Best Towable Tubes For Boating

There are a lot of towable tubes out there now and it seems like everyone has the same list (we know, you can actually see our list HERE), so this time we went in a completely different direction.  We found the coolest towables around that don’t conform to the standard designs that have been around for years.  If you are looking for a towable that others will look at and think “where in the world did they find that?”, but still give the kids (or adults) those tubing thrills, then read on to our list of Best Towable Tubes For Boating.

WOW World of Watersports Cyclone Spinner

The WOW Cyclone Spinner is a 1-2 towable that breaks the molds of towables.  With a tow point on the bottom and in the center the 88” diameter tube, the tube does justice to the Cyclone name.  Round and round the riders will go, spinning 360s and holding on to the double webbing foam handles with EVA foam knuckle guards.  If you want to get the Cyclone Spinner spinning faster, send it outside the wake and away you’ll go!  There is also a static tow point in case you’re too dizzy and need to just relax and ride.  Riders can look forward to a multitude of positions like sitting, kneeling, or even standing.  The Cyclone Spinner has speed valves for fast inflation and deflation and is solidly constructed with it’s heavy duty full nylon cover, heavy duty PVC bladder system, and heavy duty zippers.  You can look forward to many hours of fun on the water with the Cyclone Spinner.

Radar Galaxy

Simply out of this world, the 120” by 130” Radar Galaxy can hold up to 4 riders and is one the biggest towables that you’ll see on the water.   It is a sight that will certainly turn heads.  All Radar models on our list have Spoon-O-Vation, which means the base of the tubes are in the shape of a spoon, which can reduce the amount of surface area and friction with the water surface.  Less friction means less drag, which allows for a quick awesome ride from start to finish.  The riders are positioned high up on the inflated pillow points, with extra neoprene knee and elbow padding for safety.  With an excessive 19 grab handles on the top of the Galaxy with neoprene knuckle guards (not including grab handles on the sides to help you get on the behemoth), the 840 Denier nylon cover, and 30 gauge PVC bladder, this towable is safe and durable.  The side bolsters and two tow points are added features to make this towable one of our favorites, hands down! All Radar products come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for extra insurance.   

Airhead Jet Fighter

“I feel the need, the need for speed” is what you’ll be saying when enjoying the Airhead Jet Fighter.  With an 8’ long fuselage, the Jet Fighter can support from 1-4 riders who can hold on to the multiple grab handles with neoprene knuckle guards .  With 3 riders, it is best to have one sit on top of the fuselage and two others on each wing to balance the towable.  Double stitched heavy duty nylon and a patented speed safety valve will make sure you are using the Jet Fighter for years to come.  With the bolsters, wings, and fuselage all blowing up individually and the Airhead’s patented Kwik-Connect for easy and quick anchoring of the towing, you’ll be on the water in no time.

Radar Teacup

The 79” x 92” Radar Teacup has one seriously overlooked feature that everyone just seems to pass over, the Go-Pro action-style camera mount.  One minute you will be having the time of your life and the next you can upload your videos straight to YouTube or Facebook.    Technology these days!  Again with Spoon-O-Vation that reduces drag and friction, the neoprene seat pads rest on an inflatable surface and allow the rider to extend their legs and lay back while cruising in style.  The 4 grab handles have Neoprene knuckle guards and with its 840D nylon cover and 30 Gauge PVC Bladder, the rube should last.  Like the other Radar products, this tube comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

O’Brien Sombrero

With the O’Brien Sombrero you’ll be sure to have as good a time as you do on Cinco De Mayo.  Ok maybe not that good, but still a fun time! The 110″ diameter Sombrero towable gives riders so many options as far as sitting, standing, and holding on.  Sit on the brim and face inward, holding on to one of the 22 grab handles with EVA knuckle guards, or they can stand, kneel or lie down.  With endless combinations, the riders will certainly enjoy figuring out what will give the biggest thrill.  Supporting up to 5 riders or 850lbs, the Sombrero, will slide nicely on top of the water and with the boat driver doing “S” turns, sliding outside the wake will give a thrill, but the towable remains stable.  With a quick connect tow hook, 840D Nylon cover, and Lightning Valve for twice as fast inflation and deflation than previous models, the Sombrero is a surefire winner on the water.  

Connelly Super UFO!

Got a bunch of family and friends coming over, the 120” Connelly Super UFO has got you covered.  The UFO is a 5 person towable that will be a hit among everyone once you get them out on the water.  It is a sit in tube that feels like you are sitting on a round couch.  10 padded grab handles with knuckle guards are there for added safety.  Put to the test by our family friends, she can take a beating and still keep going due to its 840D nylon cover and heavy duty bladder.  When not in use as a towable, leave it in the water and tie it up as it makes a very nice lounging raft.  The mesh cover drains excess water from the bottom and comes with the peel and stick repair kit.  For added security Connelly offers a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.

HO Sports Molecule 2D

The 120” x 83” HO Sports Molecule 2D has a 340lb capacity or two adults.  With an ingenious design and its patented Sphere Technology, which enables the front of the towable to be raised above the water surface for less friction and drag for a smoother ride, the Molecule 2D is something that will keep your riders entertained for countless hours.  The tubes lower rear make climbing on to the towable simple and when in motion, the riders can use their feet to guide the towable in different directions.  The towable has padded elbow and knee pads to reduce tube rash.  WIth the tube stabilizers, which keep the riders on the Molecule 2D during motion, they’ll be sure to be hanging on for as long as you’re willing to drive them around.  HO Sports offer a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase for extra protection so be sure to keep your receipt just in case.  

HO Sports Saturn

The HO Sports Saturn is a really fun ride that makes the riders dependent on one another.  You and your friends will have to shift your weight around turns as the single oversized sphere and large deck make it necessary to work together and balance correctly otherwise SPLASH!  The Softshell deck makes kneeling comfortable and is abrasion resistant unlike other nylon covers.  Another nice feature is that it is temperature controlled so it will not bake in the sun and become really hot.  The HO Sports Saturn also has a quick connect tow hook, Boston valves for easy and quick inflation, and deflation, and no show handles.  Like the HO Sports Molecule 2d, the HO Sports Saturn comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.  A really unique design makes this a really fun choice to take out on the water.  

Radar The Chase Lounge

Who doesn’t want a cup holder on a towable tube?  How about 3 cup holders?  The Radar 4 person Chase Lounge has got you covered.  The Chase Lounge is perfect for maximizing your fun all the while, taking a drink with you.  Heck, you can even make use of the Go Pro camera mount and tube in style and then show off your video to your friends immediately.  Like the other Radar towables on the list, Spoon-O-Vation is again in play to reduce drag.  Neoprene padded seats, Neoprene knuckle guards for the 5 grab handles, an 840D nylon cover and 30 gauge PVC bladder, and 1 year manufacturer’s warranty round out the specs on The Chase Lounge.  Doubling as a comfortable float when not in use, this is a nice addition to a day on the water.

HO Sports Hot Seat XL Tube

5 People, up to 850 lbs, 102” x 72”, this is your big boy here.  The HO Sports Hot Seat XL Tube gives riders the versatility of plenty of different positions, whether that be kneeling, sitting, or laying down. Softshell technology allows for a temperature controlled exterior and keeps the tube abrasion resistant.  The 2 Boston valves allow for speedy deflation and inflation.  The 10 foam handles with nylon webbing, reboarding made easy with the pull up strap, and the HO Kwik Connect tow hook round out the specs on this mammoth tube.  Like the HO Sports Molecule 2d and  the HO Sports Saturn, the Ho Sports Hot Seat XL Tube comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.