usually better for beginners since they are much easier to control thanks to simplified front-back weight distribution. This factor alone makes catching waves much easier and prevents nose-diving. Despite this, advanced riders may also opt for a longer board if they are particularly tall or heavy. Longer boards are more difficult to carve on due to their larger turn radius.

Board type (Skim, Surf or Hybrid)

Wake surf boards can come in three different styles: surf, skim, and hybrid. Figuring out which style suits your needs best is the first step to obtaining the best board for you. Let us discuss each board style to help you work out which style best suits your requirements. 

Surf style wake surf boards

The surf style board is the most popular style that people go with when purchasing a wakesurf board. This style closely resembles the boards that you will often see at the beach, however, these are slightly smaller and are designed to effectively wake surf following a boat. This style is often regarded as the most user-friendly due to its sturdy construction and ability to reach higher speeds at a faster rate. That said, this style is perhaps more ideal for beginner surfers because they offer stability and can catch waves easier than the other board styles. More advanced riders choose this style to enjoy the high-speed maneuverability it delivers and execute big turns, slashes, and jumps. Although they are not as suited to performing tricks as the skim style board, the surf style board is still more than capable of executing 360’s.

Skim style wake surf boards

The skim style board is considered the most playful of the three styles and is preferred by riders looking to perform tricks and gain airtime trailing the boat. This style board is usually smaller in size compared to the surf style board, with smaller fins that create a looser experience on the wake, allowing the rider to execute big jumps and perform spins and various tricks behind the boat. This style board is best suited to a rider that has the experience and is comfortable surfing the wake, therefore, this style is a good choice for intermediate-advanced riders.

Hybrid style wake surf boards

The hybrid shape alludes to a board that encompasses qualities of both the surf and skim styles. This style aims to incorporate the best features of each board to create a board that is capable of fulfilling most requirements. The board features the stability and user-friendliness of the surf combined with the playfulness of the skim style to create a board that can do both. Hybrid boards are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and since they offer a bit of everything, they are ideal for those who want to experience both sides of the wake.

Fin Setup

The fin setup of the board is often undervalued but it plays a huge role in the riding experience and overall feel of the board. The modern boards have much more emphasis on the wake surf fins, and as a result, today’s boards glide better and provide a much higher quality experience on the wake. Fin systems can range from high-quality carbon fins to the newer tool-less fin setups, the majority of boards on the current market feature the most advanced fins which significantly improves the surfing experience.

Once you have deciphered which style you would like, the next thing is to understand which fin setup will provide you an optimal ride. Various factors influence this decision such as riding style, ability and wake size. Here we discuss the different fin setups, how they influence the ride and the board styles that most commonly feature each setup.  

Single fin

The single fin style is most common on boards with a skim style but sometimes features on longboard surf style ones also. It performs a similar role to a rudder, offering stability and lots of control whilst not compromising the playfulness of the board. This means that the board can still perform tricks. The single fin is best suited for use on medium to large-sized waves.

Twin fin

The twin fin provides the rider with a playful ride but offers enough hold for turns whilst still being capable of executing 360’s. This setup usually comes as standard on most surf or hybrid boards with many also featuring three fin setups. With these boards, the center fin can be removed to use the board as a twin fin. This setup performs very well against waves of many sizes.


The thruster setup is the most popular setup with most surf style wake surf boards featuring it. The outer fins play a key role in generating speed as you progress across the waves whilst the middle fin keeps things stable and controlled. This setup is very versatile, removing fins can turn it into a single or twin fin setup. This setup is capable of use on all wave sizes.

Quad fin

This particular fin setup is exclusively found on surf style boards. The quad fin setup provides the rider with serious speed with the fins enabling the surfer to pump and generate speed quickly. The setup is also versatile with the option to remove two fins and ride as a twin setup. It excels when faced with bigger waves.

Five fin

This is a rare setup, but it provides an endless amount of options. It is also exclusive to surf style boards. This fin setup offers utmost versatility, allowing the rider to surf using any fin combination they desire. It is not wise to ride with all five fins since this will introduce increased drag and significantly slow down the board’s progression. It can be used on waves of all sizes.

Tail shape

There is more to your board’s tail shape than just aesthetics. Since the inception of wake surfing, the tail shape is something that has been extensively experimented with to discover optimal shapes that perform on a variety of wave types. The tail shape directly influences hydrodynamics, controlling the way the board feels on the water surface, but do not worry, we will not delve too deep into the physics here.

By far the most common tail shape on surfboards is a big, wide tail which catches the wave easily and gives the rider more push to surf the wave. The increased push that a square or large, rounded tail offers affords the rider with additional acceleration and speed. This makes for a great option for those who do not have a massive wave trail behind the boat.

A small, round tail shape has much more responsiveness when turning and has a looser playful feel on the surface. These round tails are found on pretty much all board styles, but skim style boards feature a much smaller, pointy tail which is perfect for executing spins and tricks. The round tails are most suitable for medium to large waves; however, they do not provide the same push that a larger, square tail does.

The final tail shape is the fish (or swallow) tail. This shape has been a staple in surfing for decades and now many wake surf board manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. It provides a good amount of push due to its wider tail whilst also being responsive in controlled turns. This is the best option when tackling waves that are smaller and do not possess much push.

Rail design

The rail on a wake surf board is vital since it influences the flow of water past the board and therefore plays a significant role in how the board rides when making turns. Typically, a thinner, sharper rail provides increased speed and is more responsive whilst a thicker, rounded rail offers a more stable, controlled experience. The following rail types contribute to unique rides, so you need to find which one best suits you.

Full rail

The full rail is featured on the majority of surf style boards. It is very user-friendly for beginner to advanced riders due to its stable, controlled profile whilst taking turns. The softer, larger rail hugs the wave better, making wave riding easier and increasing overall speed.

Hard rail

The hard rail is featured on the majority of the skim style boards. This rail features a harder edge which cuts through the water much easier providing increased board speed but breaks free easily to perform spins. This rail does not provide the same hold as the softer, full rail and so it feels much looser and playful to ride.

Blended rail

A blended rail is a hybrid of both the full rail and hard rail designs. It is found on a lot of the hybrid style boards. It represents a good versatile option that offers stability but still maintains enough playfulness to spin the board and execute 360’s.

How To Wakesurf

You’re on this page because you are looking for a beginner wakesurf board so I figured why not share a quick “how to” guide for how to wakesurf.

  • Start with the board floating flat on the water, perpendicular to the boat. The front of the board should be facing towards the outside of the boat. Looking at the back of the boat, think about which foot will be your front foot. If it is your left foot (regular), then you will want to be on the left side of the boat. If your front foot is your right foot (goofy), then looking at the back of the boat you’ll want to be on the right side.
  • As you are floating in the water, place your heels on the board slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Sit back and float and try to be comfortable as this takes some getting used to.The rope should be held in whatever hand is on the outside so regular riders will hold the rope with their left hand and goofy riders with their right hand.
  • Once your feet are set, tell the captain to “take the slack out”. They should move the boat slowly forward until the rope is taught. Maintain your composure and as this will create water pressure with the board pushing back against your feet. The board will flip up under your feet so the bottom of your feet have full contact with the board.
  • Your knees will be bent with your eyes and shoulders facing the boat as you are being pulled along in the water. When you are ready, let the captain know to “hit it”. Don’t fight against the boat and just let the boat pull you and keep your arms straight.
  • As you start planing, stand up on the board. The boards fins will have to give you stability which is why we encourage beginner riders to have more fins on their boards. With the fins straightening you out, keep your knees bent and locate the center point of the board. It is better to lean further backwards than forward, as leaning too far forward will cause the tip of the board to nosedive.
  • As you surf, be sure to keep your feet pointed toward the wake slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Your front foot is your accelerator and back foot is your brake. Putting weight on your front foot will cause you to go forward toward the boat. If you want to slow down, shift your weight to your back foot.

