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Summer is here! You know it is time to head outside to your favorite beaches and lakes and get some much-needed sun time. And if you are a wake foiling or surf foiling enthusiast, maybe it’s time for you to upgrade to a new wakefoil. Even if you are looking for a new water adventure, you should definitely try wake foiling. Nevertheless, you’ll still need a beginner-friendly wakefoil. But how do you choose one? Worry not as we’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Slingshot WF-2 FSurf V3 Foil Package

Technology is not really the primary consideration for brands when they design wakeboards for beginners. But you can trust Slingshot to rewrite the rules with its WF-2 FSurf V3 Foil Package. To begin with, the soft-top foil board is designed to ensure that beginners are able to get into this adrenaline-thumping sport with utmost comfort and safety.

At 4’10, the board offers plenty of space while the cupped rail channels boost before launch stability. The 68cm Gamma front wings also do an exceptional job of providing beginners with all the comfort and stability they need. At the same time, the performance and responsiveness are sure to be appreciated by even seasoned riders. 

You can also manually adjust the lift using the foil mounting racks for different speeds. Moreover, you also have the option to simply ditch the foil and use the board for wake surfing. The package comes with a half strap, a protective foil bag, and track mounting hardware.

Top Features

  • Foil mount track to help you customize the lift intensity
  • Dual cupped rail channels for improved stability
  • Can also be used as a wakeboard minus the added equipment
  • Comes with a half strap and track mounting hardware
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate wake foilers
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Liquid Force Nebula Wake Foil Board

Test your limits with this latest Liquid Force Nebula Wake Foil Board. A powerful blend of style, performance, and technology, it is the foil that is endorsed by Austin Keen. If you don’t know who Austin Keen is, go ahead and you tube him. The guy is ridiculous!

The 3’8 or 4’2″ Nebula has horizontal texture breaks and a concave deck for extra traction that will ensure that you always find a firm footing on the board.

The board features a 27” mast with improved cross-section to keep the drag to a minimum and deliver maximum safety. The high-performance Carbon Horizon 125 wing offers improved performance and lift on the 1st and 2nd wake. Even the flat design of the wing contributes to effortless turns and easy pumps.

The compression-molded board is made from stringerless EPS foam with the help of durashell construction technology for improved strength. The foil board is also equipped with a track mount for easy adjustments and comes with a carry bag to ensure safe transport.

Top Features

  • Improved mast cross-section to minimize drag
  • Horizontal texture breaks and concave deck traction for firm footing
  • Carbon Horizon 125 wing for improved lift
  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced wakefoilers
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Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package

If you don’t care for all the bells and whistles and need a wakefoil board exclusively designed for classic foiling fun, look no further than the Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package. The edgy and sharp rocker design of the board will ensure that you are able to cut through the waves in the most effortless manner.

At 4’6 with a 61cm mast height, the foil board with its twin-fin setup is adequately equipped to help you levitate high above the waves. The generous surface area and the innovative design of the foil will enable you to seamlessly pump water and shift between waves.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a pro foiler, this Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package would be your fun and stable companion that will always stand by you every summer, year after year.

Top Features

  • Classic wakesurfing platform with twin-fin setup
  • Sharp rocker structure to easily penetrate through waves
  • Mast height of 61 cm to rise above waves
  • Foil mount track for adjusting lift intensity
  • Ideal for intermediate to advanced wake foilers
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Hyperlite UTE Foil/Wakesurf Board

Talk about being flexible, and no wakesurfer will impress you as much as the Hyperlite UTE Foil/Wakesurf Board 2021. You can attach it to any of your preferred foil to rule the wake or just use it as any standard Hyperlite Durashell Surfer. For improved control when wakesurfing or foiling, the board also comes with optional foot straps.

Made from Hyperlite’s renowned Reinforced Durashell Construction, you can count on this foil board for enhanced durability and longevity. To help you micro-adjust the setup precisely as per your requirement, there is also a track mounting system at the bottom.

