For all those wake surfing enthusiasts out there, you already know that wake surfing is a sport that is both fun and thrilling, but getting the right wave can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky.  While playing with the tabs on your surf boat and/or adding ballast to different areas of the boat will help to create a better wave, adding a wake shaper to your boat is a cost effective alternative that will give you an immediate result for that wave your seek.  Wake shapers have the ability to in some cases double the wave that your boat is creating while greatly improving the waves intensity and quality of the wave. You will immediately notice the differences the right wake shaper can achieve, giving increased stability and speed.  With so many on the market, its hard to know which one to get though so here are our top picks for 2019.  

Best Wake Shapers

The Swell wakesurf creator creates a surf wake that is big, long, and clean because of the use of it’s proprietary design that creates turbulence on the opposite side of the surf wave.   With the use of this wake shaper you can all but double the size of your wakesurf wave.Mounting this wakeshaper is quite simple because it uses suction, unlike others that use velcro, and can be installed and removed in seconds, which is especially important if you need to switch it from one side of the boat to the other for a goofy footed rider.  Suction stands up quite well and can withstand speeds up to 14MPH.

Swell Wakesurf creator is made of UV-protected marine grade polymer and stainless steel with provide extra durability and strength in the water.  SWELL Wakesurf Creator is highly visible as it is white in color and also floats high on the water.  Finally, this wakeshaper will work on all boats with inboards, turning them into instant surf machines.

For all those looking for a fuel-efficient options out there, the delta wake surf shaper is the answer for you. This shaper is highly fuel efficient, and it will allow you to increase your speed as well. Its suction cups are high powered, ensuring a proper wake for boats that have a higher weight. Its front panel is designed in a way that will displace water quite easily. Also, it reduces the turbulence you face, which further guarantees a smoother ride. Overall, it is easy to attach and allows you to save up as well.

This perfect shaper is made from UHMW polyethylene, and so without increasing the weight on it significantly, you can enjoy its durability and strength. Once you buy this shaper, you will not have to worry about buying another for a long time. In addition to this, with the help of the aluminum alloy, you can easily attach this shaper to your boat and foam sets can easily be used along with it to increase the floating capability. This product is available on Amazon, and the reviews are great.

Nauticurl Wakesurfing Wake Shaper                                     

With the best level of buoyancy, you can rest assured that this wake shaper will always stay afloat. This feature further ensures that the design of this machine is straightforward and increases your speed rather than channeling an unwanted drag. In addition to this, it is pretty easy to attach with its provided plug, and the design makes it manageable. Its heavy-duty style will make sure it lasts for a longer time giving you the ultimate experience. It also provides good water displacement and reviews on Amazon are great for this one!

SWELL Wakesurf Creator Slim                                              

The complete package when it comes to choosing a wake shaper. Its sleek and extremely durable design it can also easily reduce unwanted turbulence and produces a much longer wave, which in turn ensures that there is higher water displacement. It has an easy installation process so you can fix it on your boat in no time. Its suction cups work perfectly even in rough water conditions and this shaper floats entirely further, ensuring that the weight of the boat does not increase significantly. Interested?

Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Pro 2 Wake Shaper                     

Once you buy this wake surf shaper, you will notice how the weight of your boat will be more evenly spread out. In addition to this, the displacement effect will be far better as you will immediately feel the boat becoming more stable with an increase in its speed as well. Moreover, with the support of concave channeling, you can rest assured that this particular wake surf shaper will easily handle heavier weights as well. Also, it floats, making sure your boat doesn’t break or get damaged. Made from durable marine grade materials this wake surf shaper will ensure that it lasts with you for a long time.

Now a lot of people are in search of a shaper that can easily be used with any boat, and this product does it all. With the help of this specific wake shaper, it will be ultimately easier for you to generate larger wakes behind. Therefore, as a result, the displacement will be on the higher side; however, this would not hinder the stability factor involved. People who have bought this option claim that this wake surf shaper is the complete package that provides you with a desired and complete level of stability as well. Check more about it here: 

Now that you have a complete guide about wake shapers, what are you waiting for? Choose one that suits you the best and ride those waves like never before.