The “Sweet Spot

As you get the hang of surfing there is something called the “sweet spot”. That is the area where the wave can push you so you can surf without the use of the rope. Honestly it took me the better part of the summer to find it when I first started riding so don’t get discouraged. Just practice making the board accelerate and decelerate while holding onto the rope. See if you can make the rope go slack and stay slack while surfing. That is the best way to practice.

Some great advice I got when I first started riding regarding the “sweet spot” was to pick a spot on the back of the boat and focus on it. By focusing on a specific spot your body just naturally tends to move toward it. If you need to accelerate and continually fall out of the wave, use your arms. Stick your front arm out like Superman and your back arm on the center of your back and lean your body forward. Use your hips too and do the “hula”. You’ll be surprised how these small changes can really help you find and stay in that sweet spot.

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beautiful girl with long hair with a wakeboard

Wakeboarding Beginner Tricks

Wakeboarding has always been something that amuses and interests me. But like many others, I had no idea where to begin the learning process from. This brought me to reveal some of the best wakeboarding beginner tricks, and today I would like to pass them on. So, if you are a wakeboarding enthusiast just like me, get ready to learn it even faster!

But before delving into the topic, I would like to mention that my passion and pulling attraction towards wakeboarding didn’t let me sit idly on the sidelines seeing others doing fun tricks on their wakeboards. This passion compelled me to start watching YouTube videos and study beginner guides on waterboarding as a starting point.

Some Must-Know Facts for Beginners

Regardless of being a novice, beginner, or an intermediary at wakeboarding, there is always something that you must remember about this water sport. You can never fully reach the pinnacle with wakeboarding learning. There is always something new to discover and learn.

Keeping that aside, here are some of the best wakeboarding tricks I learned as a beginner to master the art of wakeboarding. These tips helped me stand on my feet, quite literally.

Get started by:

  • Practicing floating, keeping the board in front of you, on the surface on your back, and keeping your hands on the towrope in front of you
  • Bend your knee and put one arm on the outside region of one knee
  • Keep the board in front of you with your feet strapped on it
  • Initially, let the board rest on the side before you pick momentum and begin to float on the water
  • Once you are ready, give the board driver a sign to move
  • Don’t panic as the boat starts to speed up props you in a standing position
  • Keep your calm and try to keep your body flexible without locking your knees

Nobody said wakeboarding is an easy-to-learn sport. It wasn’t for me. But slowly and gradually, you will learn to get a grip on it.

I must also add the much-needed disclaimer at this point. Prepare for your body to ache in places it has never before. You will be traveling in excess of 20 mph and when you hit the water it will contort your body and you will feel it.

It might take you time and practice to get better at this sport. But practice can make you gain strength in no time to enjoy wakeboarding without any body aches.

Wakeboarding Beginner Tricks

Once you have gotten the grip and are comfortable enough to stand on the board, these tricks may be of great help to you in learning wakeboarding:

Surfing the Wake

The first trick I learned as a beginner in wakeboarding was ‘surfing the wake’. See the mushy foamy water coming out of a boat while wakeboarding? There’s the wake and we’re going to get all in there.

This trick is best carried out by grabbing the handle with your inside hands. Put all your body weight on your heels and backward and lean back in full force for the wakeboard to lean forward and create a big splash.

Cross the Wake

This is another beginner’s trick you can pull off easily if you have learned to control and surf the wake with balance. Start by pulling the towrope while leaning into your toe edges and heel.

Glide the rest of the water by bending your knees, keeping the rope and handle stiff and only moving your lower body. Make sure you slowly turn your shoulder and chest in the direction you’re heading. This helps you gradually make your board spin.

Tail Grab

Tail grab is another trick that I learned early in my wakeboarding lessons. It is a beginner’s trick but surely requires some work to execute it properly. In order to perform this trick, while you are in the water, wakeboarding, launch up in the air and bend your knees as much as bringing your board up to your waist. Then use your backhand to grab the tail of the board while in the air. Don’t forget to release the tail as soon as you approach back to the water.


In my opinion, edging is the most basic yet the most necessary trick you must learn as a beginner to claw your paws in the fundamentals of wakeboarding. This trick involved surfing toeside and heelside inside a wake.

Edging is carried out while putting full pressure on your front toes or heels to push the board in your preferred direction. In order to move to the toeside, it is advised to pressure your toes. Whereas in order to move heelside, you must put pressure your heel. Amidst it all, leave your arms relaxed.

Riding Switch

I personally love this trick where you ride by putting forward your non-natural foot. It includes switching the wake gradually and then trying to cross the wake.

While at first, trying to switch rides may appear to be difficult. But with practice, you will get more comfortable at it. Direct your board using your front foot and remember to always leave your arms relaxed.

Jump the Wake- Ollie

Ollie is the most beginner or intermediate trick as I have learned it. This is the first brick to build a solid foundation and learn more complex tricks. This wakeboarding trick is completed by jumping across a buoy.

In this trick, as you reach a buoy, bend the knees and put all your body weight onto the heels. Then as you have reached the buoy, lift both your legs simultaneously and pop. Once you land, bend your knees, so your body doesn’t lose balance and let go of the handle while in the air as well.

Surfing 180

Surfing 180 is another beginner’s trick at wakeboarding. This is where your wakeboard rotates 180 degrees while on the water surface. This is a relatively more straightforward trick because it does not entail bouncing off the water into the air. In fact, all it takes is the beginner to navigate the board appropriately to master this trick.

When implementing this trick, make sure you bend your knees, lock the elbows, and rotate the wakeboard by sliding left and right or by rotating your hips 180 degrees. Once you have turned your board sideward, you can ride backward or even ride on your side for a while.


Sure, this might sound like an exercise in itself to you, but this is why wakeboarding is so popular as well. I find this sport to be highly exhilarating.

Moving to intermediate and then professional level from beginner wakeboarding helps you discover new tips and tricks to own the wakeboarding styles.

Don’t worry about stamina; as you start practicing, your body will gradually gain the stamina to fight the water.

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Best Wake Foils

Summer is here! You know it is time to head outside to your favorite beaches and lakes and get some much-needed sun time. And if you are a wake foiling or surf foiling enthusiast, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to a new wakefoil. Even if you are looking for a new water adventure, you should definitely try wake foiling. Nevertheless, you’ll still need a beginner-friendly wakefoil. But how do you choose one? Worry not as we’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Slingshot WF-2 FSurf V3 Foil Package

Technology is not really the primary consideration for brands when they design wakeboards for beginners. But you can trust Slingshot to rewrite the rules with its WF-2 FSurf V3 Foil Package. To begin with, the soft-top foil board is designed to ensure that beginners are able to get into this adrenaline-thumping sport with utmost comfort and safety.

At 4’10, the board offers plenty of space while the cupped rail channels boost before launch stability. The 68cm Gamma front wings also do an exceptional job of providing beginners with all the comfort and stability they need. At the same time, the performance and responsiveness are sure to be appreciated by even seasoned riders. 

You can also manually adjust the lift using the foil mounting racks for different speeds. Moreover, you also have the option to simply ditch the foil and use the board for wake surfing. The package comes with a half strap, a protective foil bag, and track mounting hardware.

Top Features

  • Foil mount track to help you customize the lift intensity
  • Dual cupped rail channels for improved stability
  • Can also be used as a wakeboard minus the added equipment
  • Comes with a half strap and track mounting hardware
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate wake foilers
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Liquid Force Nebula Wake Foil Board

Test your limits with this latest Liquid Force Nebula Wake Foil Board. A powerful blend of style, performance, and technology, it is the foil that is endorsed by Austin Keen. If you don’t know who Austin Keen is, go ahead and you tube him. The guy is ridiculous!

