Best Kneeboard For Beginners

This summer, I am going to teach the kids how to kneeboard. I am going to have to use the jaws of life to pry them away from their personal electronic devices and spend quality time together outdoors, but in the end, it will be worth it.  I used to kneeboard when I was younger all the time, but testing out the boards nowadays they have made some great improvements. Here is the list of the best kneeboard for beginners.

I have always found that the most important factor to focus on in finding a kneeboard is if it is specifically recommended for beginners and is lightweight and easy to maneuver. Those traits alone are going to allow for an easy transition and learning process.         

Connelly Theory Kneeboard

Connelly Theory Kneeboard is my favorite board on the list hands down. It really is everything you could ask for in a knee board and on a personal note I really like the colorful design

I really enjoyed the Ergonomically Shaped knee pad and padded Velcro strap. That EVA contoured pad was so really comfortable and steps up from the boards I used to ride. The Connelly Theory is a cheerful choice and also frees up your hands with its handle hook that makes it easy to connect with the cable rope. It also features Twin Tip Design, Center Channel & Edge Rails for Tracking and Low-Profile Molded Fin In-Tip-&-Tail.

All the features aside, it was just really easy to ride. It made short work of the very lightweight and easy to maneuver. The board itself is 50″ long and 21″ wide and it is made of a Roto Molded Plastic, which is what you will find on many beginner boards because it is more buoyant than Compression Molded boards.

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SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard

Another top pick was the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard which comes in at a very lightweight, 8.7 lbs. and thus is super easy to transport. Of the many things that we loved about this board, we can say that it performed extremely well when trying 360’s.

To ensure a tranquil and effortless ride, SereneLife Water Sport comes with a built- in hook for the tow rope. For a beginner, having a secure hook is important because you want to have fun and laid back experience.

SereneLife Water Sport is anything but boring with its color options. Most kneeboards only have one choice. There are 3 cool color options to choose from: black/blue, black/green and black/red. The SereneLife Water Sport is at the lower end of the price range, so if you’re looking to save some money this may be your best option.

After testing the kneeboard, we found that the SereneLife Water Sport Kneeboard is very easy to maneuver. Its sleek design easily carves through the water. The tow handle holder is designed for beginners to easily pop up and works fantastic.

We are also in love with the padded top that provides extra comfort for your knees when going through choppy water. These are all important features since kneeling for extending periods of time can be painful.

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Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard

Another choice to consider is the Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard. This is a board that both adults and kids are going to love. The Hydroslide design gives a really comfortable, smooth ride with really fast edge to edge transitions.

Another board that is Roto Molded so that beginners can get up very easily. It has a thin profile design which in turn delivers some better performance that you would normally find in more expensive boards.

The Hydroslide Revolution only comes in 1 color, mainly yellow and bright blue, and it is one of the heavier boards on our list weighing 14 lbs.

We really enjoyed the Hydroslide Revolution’s smooth ride. The board features the Hydrohook, which is a key element for beginning riders because it allows you to get up easily and it retracts immediately by a spring-loaded action that remains level.

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O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard

The O’Brien Voodoo Kneeboard is another fantastic beginner board. We really love the exterior design which is a striking lime green and black design and weighs a mere 9 lbs.

We found that the tow rope hook on this board makes it so much easier for first time boarders to concentrate on getting up. The integrated fins give outstanding control for deep cuts going out and coming back into the wake. The O’Brien Voodoo has superior padding and a very comfortable and secure strapping system.

We were spellbound by its winning combination of hard-charge edging that provides a precise ride. It does this due to the quad molded fins featured on the corners of the hull and low-profile cross section. Its curved bottom will mystify you with its smooth and fast edge transitions.

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Xspec Kneeboard

Xspec Kneeboard is a moderately priced kneeboard that only weighs nine pounds. Due to the fact that it is very light, it has more maneuverability. If you were to remove the fins on the bottom, this will give a slicker feel and give you more control with your carving

We were impressed by its wakeboard style and molded fins that guarantee a smooth ride. Its winning design is a combination of both wakeboards with water ski design characteristics.

The adjustable 3” padded belt allows for more security and comfort. It also has an integrated hook that secures the tow rope when you start, so you can concentrate on getting your knees properly into position.

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O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

O’Brien Radica Kneeboard is a less expensive option. The O’Brien Radica Kneeboard comes only in bright blue and black and also weighs 9 lbs. Additionally; it features 4 molded fins which helps for a smooth ride and a handle hook.

We were stunned by the value for the price made by an industry leader such as O’Brien. It also features a combination of water-ski and wakeboard design. Edging and carving are a cinch due to its wakeboard-style quad, cupped molded fins.

The bard ensures stability because of its low water-ski, style edge bevel design that ensures stability and permits quick edge transitions.

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Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Integrated Hook

Another leading, cost-effective option is the Leader Accessories Kneeboard with Integrated Hook. There are 2 color options: A-green and blue. The Leader Accessories Kneeboard weighs under 9 lbs. and has a weight limit of 250 lbs.

The Leader Accessories Kneeboard features a molded-in hook for effortless starts. This makes a world of difference, especially for the kids when starting out as they might not possess the arm strength to get them up. It .really is an awesome addition to the board and a great confidence builder for the younger kids

We were pleasantly surprised by how well the beveled edge allows for easy maneuvering for beginners. It also offers EVA padding with comfortable knee wells and a 3” padded adjustable strap.  

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Kneeboarding is a great entry level water sport. There isn’t a ton of skill that is required to get yourself up and going, but leaves plenty of room to experiment once you get more skilled. It is a wonderful way to spend time on the water with the family. Looking at any of the boards on this list, you’ll see a lot of similarities and although we liked our top picks best, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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