Towable Tube

Best Towables For Kids

Having been on the lake for a number of years, we’ve seen and dealt with our share of ups and downs of owning multiple types of towable tubes. From flips, rips, tears, and leaks, we’ve seen it all and we have our favorites list of best towables for kids. As a complement, see our list of best life jackets if you are in need of some of those for the kids or adults.

Big Mable Towable Tube

Coming in at No 1, the Big Mable Towable Tube is roomy enough for 2 people to fit in. Its comfortable backrest makes it possible for you to ride seated, kneeling, or prone. The Big Mable sure knows how to get the laughs out of kids with their dual tow points that are both front and back. We can’t help but notice that it comes with grab handles as well as knuckle guards to protect your kids’ hands. Padded with EVA foam all through, the stabilizer walls are also air-cushioned. There have been complaints of the riders flipping or tipping when on a speed of about 20MPH. From experience, you will feel more comfortable when you lean backward (as if taking a chariot position) at the beginning of the ride and also at the end. It stays pretty afloat without need to re-inflate once inflated. And, it’s beginner and advanced-user friendly. Makes it easy switching positions and it’s well worth the price.


The Super Marble towable gives you various riding options. If you belong to the wild ride gang, its comfortable EVA foam backrest will ensure you do so with ease. And for the traditional riders that love the chariot position, this marble is all in for it too. The knuckle guards and foam handles allows you to take any riding position you prefer. It comes with a patented Quick Connect and Speed Safety Valve tow point so you get to save more time. No need for water bailing as it has drain vents. You get some peace of mind with the double stitched nylon cover that ensures your marble don’t get ripped easily. Perfect for lounging at the beach, pool, lake or river. With its one year guaranty and large capacity, it’s very reasonably priced.

WOW World of Watersports, Macho Towable Tube, Multiple Riding Positions

Want to go dare devilish and a little crazy? The Wow Macho Tube with multiple riding positions will do the trick. The form fit cockpit well secured allows riders to lay on the deck, taking a sitting position in the cockpit, or just kneel at the tow’s back edge. Afraid of hitting your bottom on water? Not to worry, the nylon harness will prevent that from happening. It is fully fitted with speed valve to make it easy for the rider when inflating and deflating the tube. When riding in different position, you need a tube with good web foam handles and Wow Macho Tube has 12 double webbing foam handles. The seat is treated with Flex-sit UV material for utmost comfort for any position you fancy. It also has lovely mesh that does a very good job at cradling the rider. If you have a small speedboat, do note that this tube if huge and can easily swallow your platform. This tube provides you with the option of choosing of one tube meant for 2 persons or a higher priced model meant for 3 persons.

Kwik-Tek HD-3 Airhead Hot Dog

Want something a little different from most towing tubes? The Kwik-Tek Airhead Hot Dog is your best shot. It’s perfect for people with boats that have small platforms. It can take up to 3 riders and has full nylon cover. Its EVA foam pads will protect your elbows and knees, while the handles are wrapped with deluxe nylon. And don’t worry about getting your knuckles bruised because Kwit-Tek Airhead Hot Dog has knuckle guards made with neoprene. Riders had complained of its side chambers being too tight because of its poor air stem/plug. And in some cases, the seam was said to have given way too fast. But then it provides a lot of fun for kids and anyone with such spirits.

Wow Watersports, Thriller Deck Tube, Towable, Wild Wake Action

Built to protect you from submarining with its higher front, the Thriller Deck Tube is your go-to-tube for wild wake action. It also comes with EVA foam pad, knuckle guards, valve cover that is well zippered, heavy-guage bladder made of PVC, as well as speed valve for easy inflation and deflation. Gives you room to bring more riders along. No matter your preference, they have the one for just 1 rider that you can use in towing your kids behind. And there is the one for 1 to 2 riders that doesn’t flip easily and perfect for teens. For 1 to 3 riders, we found out that it can only fit 2 medium-sized adults. But riders seem to love the 1 to 4 riders that is not only durable but pulls easily.

Airhead Mach 2

For younger kids and grown up teens, the Mach 2 is just the right choice. It comes with a wild side for some adventure-seeking kids. The handles come with 4 deluxe handles and knuckle guards made with neoprene as well as deep seats so that the kids can feel secured when in it. Made to last for a long time, the Mach 2 is doubled stitched and has heavy gauge PVC bladder. And there is the speed safety valve that makes for easy and fast inflating and deflating. If your kid is scared of tubes that are flat-topped, Mach 2 will get them riding without fear. Although it needs a draining system since it usually gets filled with water quickly, it’s a fair deal.

Super Slice

Not many tows come with a tampered gusset design like the Super Slice that tends to hold its shape even with kids having a field day on it. It rides easily on water and offers very comfortable positions. You get a sturdy nylon cover made with denier nylon and also 6 handles wrapped in nylon. You will find the knuckle guards securely wrapped with neoprene. The Kwik-connect make it easy to attach to any rope and its speed safety valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate the tube. Designed for up to 3 riders, however, we found that except for 3 small kids, the tube can only carry 2 adults comfortably. It tows easily and does not submarine like you would experience with some other tubes. The Super Slice seems to lose some air and may need inflated again after a long use on water. And the water has to be drained manually. Nevertheless, it’s really kid-friendly.


If you are in need of something for just one person, the Airhead Blast towable tube is your best option. With a deluxe tube, neoprene knuckle guards, you will find this 4 handles wrapped with nylon very comfortable. For a one person tube, it’s certainly sturdy and large at 54 diameter. The Airhead Blast comes with speed safety valve so that you can easily inflate or deflate it. And it’s also covered with double nylon stitch. It can accommodate both men and women of any size and still holds its place even on high speed. The Airhead Blast doesn’t go well with quick connect piece as it gets sluggish with it. Make sure to go with the Air-head high quality tube tow rope instead. The seam is said to cause some irritation and redness on the upper thigh after a period of use.

Airhead AHSL-4W Slice 2 Person Towable Tube

Designed for 1 to 2 persons, the Slice is made for easy mounting when you fall off the tube. Equipped with kwik-connect, hooking up the tube is made super easy and convenient. The speed safety valve and Boston valve also ensures you don’t spend all day inflating or deflating the tube. Its bladder made of PVC is well surrounded by a nylon cover that is double-stitched. The nylon panel is made with 840 denier to ensure it can favorably compete with other brands. It offers a better riding position than other tubes within its range. On this model you won’t find a neoprene for your elbows. Plus, the most you can expect to use this is about 3 years. And the webbing could have been made to be more sturdy, and so, if you are going for this tube, make sure you reinforce yours to get the best out of it.

AIRHEAD AHGF-3 G-Force Inflatable Towable

This is one towable tube that has been tested for durability. There is no age limitation as all ages can have a lot of fun with the G-Force. Factory fitted knuckle guards, handles covered with deluxe nylon and Boston Valve makes it easy for riders to inflate and deflate without stress. With a 3-man capacity, G-Force also has speed safety valve and is quite large at 78 inches x 75 inches when deflated. Very easy to mount especially for kids and easy to pull. Made with durable materials to last long.