The 3’8 or 4’2″ Nebula has horizontal texture breaks and a concave deck for extra traction that will ensure that you always find a firm footing on the board.

The board features a 27” mast with improved cross-section to keep the drag to a minimum and deliver maximum safety. The high-performance Carbon Horizon 125 wing offers improved performance and lift on the 1st and 2nd wake. Even the flat design of the wing contributes to effortless turns and easy pumps.

The compression-molded board is made from stringerless EPS foam with the help of durashell construction technology for improved strength. The foil board is also equipped with a track mount for easy adjustments and comes with a carry bag to ensure safe transport.

Top Features

  • Improved mast cross-section to minimize drag
  • Horizontal texture breaks and concave deck traction for firm footing
  • Carbon Horizon 125 wing for improved lift
  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced wakefoilers
Click below to compare prices and check availability

Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package

If you don’t care for all the bells and whistles and need a wakefoil board exclusively designed for classic foiling fun, look no further than the Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package. The edgy and sharp rocker design of the board will ensure that you are able to cut through the waves in the most effortless manner.

At 4’6 with a 61cm mast height, the foil board with its twin-fin setup is adequately equipped to help you levitate high above the waves. The generous surface area and the innovative design of the foil will enable you to seamlessly pump water and shift between waves.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a pro foiler, this Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package would be your fun and stable companion that will always stand by you every summer, year after year.

Top Features

  • Classic wakesurfing platform with twin-fin setup
  • Sharp rocker structure to easily penetrate through waves
  • Mast height of 61 cm to rise above waves
  • Foil mount track for adjusting lift intensity
  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced wake foilers
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Hyperlite UTE Foil/Wakesurf Board

Talk about being flexible, and no wakesurfer will impress you as much as the Hyperlite UTE Foil/Wakesurf Board 2021. You can attach it to any of your preferred foil to rule the wake or just use it as any standard Hyperlite Durashell Surfer. For improved control when wakesurfing or foiling, the board also comes with optional foot straps.

Made from Hyperlite’s renowned Reinforced Durashell Construction, you can count on this foil board for enhanced durability and longevity. To help you micro-adjust the setup precisely as per your requirement, there is also a track mounting system at the bottom.

The UTE also features 2×3.5” flux fins to help you have maximum control and stability. Last but not least, the Hyperlite UTE Wakesurf Board is shaped by Scott “Buch” Bouchard, who has also designed some of the brand’s top-selling models.

Top Features

  • Reinforced Durashell Construction for added strength and durability
  • Track mounting system for precise adjustments
  • Dual 3.5” flux fins for improved stability and control
  • Adjustable strap foot interface
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate wakefoilers
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Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package

No matter if you are just starting with wake surfing or are already a pro, this Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package is flexible enough to suit everyone, especially if you plan to rule smaller waves and wakes. The foil-based build of this board makes it light, strong, and just perfect for the 2nd or even 3rd wake of the boat.

The long 24” mast and the generous 760 wings deliver the best lift that you’d ever experienced. Not to forget that the bigger wings also improve stability, making it a smart choice for beginners. The board comes with optional straps for people new to wake foiling or pros who want to amp up their progression.

Thanks to the track mount system of this product, you can pick any foil you like and adjust it as per your preference. The Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil also comes with neoprene wing covers to help you keep the wings protected when you are done foiling.

Top Features

  • Phase Five Nova Foil with larger 760 wings
  • 24” mast for higher raise
  • Foil Track Mount System to easily swap foils
  • Neoprene wing covers for enhanced protection
  • Ideal for beginners and pros alike, especially for surfing extremely small wakes
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Liquid Force Galaxy AK Foil Package

Searching for a wakesurfing boat that could effortlessly boost your wake foiling experience? Check out this all-new Liquid Force Galaxy AK Foil Package. The board features Impulse 110 wings, which is Liquid Force’s most advanced and maneuverable wing, to help you easily carve through the ups and downs, no matter if it is the first wake or you are navigating between them.

The foil-specific board has a Deep V Hull to ensure that the touchdowns and releases are as simple as they can be. For added convenience, there are also chine rails to help. The 27” mast also contributes to stability and performance, allowing you to achieve maximum flight height as and when needed.

For disconnecting the board, simply press the quick-release collar, and you are good to go. All the hardware components are made from titanium-coated stainless steel for maximum performance and durability. Padded wing covers are included with this package for added safety.

 Top Features

  • Deep V Hull for easy touchdowns
  • Impulse 110 wings for maximum maneuverability
  • 27” performance mast for maximizing flight height
  • Chine rail for instant release off the water
  • Ideal for advanced to expert wakefoilers
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Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package

Thin and nimble design for easy carving? Check. Big-winged foil for maximum pump-power? Check. Convert into a twin-fin wakesurfer when needed? Check. Popular as the Swiss Army Knife in the world of foil setups, the Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package is all a seasoned foiler needs to make the most of every summer.

The skim-style hybrid board offers precise control no matter if you just want to take off or navigate through wakes across sizes. The thin and lightweight design of the board, combined with Phase Five Nova Foil, enables it to offer more stability and lift compared to its predecessor.

The wakefoil package also comes with a track foil mount system for micro-management and ensuring that the setup is exactly as per your preference. There are also optional foot straps to help beginners and enable the pros to get that hard carving feel. 

Top Features

  • Skim-style hybrid board design for improved control
  • Big-winged Phase Five Nova Foil for improved liftoff and stability
  • Track foil mount system for precise adjustments
  • Removable foil to use as a wakesurfer
  • Ideal for advanced to expert wakefoilers
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Choosing the Best Wakesurf Hydrofoil

You were searching for the best wake foil package, and we’ve provided you not one or two but seven great options to choose from. All of these popular products are offered by some of the most trusted brands and are equipped with the best of technologies.

Rest assured that you can pick any of these foil boards, and you’ll be thoroughly amazed by the product. All of these top options are handpicked by us to ensure that you don’t have to do the backbreaking work of researching and comparing online.

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Best Water Mat For Lake

What’s better than spending a lazy weekend by the pool in the bright, beautiful sun? Spending a weekend by water on a floating water mat. If you haven’t heard of them, you’ve probably seen them around, and you might’ve wanted to get one. Now is your chance to get your hands on some of the best water mats for the lake to have fun on. 

What Are Lake Mats Made Of? 

Most of the water mats for lakes (except the inflatable ones) feature a closed-cell foam or polyethylene. The material makes the floating water mat super lightweight, thus ideal for carrying it to lakes. Closed-cell foam is also incredibly robust when it comes to wear and tear and hence another reason why you should prefer polyethylene or closed-cell foam, especially if you’re with kids. 

They plan to use the water mat rather rigorously. Finally, the closed-cell foam is waterproof, which is kind of funny if you think about the water mat used in the first place. But the closed-cell structure of the polyethylene foam won’t allow the water to seep into the foam and thus makes it extra durable compared to some other materials.

What Is The Thickest Water Mat?

Water mats vary in thickness, from one to eight inches. The water mats that we have mentioned here will have a maximum of 4-inch thickness, which is not bad for an adult to stand tall on it without worrying too much about the mat going down the lake. 

MISSION Boat Gear Reef Mat | Best Overall

With a 4-inch thick super grid and an extra durable design featuring 1000D nylon, this mat will last all day with you jumping around on it. Double-reinforced seams reinforce the durable construction, and it allows the mat to remain intact and afloat even after a whole day of playing around on it. 

The mat is inflatable, which is another reason why we think this is the overall best water mat for lakes. Carrying it around is simple and fights right into most boat lockers. The included storage bag helps protect the water mat from unnecessary wear and tear, and the high-flow dual-action pump (also included) helps you inflate your mat rather easily. The pump is big and fast and fits nicely in the included bag.

