Best Floating Water Mats For Boats

Water mats have become a lake staple where we live because they provide a nice place to lounge, kids to play on, and even the dog to frolic.  They are an awesome add on to any day on the lake.  A quality water mat that is easily rolled back up and durable are key features to look out for.  Here is our complete list of Best Floating Water Mats For Boats.

Connelly Party Cove Island  Water Mat

The Connelly Party Cove Island Water Mat is available in two sizes – a 4 person 12’ x 6’ water mat and 6 person 18’ x 6’ water mat.  The Connelly Party Cove Island Water Mat comes with 4 anchor points for strategic mooring and is made of 5 layers foam for increased durability and buoyancy.  Utilizing higher quality grommets than its competitors for more secure anchoring, heavy duty webbing straps, and a nylon net bag for easy storage, this water mat will be more fun and less of a hassle to deal with.  The water mat also includes a 90 day warranty with UV protection for peace of mind.

Floating Oasis Lake Pad

The Floating Oasis Lake Pad is the perfect choice if you are looking for your own private island on the lake.  With a dispersed weight capacity of 1,500 lbs and measuring 6’ x 15’.  The Floating Oasis Lake Pad is made of tear and puncture resistant multi-layer non-toxic polyethylene (PE) foam.  The process behind layering the PE foam together is proprietary which sets it apart from it’s competitors.  The Floating Oasis Lake Pad can be easily cleaned with water and soap and comes with 2 Velcro straps, 1 D-Ring, and 1 bungee cord.  Highly rated on Amazon, the Floating Oasis Lake Pad with Floatation iQ is a solid choice for all.

SOWKT Floating Water Pad

Simply put the SOWKT Floating Water Pad is an awesome water pad.  Super high quality XPE foam along with the proprietary heat sealing and inner net process ensures that the SOWKT Floating Water Pad will hold up over time.  Measuring 18’ x 6’ and holding up to 1320 lbs, the water pad has enough room for up to 8 adults or 20 kids (or a lot of pets).  The SOWKT is available in a multitude of different colors and can be rolled up in approximately 30 seconds by 2 people to approximately a 1’ x 6’ size.  Once rolled up, you can use the included (1) Heavy-Duty Carabiner, (1) Bungee Tether Leash, and  (2) Extra long touch fastener straps to attach it to your boat or store wherever you’d like.  The 1 year no questions asked warranty ensures peace of mind as well!

Rubber Dockie Floating Mat

Rubber Dockie Floating Mats green and orange color make it highly visible in high traffic areas.  Coming in at a size of 18’ x 6’, this water mat has plenty of room and buoyancy capacity for your entire crew.  TUFF-HIDE outer protection helps to prevent damage from normal everyday use.  The Rubber Dockie is a crowd favorite on Amazon and is slip and scratch resistant.  Included are the pair of custom loop and hook storage straps with metal buckles and the 12’ bungee to anchor your Rubber Dockie Floating Mat to your boat or dock.  The 1 year manufacturers warranty ranks it at the top of the list compared to its competitors.  Because of the quality construction, durability, and price, the Rubber Dockie Floating Mat gives you some of the best bang for your buck.

Goplus Floating Water Pad Mat

The Goplus Floating Water Pad Mat is 12’ x 6’ and weighs in at a mere 15lbs.  This water mat has a capacity of 4-6 people and weight capacity of 778 to 889 lbs.  Consisting of 3 layers of XPE tear resistant foam, which prevents deformation and resists absorption of water, this water mat is a safe, smooth, and bouncy surface.  The 2 storage straps that are included provide for easy transportation, storage, and space saving.  The 2 bungee tethers that are included can be used to anchor the water pad to your dock or boat.   The Goplus Floating Water Pad Mat is a smaller mat in comparison to others on the list which make it perfect for more intimate vacations, parties, and sunbathing.

Mission Inflatable Floating Water Mat

The Mission Inflatable Floating Water Mat is different from the other mats on this list because it is inflatable.  This water mat comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.  The water mat is constructed with 1000D nylon, the same material that is used in naval applications, and utilizing drop stitching and double reinforced seams for durability.  Once inflated – the mat is super rigid and can be used for standing, jumping, climbing, and playing.  Like most other mats, this one comes with a D-Ring for anchoring to your boat or dock.  The mat is built for ultra convenience in the way the mat rolls up (which is a one person job) and comes with a carrying case which can fit in the storage areas on your boat instead of hanging off the back like the foam mats.  

FloatDaddy Swim Mat

The FloatDaddy Swim Mat is another durable 3 layered mat made with 2 1/8“ thick high density foam.  Coming in at a size of 16’ x 6’, it can be easily rolled and stored using the included Velcro straps.  The 2 steel D-Rings that are included are rust resistant and can be mounted on both sides of the mat.  Also included is a 5’ bungee cord with carabiner clips for easy anchoring.  It is thick enough for adults to walk on and is a great addition for all to enjoy on the water.

RAVE Sports Whoosh Water Mat

The RAVE Sports Water Mat is a 15’ x 5’ inflatable water mat that is constructed with commercial grade PVC material that is also used by military boat applications.  When the water mat is properly inflated, it will be 4” tall and produce a stiffness much like something of a basketball.  It can hold 6 adults or 11 children up to 1,150 lbs and anchoring is simple with the 2 included D-Rings.  It is a little on the heavy side at 48 lbs., however it is durable enough to handle the dogs or adults relaxing on lounge chairs.  It comes with a high pressure hand pump, but it’s worthwhile to invest in an electric pump for inflating ease.

Big Joe Waterpad

Big Joe Waterpads are one of the most recognized waterpads available.  The Big Joe Waterpad is 15’ x 6’ in size with a thickness of 1.2”.  The Big Joe Waterpad can hold up to 1,500 lbs of evenly distributed weight.  Made with EVA Foam for durability, the water pad can be rolled up and stored using the included Velcro straps.  The mat has a grommet at each corner that can be used for anchoring or as a drink holder. 

Maui Mat

The Maui Mat is available in 14’ x 6’ or 20’ x 6’ sizes .  Supporting up to 1,000 lbs and 1,300 lbs respectively, the Maui Mat is 1 ⅜” thick and is comprised of a dual layered cross linked foam material that include it’s patented FlexCore Technology.  The Maui Mat is relatively light at 25 lbs. It can be rolled out and back up easily and quickly with its Hook ‘N Look straps.  Also included is their proprietary 6’ tethering system.  This water mat is extremely durable and will stand the test of time in comparison to some of the other cheap versions of water mats.