The UTE also features 2×3.5” flux fins to help you have maximum control and stability. Last but not least, the Hyperlite UTE Wakesurf Board is shaped by Scott “Buch” Bouchard, who has also designed some of the brand’s top-selling models.

Top Features

  • Reinforced Durashell Construction for added strength and durability
  • Track mounting system for precise adjustments
  • Dual 3.5” flux fins for improved stability and control
  • Adjustable strap foot interface
  • Ideal for beginner to intermediate wakefoilers
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Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package

No matter if you are just starting with wake surfing or are already a pro, this Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil Package is flexible enough to suit everyone, especially if you plan to rule smaller waves and wakes. The foil-based build of this board makes it light, strong, and just perfect for the 2nd or even 3rd wake of the boat.

The long 24” mast and the generous 760 wings deliver the best lift that you’d ever experienced. Not to forget that the bigger wings also improve stability, making it a smart choice for beginners. The board comes with optional straps for people new to wake foiling or pros who want to amp up their progression.

Thanks to the track mount system of this product, you can pick any foil you like and adjust it as per your preference. The Phase Five Gizmo Wakefoil also comes with neoprene wing covers to help you keep the wings protected when you are done foiling.

Top Features

  • Phase Five Nova Foil with larger 760 wings
  • 24” mast for higher raise
  • Foil Track Mount System to easily swap foils
  • Neoprene wing covers for enhanced protection
  • Ideal for beginners and pros alike, especially for surfing extremely small wakes
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Liquid Force Galaxy AK Foil Package

Searching for a wakesurfing boat that could effortlessly boost your wake foiling experience? Check out this all-new Liquid Force Galaxy AK Foil Package. The board features Impulse 110 wings, which is Liquid Force’s most advanced and maneuverable wing, to help you easily carve through the ups and downs, no matter if it is the first wake or you are navigating between them.

The foil-specific board has a Deep V Hull to ensure that the touchdowns and releases are as simple as they can be. For added convenience, there are also chine rails to help. The 27” mast also contributes to stability and performance, allowing you to achieve maximum flight height as and when needed.

For disconnecting the board, simply press the quick-release collar, and you are good to go. All the hardware components are made from titanium-coated stainless steel for maximum performance and durability. Padded wing covers are included with this package for added safety.

 Top Features

  • Deep V Hull for easy touchdowns
  • Impulse 110 wings for maximum maneuverability
  • 27” performance mast for maximizing flight height
  • Chine rail for instant release off the water
  • Ideal for advanced to expert wakefoilers
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Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package

Thin and nimble design for easy carving? Check. Big-winged foil for maximum pump-power? Check. Convert into a twin-fin wakesurfer when needed? Check. Popular as the Swiss Army Knife in the world of foil setups, the Phase Five Gadget Wakefoil Package is all a seasoned foiler needs to make the most of every summer.

The skim-style hybrid board offers precise control no matter if you just want to take off or navigate through wakes across sizes. The thin and lightweight design of the board, combined with Phase Five Nova Foil, enables it to offer more stability and lift compared to its predecessor.

The wakefoil package also comes with a track foil mount system for micro-management and ensuring that the setup is exactly as per your preference. There are also optional foot straps to help beginners and enable the pros to get that hard carving feel. 

Top Features

  • Skim-style hybrid board design for improved control
  • Big-winged Phase Five Nova Foil for improved liftoff and stability
  • Track foil mount system for precise adjustments
  • Removable foil to use as a wakesurfer
  • Ideal for advanced to expert wakefoilers
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Choosing the Best Wakesurf Hydrofoil

You were searching for the best wake foil package, and we’ve provided you not one or two but seven great options to choose from. All of these popular products are offered by some of the most trusted brands and are equipped with the best of technologies.

Rest assured that you can pick any of these foil boards, and you’ll be thoroughly amazed by the product. All of these top options are handpicked by us to ensure that you don’t have to do the backbreaking work of researching and comparing online.

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