The mat overall is very firm and steady. You can play around on it, or even do yoga, for what it’s worth. And although it might seem big and pricey, it’s a good size on water, and it is worth every penny. 

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If you’ve got a family that likes to handstand on water mats, jump around, and perhaps even do a cartwheel, then this is the mat you should go for. 

This mat is super rigid, and its dimensions (18’x6’) are just perfect for almost anything; sleeping, partying, and playing. Its rigid structure with the premium O’Brien 4” drop stitching technology with double reinforced seams makes sure it keeps you afloat the whole day. The heavy gauge construction is all you need to ensure durability, safety, and stability, and thankfully, this mat has got it. 

The runaway inflatable mat comes with an included storage bag and a dual-action pump as well. The pump fits nicely in the storage bag and works almost fast enough for you to not get an electric pump as its alternative. Finally, the mat features 24 quick link D-rings, and it makes this mat the most versatile of them all to be linked in any direction whatsoever. 

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HO PAC-MAT INFLATABLE MAT | Best For Playing Around

If you’ve got to practice your cannonballs, this mat is right where you should start. The 5’ center hole is enough for a grown man to take a plunge through. Plus, having a hole this big on a water mat means one thing only; it is time to play!

Thankfully, the mat is rigid enough to bear the weight of a couple of grown-ups jumping around on it and plunging through its center hole. Its 4-inch thick welded drop-stitch construction makes sure of it. While it is inflatable, it does not, like the previous mats, feature a storage bag which is a bummer. But it is okay, though, since it comes with 8 dual-layer neoprene handles and makes it rather easy to carry around without a storage bag. The included dual-action hand pump and the PSI pressure gauge are not easy to carry around. However, the pump is super powerful and, with its dual-action, returns double what you put into it, making it very efficient and easy to work with.  

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You want a water mat for the lake, but you don’t want it included with a hand pump because a lazy day means a lazy day, even if it’s only just for using some muscle power for pumping air into a water mat? You’re in luck because the Fiji island water mat comes with an electric pump, making inflation the easiest task in the world. Not only that, but the mat also comes with alligator clips that allow you to plug in the pump with your car batteries in case you forgot the pump’s batteries. 

Pumps aside, this mat is one of the most stable mats we’ve come across as of now. The stability is thanks to the two-layered ballast bags. These bags are located under the two opposite corners of the mat and fill up with water once the mat comes into contact with water. The ballast bags keep the mat from shifting side to side when playing or sliding on it. 

Finally, this water mat features a dual-layer drop-stitch construction, which when combined with the ballast bags, makes it one hell of a mat to get your hands on as soon as possible.

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The Lanai Inflatable mat is notorious for its rigidity. In fact, the construction is so rigid you won’t even know the difference if it’s inflated or not unless you see it being inflated. The same goes for after it’s inflated. The rigidity allows it to maintain shape and structure even after a whole day out on the water under the sun. 

Made with PVC material and offering a maximum of 3 riders, the Lanai water mat features durable drop-stitch construction. It is just the perfect combo of material and construction for just the right number of people with the right size to fit almost everywhere, inflated or not. 

Speaking of inflation, the mat also comes with an included dual-action hand pump that specifically fits the high-pressure valve of the mat on one of its corners. You could try using an electric pump to make things easier for you but be sure to check if the electric pump fits the high-pressure valve of the mat or not. 

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The best water mat for a lake is the one you enjoy spending time on. You would enjoy spending time on it as long as it is made of quality materials, has just the right amount of rigidity, and is easy to inflate and carry around. You know it’s the best water mat for you if you don’t have a single bad memory of using the mat from the day you went to the lake.

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Best Kneeboard For Beginners

This summer, I am going to teach the kids how to kneeboard. I am going to have to use the jaws of life to pry them away from their personal electronic devices and spend quality time together outdoors, but in the end, it will be worth it.  I used to kneeboard when I was younger all the time, but testing out the boards nowadays they have made some great improvements. Here is the list of the best kneeboard for beginners.

I have always found that the most important factor to focus on in finding a kneeboard is if it is specifically recommended for beginners and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Those traits alone are going to allow for an easy transition and learning process.         

Connelly Theory Kneeboard

Connelly Theory Kneeboard is my favorite board on the list hands down. It really is everything you could ask for in a knee board and on a personal note I really like the colorful design

I really enjoyed the Ergonomically Shaped knee pad and padded Velcro strap. That EVA contoured pad was so really comfortable and steps up from the boards I used to ride. The Connelly Theory is a cheerful choice and also frees up your hands with its handle hook that makes it easy to connect with the cable rope. It also features Twin Tip Design, Center Channel & Edge Rails for Tracking and Low-Profile Molded Fin In-Tip-&-Tail.

All the features aside, it was just really easy to ride. It made short work of the very lightweight and easy to maneuver. The board itself is 50″ long and 21″ wide and it is made of a Roto Molded Plastic, which is what you will find on many beginner boards because it is more buoyant than Compression Molded boards.

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SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

Another top pick was the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard which comes in at a very lightweight, 8.7 lbs. and thus is super easy to transport. Of the many things that we loved about this board, we can say that it performed extremely well when trying 360’s.

To ensure a tranquil and effortless ride, SereneLife Water Sport comes with a built- in hook for the tow rope. For a beginner, having a secure hook is important because you want to have fun and laid back experience.

SereneLife Water Sport is anything but boring with its color options. Most kneeboards only have one choice. There are 3 cool color options to choose from: black/blue, black/green and black/red. The SereneLife Water Sport is at the lower end of the price range, so if you’re looking to save some money this may be your best option.

After testing the kneeboard, we found that the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard is very easy to maneuver. Its sleek design easily carves through the water. The tow handle holder is designed for beginners to easily pop up and works fantastic.

We are also in love with the padded top that provides extra comfort for your knees when going through choppy water. These are all important features since kneeling for extending periods of time can be painful.

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Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard

Another choice to consider is the Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard. This is a board that both adults and kids are going to love. The Hydroslide design gives a really comfortable, smooth ride with really fast edge to edge transitions.

Another board that is Roto Molded so that beginners can get up very easily. It has a thin profile design which in turn delivers some better performance that you would normally find in more expensive boards.

The Hydroslide Revolution only comes in 1 color, mainly yellow and bright blue, and it is one of the heavier boards on our list weighing 14 lbs.

We really enjoyed the Hydroslide Revolution’s smooth ride. The board features the Hydrohook, which is a key element for beginning riders because it allows you to get up easily and it retracts immediately by a spring-loaded action that remains level.

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O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

The O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard is another fantastic beginner board. We really love the exterior design which is a striking lime green and black design and weighs a mere 9 lbs.

We found that the tow rope hook on this board makes it so much easier for first time boarders to concentrate on getting up. The integrated fins give outstanding control for deep cuts going out and coming back into the wake. The O’Brien Voodoo has superior padding and a very comfortable and secure strapping system.

We were spellbound by its winning combination of hard-charge edging that provides a precise ride. It does this due to the quad molded fins featured on the corners of the hull and low-profile cross section. Its curved bottom will mystify you with its smooth and fast edge transitions.

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Xspec Kneeboard

Xspec Kneeboard is a moderately priced kneeboard that only weighs nine pounds. Due to the fact that it is very light, it has more maneuverability. If you were to remove the fins on the bottom, this will give a slicker feel and give you more control with your carving

We were impressed by its wakeboard style and molded fins that guarantee a smooth ride. Its winning design is a combination of both wakeboards with water ski design characteristics.

The adjustable 3” padded belt allows for more security and comfort. It also has an integrated hook that secures the tow rope when you start, so you can concentrate on getting your knees properly into position.

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O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

O’Brien Radica Kneeboard is a less expensive option. The O’Brien Radica Kneeboard comes only in bright blue and black and also weighs 9 lbs. Additionally; it features 4 molded fins which helps for a smooth ride and a handle hook.

We were stunned by the value for the price made by an industry leader such as O’Brien. It also features a combination of water-ski and wakeboard design. Edging and carving are a cinch due to its wakeboard-style quad, cupped molded fins.

The bard ensures stability because of its low water-ski, style edge bevel design that ensures stability and permits quick edge transitions.

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Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Integrated Hook

Another leading, cost-effective option is the Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Integrated Hook. There are 2 color options: A-green and blue. The Leader Accessories Kneeboard weighs under 9 lbs. and has a weight limit of 250 lbs.

The Leader Accessories Kneeboard features a molded-in hook for effortless starts. This makes a world of difference, especially for the kids when starting out as they might not possess the arm strength to get them up. It .really is an awesome addition to the board and a great confidence builder for the younger kids

We were pleasantly surprised by how well the beveled edge allows for easy maneuvering for beginners. It also offers EVA padding with comfortable knee wells and a 3” padded adjustable strap.  

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Kneeboarding is a great entry level water sport. There isn’t a ton of skill that is required to get yourself up and going, but leaves plenty of room to experiment once you get more skilled. It is a wonderful way to spend time on the water with the family. Looking at any of the boards on this list, you’ll see a lot of similarities and although we liked our top picks best, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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Best Wake Shaper for Wake Surfing

For all those wake surfing enthusiasts out there, you already know that wake surfing is a sport that is both fun and thrilling, but getting the right wave can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky.  While playing with the tabs on your surf boat and/or adding ballast to different areas of the boat will help to create a better wave, adding a wake shaper to your boat is a cost effective alternative that will give you an immediate result for that wave your seek.  Wake shapers have the ability to in some cases double the wave that your boat is creating while greatly improving the waves intensity and quality of the wave. You will immediately notice the differences the right wake shaper can achieve, giving increased stability and speed.  With so many on the market, its hard to know which one to get though so here are our top picks for 2022.  

SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper 

The Swell wakesurf creator creates a surf wake that is big, long, and clean because of the use of it’s proprietary design that creates turbulence on the opposite side of the surf wave.   With the use of this wake shaper you can all but double the size of your wakesurf wave.Mounting this wakeshaper is quite simple because it uses suction, unlike others that use velcro, and can be installed and removed in seconds, which is especially important if you need to switch it from one side of the boat to the other for a goofy footed rider.  Suction stands up quite well and can withstand speeds up to 14MPH.

Swell Wakesurf creator is made of UV-protected marine grade polymer and stainless steel with provide extra durability and strength in the water.  SWELL Wakesurf Creator is highly visible as it is white in color and also floats high on the water.  Finally, this wakeshaper will work on all boats with inboards, turning them into instant surf machines.

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Mission DELTA 2.0 Wakesurf Shaper

For all those looking for a fuel-efficient options out there, the delta wake surf shaper is the answer for you. This shaper is highly fuel efficient, and it will allow you to increase your speed as well. Its suction cups are high powered, ensuring a proper wake for boats that have a higher weight. Its front panel is designed in a way that will displace water quite easily. Also, it reduces the turbulence you face, which further guarantees a smoother ride. Overall, it is easy to attach and allows you to save up as well.

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Sylvan WaveMaker Surf Gate Shaper

This perfect shaper is made from UHMW polyethylene, and so without increasing the weight on it significantly, you can enjoy its durability and strength. Once you buy this shaper, you will not have to worry about buying another for a long time. In addition to this, with the help of the aluminum alloy, you can easily attach this shaper to your boat and foam sets can easily be used along with it to increase the floating capability. This product is available on Amazon, and the reviews are great.

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Nauticurl Wakesurfing Wake Shaper

With the best level of buoyancy, you can rest assured that this wake shaper will always stay afloat. This feature further ensures that the design of this machine is straightforward and increases your speed rather than channeling an unwanted drag. In addition to this, it is pretty easy to attach with its provided plug, and the design makes it manageable. Its heavy-duty style will make sure it lasts for a longer time giving you the ultimate experience. It also provides good water displacement and reviews on Amazon are great for this one!

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SWELL Wakesurf Creator Slim H3X

The complete package when it comes to choosing a wake shaper. Its sleek and extremely durable design it can also easily reduce unwanted turbulence and produces a much longer wave, which in turn ensures that there is higher water displacement. It has an easy installation process so you can fix it on your boat in no time. Its suction cups work perfectly even in rough water conditions and this shaper floats entirely further, ensuring that the weight of the boat does not increase significantly. Interested?

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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro 2 Wake Shaper 

Once you buy this wake surf shaper, you will notice how the weight of your boat will be more evenly spread out. In addition to this, the displacement effect will be far better as you will immediately feel the boat becoming more stable with an increase in its speed as well. Moreover, with the support of concave channeling, you can rest assured that this particular wake surf shaper will easily handle heavier weights as well. Also, it floats, making sure your boat doesn’t break or get damaged. Made from durable marine grade materials this wake surf shaper will ensure that it lasts with you for a long time.

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Ronix Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper, X-Large Size

Now a lot of people are in search of a shaper that can easily be used with any boat, and this product does it all. With the help of this specific wake shaper, it will be ultimately easier for you to generate larger wakes behind. Therefore, as a result, the displacement will be on the higher side; however, this would not hinder the stability factor involved. People who have bought this option claim that this wake surf shaper is the complete package that provides you with a desired and complete level of stability as well. Check more about it here: 

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Now that you have a complete guide about wake shapers, what are you waiting for? Choose one that suits you the best and ride those waves like never before.

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Girl riding on the wakesurf board on the river on the wave in the background of the sunset and trees

Best Wakesurf Board For Small Wake

I have a 2017 Mastercraft x46 and love the boat. The layout is amazing and it looks really sharp with it’s silver fleck over black exterior. For all the amenities that the boat has to offer, it severely lacks in ballast and creates a small wake. I found that having a small wake on a boat can be overcome with right board. A board like my wife’s Phase 5 Diamond CL, that by all other specs I should be able to ride, I cannot with any consistency without the use of the rope. Only boards that will give great buoyancy and are about 5 feet or longer would I even consider to ride on my boat. For those reasons, here is our list of Best Wakesurf Board For Small Wake.

One more thing before we get into the list of best wakesurf boards for small wake. If you are interested in fixing the wake size on your boat, check out our article on How to Make a Bigger Wake on your Boat. This article goes into putting more ballast on your boat. I personally use the Ronix 1100 lb bag with the 3700 GPH pump. It makes a world of difference in both the size and length of the wake and it fills in less time than my factory bags on the boat. I would not go with another product because of the ease and speed it takes to fill and drain the bag. Eight.3 did a great job with this setup. Ok enough said, let’s go into the list.

Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board

The Hyperlite Landlock Wakesurf Board is a favorite board of ours for several reasons. It is a big board coming in at a length of 5′ 9″ and can support your bigger riders, up to 300 lbs. You may not be that heavy, but because it is constructed to support that kind of weight, it will allow you to surf on a smaller wake easier. The Hyperlite Landlock has a Monocogue construction, which is a process where the bottom glass and top are layered into one. This layering process give the board an excess amount of durability and will prevent any delamination from occurring. The Hyperlite Landlock is a very forgiving board with it’s rolled edge profile, 2 – 1.5” Fish fins and 1 – 2.4” Fish fins, and concave body shape. The board is perfect for the beginner to intermediate ride like the Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board.

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Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board

The Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board is what I used to overcome the small wake on my Mastercraft X46. Like I stated before, I could not wakesurf without a rope with my wife’s Phase 5 Diamond CL, but a board like the Connelly Ride Wakesurf Board, which is 5′ 2″ long, I was able too. It provided the extra buoyancy I needed and because of it’s length it was forgiving. If I fell too far back in the pocket, I was able to pick up speed and get back in the wake. That is ultimately what you will be looking for in any board for a small wake. The board comes with 3 – 1.75″ removable skater tail fins, which I found leaving the side two fins off and just having the center fin allows you to play and carve a lot easier on the board. It is a genuinely great board and has everything you need from its EVA pads and compression construction, which my kids have thoroughly tested by dropping it several times on the surf deck, so I can attest it is durable. It is one of the cheaper boards on the list so if you stop here and get this board, I think you will be happy with that purchase as this board is great for beginners through intermediate riders.

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Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurf

The Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurf Board comes in two sizes 4′ 10″ and 5’4″. You will definitely want get the 5′ 4″ size board if you have a small wake as the 4′ 10″ might not cut it. The Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurf Board is the most buoyant and thickest board that Ronix makes. The goal in designing this board was to create something that everyone on the boat can enjoy and they have succeeded. The board comes with only a single fin 4.5″ symmetric fin and full rails to make certain the ride is smooth and predictable. The core construction is very lightweight and is made with vacuum bagged epoxy resin. The EVA deck pads, mean that your feet will not slip once planted as well. The Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurf Board will provide a very stable ride for those that have a small wake.

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Lib Tech Manna Tee Wakesurf Board

The Lib Tech Manna Tee Wakesurf Board comes in two sizes 5′ 0″ and 5′ 4″. The nose has a concave spoon shape which provides for some extra lift and has softer rolled in edges so the nose is catch free. It is an extremely easy board to learn on and is extremely agile given its size. It will perform just as easily in rough waters as smooth as glass waster sessions. It’s a Magnesium-Basalt-Carbon (MBC) Construction, makes it extra durable. The flat rocker style of the board ensures it is a speedy board to carve with as well. The Lib Tech Manna Tee board comes with two single foil 4 1/4″ lead fins and two double foiled 1 5/8″ nubb trailing fins. This beginner to intermediate board will keep everyone on the boat happy because it offers something for everyone, from comfortably surfing to ripping up and down the wake.

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O’Brien Wake Hog Wakesurf Board

The O’Brien Wake Hog Wakesurf Board comes in two sizes 4′ 10″ and 5’3″. If it is a small wake that you are dealing with, we would recommend getting the 5’3″ size, if it’s available, because the larger the board, the more surface area you’ll have to create that push for surfing and it will prevent the board from sinking. The O’Brien Wake Hog is designed with the beginner in mind. It’s a fantastic board to keep in your repetiore to have the family learn on and then keep around for when you have friends visiting that have not surfed before. The O’Brien Wake Hog has the Ultra-Grip EVA Pad deck pads from tip to tip and rail to rail so wherever your feet are, they’ll stay planted. The customizable tri-fin setup can be configured for a single fin, which is great for carving, twin fin, or thruster which is all three fins installed. The O’Brien Wake Hog Wakesurf Board a good choice for anyone that has a small wake.

Connelly Wake Hog
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Woman Wakesurfing

Best Women’s Wakesurf Boards

I had to enlist the assistance of my wonderful wife to help with this article.  Like me, she took to wakesurfing and gets excited to be out there early in the morning when the water is calm and we basically have the lake to ourselves.  Unlike me, she has an extreme sense of coordination, balance, and grace whereas I specialize in falling out of chairs, running into things, and tripping over my own feet. She’s just better than me. These are just facts. On to our list of Best Women’s Wakesurf Boards.   

Phase Five Diamond Luv Women’s Wakesurf Board

The 2021 Phase Five Diamond Luv is the skim style board that my wife rides so naturally its on the list.  The board has a single 1” fin allowing for some insane carving and response.  Because it is single finned though, you will have less stability than a 3 finned board.  The loss of stability from the single fin will translate to better performance.  Phase Five Diamond Luv is a high end board for the women who are advanced riders.  That’s not to say a beginner couldn’t learn on this board, they certainly could.  My wife actually did and struggled at first, but now has grown with the board and is crushing it out the water.  For pop and durability, the board is constructed with V.R.T.™ (Vacuum Ribbed Technology),  which is a lamination process of built in glass/bar strings on the bottom of edge of board.  Also the Techno Grip™ Traction is an EVA horizontal groove with dimple dots for increased foot traction.  If you stop reading this article here and buy this board, you won’t be disappointed.  It’s a board you’ll grow into if you are beginner/ intermediate or it will allow you to really push some limits if you are advanced/expert.

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Hyperlite Good Daze Women’s Wakesurfer

My wife loves this years design of the 2022 Hyperlite Good Daze Women’s Wakesurf board. She is a hippie at heart so the tie dye pattern really speaks to her so we may end up adding another board to the repertiore simply because of the boards artwork. The board itself though is specifically designed for women who are intermediate to advanced riders.  The shim shaped board has an incredibly fast rocker line that allows for it to carry velocity anywhere you desire.  The board is available in 2 sizes (3’ 9” and 4’ 7”) and has a shorter profile allowing extra maneuverability for air tricks and rotation.  The board is made with DuraShell Technology, which is a process of thermally fusing and molding fiberglass layers to a precise Expanded Polystyrene Surfboard (EPS) foam core.  This layered glass will not separate like traditional fiberglass and will hold up year after year.  The board comes with molded EVA traction pads and 2 – 1.5″ Fish and 2 – 3.5″ Torq fins.  The Hyperlite Good Daze Women’s Wakesurf board is perfect for the woman looking to take her surfing to the next level.

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Ronix Koal Classic Fish Women’s Wakesurfer

The 2022 Ronix Koal Classic Fish Women’s Wakesurfer is an extremely versatile board from beginners to advanced skilled surfers.  This board will provide a smooth and stable ride with 3 fins inserted (2 – 4” symmetrical fins and 1 – 3” symmetrical fin) and provides excellent maneuverability with a single fin inserted.  Fins are floating fins with the new Fin-S 2.0 SpringLock Tech Tool-less System which allows you to easily change your fin setup in seconds.  The board is constructed with Ronix’s Technora core, which is Polyurethane foam with a woven stringer laminate.  The weave is added to specific locations like the belly and tail of the board to add strength, durability and responsiveness.  The front EVA traction pad is concave and the rear EVA traction pad has an extra tall tail kick with arch support.  With full rails, a tip rocker line of 3.7” for fast gliding and a size of 4’ 5”, this board is worth every penny of it’s price tag. 

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Connelly Voodoo Women’s Wakesurfer

The 2022 Connelly Voodoo Women’s Wakesurfer is a surf style board that can quickly become your favorite board for the intermediate to advanced rider.  This board is available in two sizes – 4’ 5” and 4 10” and has a wider tip and tail that makes it easy to ride for a variety of riders.   The larger total surface area of the board provides for added buoyancy while allowing for plenty of stability and speed.  With its unique shape and center channel in the tail, you’ll have the ability to hang back on the wave until you want to shoot forward on command.  The board is constructed with EPS foam core w/ 5mm stringer for added durability.  The one piece EVA traction pad keeps your footing in place to give the maximum amount of balance and versatility.

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Ronix Flyweight Bat Tail Thruster Women’s Wakesurfer

The 2022 Ronix Flyweight Bat Tail Thruster Women’s Wakesurfer was redesigned in 2020 to take on the steeper, bigger waves that are being produced by today’s boats.  The thruster shape allows for better quickness, versatility, and carving.  The profile has been slimmed down and uses an all new Flyweight core that consists of lightweight minimalist construction.  The 4’ 5” board has a maximum feel with its 2 – 3” asymmetrical fins and 1 – 2.5” asymmetrical fin. Like the Ronix Koal Classic the fins are floating fins with the new Fin-S 2.0 SpringLock Tech Tool-less System which allows you to easily change your fin setup in seconds.  For the intermediate to advanced woman rider, the board also features a wax mat direct front pad and machined EVA rear pad with arch support and an extra tall tail wedge.  The Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin that is glassed on the board in the final step of the building process is meant to withstand the hottest days on the water.

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Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 – The Skimmer Women’s Wakesurfer

The 2022 Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 – The Skimmer Women’s Wakesurfer at first glance is a board that has an awesome design.  A more in depth look at the board is even more impressive.  The board is very lightweight and has a thin profile that allows for more contact through the waterline.  This is a board for the advanced rider that wants to explore their potential with it’s single 2.5” symmetric carbon fiberglass fin.  A fun ride for just carving the waves, but with specs designed to increase your odds of landing your tricks and 360s.  Similar to the Ronix Flyweight Bat Tail, the board uses Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin and floating fins with the new Fin-S 2.0 SpringLock Tech Tool-less System.  This skim style board will get you ollie with a skate inspired deck that has front and rear wax mat cush pads and arch support and an extra tall tail wedge.

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Phase Five Swell Wakesurf Board

The 2021 Phase Five Swell Wakesurf Board is just a flat out beautiful board.  Designed by Stacia Bank, this board is a major success. The board has FLEXtec V2 Lamination, which combines Innegra and carbon inlays for a faster and more durable foam board.  Like the Phase Five Diamond Luv it uses V.R.T.™ (Vacuum Ribbed Technology) and an EPS Core.  What sets this board apart from it’s competitors is the Flexspine, which is enhanced rigidity and overall board performance.  With Reflex Speedrails and a quad fin setup, there is a perfect balance of agility and thrust.  Designed for the intermediate to advanced surfer, this board will outperform your expectations.  It can be anything you want from the casual cruiser to the insane slasher board for 360s, airs, and thrashing about like a fishing on the end of a hook.  This is a board that will not disappoint. 

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Kid Wakesurfer

Best Wakesurf Board For Kids

We would go to the ends of the earth for our kids.  From the smallest amount of affection to the grandest of gestures, we love our kids.  They make life worth living.  Frankly speaking, there is nothing more rewarding than spending time with your kids and helping them succeed.  I had this experience when teaching mine to wakesurf.  Yes, there was frustration and some tears.  Some talk of, “I am never going to be able to do this….”, but in the end, we kept at it and now they love it.  They want to go out all the time.  Wakesurfing is now a family bonding experience and we learn together.   Use our Best Wakesurf Board For Kids list and create your own memories!

Hyperlite Wingman Jr. Skim Wakesurf Board

The 2022 Hyperlite Wingman has dethroned our pick from last year which was the Hyperlite Gromcast. After talking with my kids and their friends about which board they like better and felt was easiest to learn on, we have a new winner this year. The 2022 Hyperlite Wingman Skim Wakesurf Board comes in both a kids and adult version. They are built identical in that they both are built with an EPS Core with Carbon Stringer and True Glass Lay-up. The board has a fully machined EVA traction pad on top to keep the little ones feet stable and planted. This board is great because of the fact that it has a nose that lifts up to allow for speed and a 19.5″ wide profile allows extra volume under the back foot. This extra volume gives the board extra versatility when taking off creating an extra stable environment. The hard wing rear outline allows the board’s compact outline to be very maneuverable along with its dual fin setup, each measuring 4″. The Hyperlite Wingman has a vented tail channel coming from it’s deep single concave bottom to give almost excessive amounts of drive when needed. Although this is a board for kids, the board is for intermediate to advanced surfers so they can fully take advantage of the capabilities of this board.

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Hyperlite Gromcast Wakesurf Board

If you stop reading this article here and buy this board, you will not regret the decision.  My kids learned on this board.  This is the one that got them up and loving surfing.  This is the board that my 10 and 13 year old still use to this day.  From personal experience, I can’t speak highly enough about this board.  The 2022 Hyperlite Gromcast supports riders up to 110 lbs.  What we found was that the heavier the riders (older kids) were able to take this board and really do some crazy carving and tricks with it.  There are 3 removable fins on the board – 2 – 1.5’ Fish fins and 1 – 2.4” Fish.  The EVA traction pad keeps the feet planted securely while the layered glass will prevent woven fibers from separating like competitor boards.  This is a short easily maneuverable board that eases the learning curve for the kids.  The 2022 Hyperlite Gromcast is an outstanding board that will grow with your kids as they learn to carve, do tricks, and shred like nobody’s business.

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Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board

The 2022 Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board is a little different than the other boards on our list.  For starters, the Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board is a board that is designed for the intermediate to advanced rider so if your kids are just starting out this may not be the board for them.  The board boasts Dura-Shell Technology for durability of it’s compression molded shape.  Some of the 2022 Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board’s features include it’s EVA traction pad, single concave base design, and mellow tail channels.  These features allow for a quick responsive ride that is extremely maneuverable for spinning and air tricks.  Available in 3 sizes and coming with 2 – 1.5” fish fins and 2 – 3.5” torq fins, there are plenty of options to play with to find the right setup for each rider.  The layered glass deck ensures that this board will have some serious pop to help shred the wake.

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Liquid Force Gromi

The 2022 Liquid Force Gromi Wakesurf Board, like the rest of the boards on this list, is aimed at kids who want to learn and grow their wakesurfing capabilities.  This skim style board allows for superior stability and control from the diamond tipped shape and beveled catch-free rail edge.  This board is capable of high performance and has a single concave hull to help glide and smooth ride.  You can set up the board with three fins for a thruster style board for drive and speed.  A two fin setup (two outside fins) will give a loose styled ride similar to that of a skateboard.  A single fin in the center makes this board a true skim board that allows for an easier time with the 360s and spins.  This compression molded polyurethane core design will hold up on the water and give the kids some great memories.

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Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Powertail Wakesurf Board 

The 2022 Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Wakesurf Board like the Hyperlite Gromcast comes in at a size of 3’ 9”.  The machined EVA front and rear traction pads help the kiddos feet to stay seated firmly.  The front EVA pad has a concave design and the rear EVA pad has an extra tall tail kick.  2 – 1.5” fiberglass fins and 1 – 2.3” fiberglass fin gives the board extra stability.  The board has a unique design because it incorporates the stability aspects that you’d find in a longboard, but has the bottom drive that you’d see in a thruster board.   The board has a lot of surface area so the kids will be able to build their confidence on the wake.  The board has a standard profile up in the nose that allows for good contact and feel of water while in the rear of the board allowing for powerful drive off of the wave giving the opportunity for pop and possibly catching some air if they want.  The powertail design allows for this extra surface area and some additional pop. Finally the board is wrapped with a compression molded shell that is very durable so you can feel comfortable that the board can take a beating when the kids are not being as gentle as they should be with their board.    

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Phase Five Scamp

The Phase Five Scamp is a skim style board that is extremely stable and easy to ride. It was specifically designed for your first time wake surfers. It has all the bells and whistles you would need to get your little one up and going like the P5 Techno Grip Traction v2 pad to keep the feet in place. The extra wide 20″ base helps to increase upon the stability of the board. The Phase Five Scamp is made up of the same continuous core and polyester resin you will find in other adult boards in the Phase Five lineup. One important thing to note, as we all know how rough our kids can be with their toys, the board is E-Glass wrapped. This means there are multiple layers of high density E-Glass woven into the composilite construction and also has a TuffCoat Gloss which maintains and protects the hand painted graphics of the board. With the E-Glass wrap and TuffCoat Gloss you can rest easy the board will be durable to abuse our kids can dish out. The 3 fin setup (1″ fakie fins on the sides and a 2″ center fin) allows for stability and control when the kids are on the wave but free enough for them to move the board easily.  One of the coolest things about this board is that it is an airbrushed design so that no two boards are identical and you are getting a completely unique board.

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Doomswell Helio Skim Wakesurf Board

The 2022 Doomswell Helio Wakesurf is a 3’8″ hybrid skim board that was designed to be stable and a perfect match for the beginner kids. The 2022 Doomswell Helio is extremely lightweight and has a thin profile. The board has a full EVA deck pad and very sharp rails which allow the kids to pop out of the water and on plane very easily. To maintain stability the board comes with a removable tri fin setup and is perfect for smaller riders. The maneuverability on this board is excellent and once the little one has learned the basics of wakesurfing, they can grow with this board as the classic skim shape board has compression molded construction and hard rails that deliver velocity and control in the wake. This board can compete with the best and will give the kids plenty of opportunity to show their stuff.

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Idol Surf F-Grom Wakesurf Board

The 2022 Idol Surf F-Grom Wakesurf board is a tremendous board for your kids.  The board is made with a unique single to double hull design.  This design allows for acceleration and speed down the line and the progressive rails make it possible to easily hold in the pocket but remain flexible for spin tricks.  The board is crafted with an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core and durable fiberglass.  The boards block tail gives the board an edge over others when looking for big air tricks.  Like the Liquid Force Gromi, there are 3 fins that you can play around with to customize the feel and ride style your riders are looking for.  This surf style board is a great starter board for your kids to grow with and then take their riding to the next level.

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Best Wakeboards For Beginners

The market is full of options as to the best wakeboards for beginners.  When looking for a beginner board, you’ll want something that is extremely forgiving when starting out.  If the shape of the board is smooth and fluid, you’ll up your chances of not face planting right off the bat.  A board that has an amazing flex and ride will be a surefire hit when you’re out on the water.  To get you there, here is our list of best wakeboards for beginners.

Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard

The 2022 Hyperlite Motive Wakeboard is one of our favorite boards! The Hyperlite Motive model has been around for many years and hasn’t changed all that much because it has a fantastic design. The 5 star reviews on the board really tell the whole story really that it is a designed with the beginner in mind, but everyone can use the board and have fund with it. If you stop reading the article here and buy this board you won’t be disappointed. Beginners can use it for learning and simple wake boarding while advanced level riders can try out new tricks and learn new skills. It satisfies the need for every age and level. It’s edges and rails are extra forgiving allowing the rider complete control over the board and ability to recover when mistakes are made. The layered woven glass fibers ensure the board can take a beating and still hold up against the test of time. Just overall a fantastic board!

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Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard

The 2022 Hyperlite State 2.0 Wakeboard provides a great experience for learning to wakeboard. Its rocker line offers a good kick start for wakeboarding. It will not let you sacrifice the speed for performing any trick or kick starting. It’s structure is made to provide more durability where they tend to integrate the top and bottom glass into one which will be durable for years while letting you enjoy the kind of wakeboarding you want. It is specifically built for beginners and intermediate level wakeboarders. The board has introduced toe and heel edge which have asymmetrical structure for a whole new experience for the rider. It has molded fins which offer great durability so it does not wear off easily and helps to gain the skills you want for a maximum period of time.

2022 Hyperlite State 2.0
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Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Trip is one of the best wakeboards for anyone who is new to wakeboarding as it is designed in a way to help the beginners learn to glide. Advanced rides can also use this board for an easy flow of air while wakeboarding. This board works for you regardless of what skills you possess. It has a continuous rider which helps with a smooth ride starting from wake till the end. The D-I-S-C hull helps the rider to land smoother as well. Wakeboarding is easy to learn with this board. Many users are in awe of this product and often state how they liked this board better than other boards on the market.

2022 Liquid Force Trip
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RONIX RXT Wakeboard Mens

The Ronix RXT Wakeboard has been the best board I have come across while searching one for a family friend who needed to invest his money only once. If a beginner has gained skills and tricks, they can take this board to a more advanced level and enjoy the ride with its speed and control. It creates more water speed and learners can get used to whatever speed they want to enjoy. It reacts quicker than usual boards and can ride faster. It is the best investment you can find for yourself where you can customize the board with your skills and ability to perform.

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Ronix Krush Women’s Wakeboard

The Ronix Krush Womens Wakeboard has a 3 stage rocker line that allows for an aggressive explosion off the wake.  The flex of the board allows for more stored energy to give each rider more time to generate power generating more lift off the wake.  With its asymmetrical rail design improves the heelside and toeside flexibility to carve waves with ease.  The board comes with 2 fiberglass 1.7” hooks fins.  An awesome board and designed to be the building block of wakeboarding for the beginner woman!

Ronix Krush Wakeboard - Womens 2022
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Hyperlite Venice Women’s Wakeboard

The Hyperlite Venice Women’s wakeboard can boost up the experience and confidence of any rider who gets their hand on this great board. This wakeboard is designed to learn tricks and skills. It reveals the potential of the rider and takes it to a new experience. It provides a smooth experience and ride for anyone. It has a minimum friction base which really boosts the experience for smooth riding. It is specifically designed for women to fit their weights and body types for a good experience with wakeboarding. It is durable to help you enjoy it for years and help the rider gain more control over the period of time.

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Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard

The Hyperlite Baseline Wakeboard is built for people who are looking to build their foundation of wakeboarding. The softer takeoffs and smoother landings allow for any rider to build a solid core of wakeboarding fundamentals. The continuous rocker, that allows for a speed with minimal drag allows for the rider to get a solid feel and movement on the board. With the variable edge profile, the hull is shallow versus the edges are sharper, which provides more versatility. The Hyprerlite Baseline wakeboard can give you the foundation you need to achieve your wakeboarding goals.

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Ronix Vault Wakeboard – Kids

Ronix Vault Wakeboard offers a great experience for the kids who are trying to learn how to wakeboard as they work their way to the top. Their potential can be fully explored with this board. Many of its users have loved it and were able to gain maximum stability and skills on the water surface. It is a user-friendly board to boost the confidence of the rider. The breeze can be cut and carved with the best of asymmetrical rail line. It has a 3-stage design for the rocker line which is particularly good for kick starting the wake. The base allows minimum friction and is good for any rider.

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Wakeboard Size

One of the most important pieces of information to consider when purchasing a new board is the size of the wakeboard. Is it too big? Is it too small? There are two things to consider when choosing the size of a new board, your weight and your riding style. The wakeboard size chart below gives you an idea of where you should be.

Wakeboard size chart

Rider Weight (lbs)Rider Weight (kg)Wakeboard Length (cm)
< 100< 45< 130
90 – 15040 – 65130 – 134
130 – 18059 – 82135 – 139
170 – 25077 – 113140 – 144
200 – 275+91 – 125+> 144

Clearly boards come in all lengths and some riders prefer a shorter board, while other riders prefer longer boards. If you are just starting out and relatively new to wakeboarding, it is best to start with a longer board. Longer boards will have an increased amount of surface area. That increased surface area will lend itself to have softer landings when you get air, increased control with better floating capabilities, and a smoother ride.

That being said, there are some drawbacks to a longer board. Performing tricks like flips and spins will be harder because the board is heavier. Additionally because you are controlling a larger board, it will require more energy than a smaller board. This is not to discourage you from getting a longer board, it is just something to consider when making a purchase.

With a shorter board, the tricks will be easier to pull off, but landings will be tougher on the knees. It will require less energy to maneuver but also has the drawback of being less forgiving.

It really comes down to a matter of preference and what you think you will be doing most with the board. Will you be using it at a cable park and trying out some big airs? Perhaps a shorter board might be better suited for you. If you are looking for a board just to have on the boat that all riders can enjoy, then the longer boards might be for you. 

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