Best Wake Surf Boats for the Money

Heading to the beach or your lake house for the summer is a great way to beat the heat. Want to know how it’ll get better? Try out some super fun activities like Wake Surfing and Wake Boarding. Don’t know where to get the essential supplies from? Not to worry! We have designed the perfect outlook for you so you can easily decide how to purchase the best economical Wake Surf Boat for this summer!  

Seven Best Economical Wake Surf Boats

Heyday WT 2

What are the Pros of this boat?

You will find that this boat is 3 feet longer than its previous model, which means more comfort and new features. To enhance the drivers’ vision at lower speeds, the helm is located farther towards the front than usual. This boat also has a unique feature: the transom is designed to be at an angle of 117 degree, which creates a natural push and curl at wake speeds. This feature exterminates the requirement of any additional wake-generating devices. It also has a “hot tub” lounges that provide room for around 12 people and the seating gives a thrilling experience. Apart from that, you’ll have the advantage of listening to your favorite songs through the Bluetooth facility provided by the Wet Sounds soundbar installed in the Heyday WT 2. Isn’t that cool?

What are the Cons of this boat?

The only apparent downside to this boat is that it has a seating capacity of 12 people only. Some people might want to bring along more friends so that would be a buzzkill.

How much does it cost?

Heyday WT 2 provides the extreme killer wave without having you pay a six-figure amount for it. That’s right. It is expected to cost around $49,444-$51,199, which sounds pretty reasonable for a boat with such amazing features.

What is the consumers’ opinion?

The consensus is that it’s a pleasure to drive this boat at higher speeds as it is equipped with a speed control system. The wake it provides is also thick and powerful, making it all the more exciting and enhances the wake surfing experience.

Is this boat worth the cost?

Since it has a uniquely designed interior, fulfills the basic requirements with ease and also has numerous additional benefits, Heyday WT 2 is worth buying!

Axis A22

What are the advantages of buying this boat?

Axis A22 allows a comfortable seating arrangement for around 15 people with a very supportive drivers’ seat. Handling this boat is quite easy due to its traditional combination of analog and digital switches and gauges. One of the best features offered by Axis A22 is customizable waves and wakes generated by the new Power Wedge 3 to suit your preferences. Riders can easily glide from side to side owing to the Surf Gate hydraulic gates. And it gets better!

All these features can be controlled and monitored by the rider through a surf band remote on the wrist. It also features a new audio system which allows you to play music at different volumes for the tower and the cabin, simultaneously. That’s pretty convenient, right?

What are the disadvantages of buying this boat?

Although the performance of this boat is top notch, purchasing it may seem like a hefty task as the prices can go very high.

What do people think about this boat?

With its new hot interior and ability to produce customized waves, people are rooting for it big time! Having Axis A22 guarantees an exhilarating experience for wake surfing.

How much would it cost?

Although it starts with a handsome price of $70,633, it is still quite economical with all the new features and added comfort. Rest assured it’s a viable long term investment.

Is it worth buying?

Getting such exciting features at such a reasonable cost marks the Axis A22 as a good value deal. If you spot it in the market, don’t give it a second thought and get your hands on it!

Tige R20

Pros of buying this boat:

It is equipped with padded coaming panels and maintenance free fiberglass platform with additional space in the bow, making it quite safe for families and kids. Tige R20 has Alpha M2 Tower, Convex V Hull design and TAPS 3 Surf system, which is why it is highly in demand. Its unique angular design and chiseled lines, along with the optional wake turning system make it all the more alluring to buy. Not to mention, the rear stowage lockers are accessible through the cockpit and the interior.What makes it so special is the Tige Touch2 Screen which not only monitors but also allows the driver to view the settings and control the boat’s functions through the screen. How convenient, right?  Also, the nonskid transom seat is set at the perfect height for strapping on the ski or wakeboard.

Cons of buying this boat:

It has a standard 343 horsepower engine, which could’ve been higher considering its size and capability, but is sufficient for use. It also is a lot pricier than the rest, but that depends on the requirement of the buyer.

The expected price of this boat:

It starts at a whopping $82,430, which seems expensive but considering the outstanding features and functions it is equipped with; it looks like a reasonable deal.

The general opinion about this boat:

The consumers quite praise its impeccable styling and performance. The pickle fork design has its place in the hearts of wake surf enthusiasts. It is highly recommended.

Does it hold enough value?

Considering the unique exterior, interior, applications, and performance, it seems likely that this is the best that money can buy!

Mastercraft NXT22

What are the pros of buying this boat?

This beautifully designed boat specially built for wake surfing and wakeboarding is one of the best deals in the market. Having a capacity for 14 people, this boat is available in a variety of colors. It comes with a standard surf system, folding tower and waterballast with the Gen 2 system. The surf tabs on both sides and wake turning plate in the center allow easy accessibility while driving.  The ballast systems are completely in the drivers’ control.

Moreover, the screen is for display only; all the settings are down below on the buttons. This system is more straightforward and makes it easier to go through the menu. Not to mention, the storage compartments can be accessed from the interior or the swim platform. In addition to that, the platform is a fiberglass piece topped with SeaDek foam padding. The aft bench is also covered with foam and has additional cup holders.

What are the cons of buying this boat?

Mastercraft NXT22 may not please professional riders as only the driver can control ballast settings and you can never know how much ballast is in the tank as there are no gauges.The system tends to overflow as well. However, the surf tabs can be used to set the waves and wakes according to preferences.

How much does this boat cost?

Mastercraft NXT22 starts from around $70,860, which is reasonable considering the features that come along with this.

What is the consumers’ opinion regarding this boat?

It is said to resemble the old school Mastercraft boats from the late 1900s or early 2000s. Furthermore, it can be said that comfort isn’t the top priority when it comes to this boat. Otherwise, it’s as good as the rest.

Is purchasing the boat worth the cost?

If you’re someone who is willing to look over the touch screen and similar gadgets, then this is a good consideration. Performance wise it is a good value product. Price may seem a little too much, but the boat itself is a product of Mastercraft which never fails to satisfy.

Axis A24

The advantages of purchasing this boat:

Since it gives the option of configuring the wakes to one’s preferences, Axis A24 is considered one of the best watersports boat. A very spectacular feature this boat brings you is the surf band. This band allows the rider to monitor and change the speed levels, the waves, and even the music volume.

Moreover, the Surf Gate lets out a massive wave on both sides, making the watersport challenging and giving an exceptional experience. The Auto-set Wedge gives you the option of increasing or decreasing the wakes without any help. So now, you won’t have to shout out to the driver for changing anything as all the options would be wrapped around your wrist. We find it quite convenient, don’t you?

The disadvantages of purchasing this boat:

Despite the incredible features being offered, people might still find it a bit too expensive on the pocket.

The expected price range of this boat:

With a starting price of $71,120, Axis A24 is one of the best fits. It offers ample space and comfort for around 17 people in a more affordable price, which is less than that of its competitors.

An overview of this boat:

Regular wake surfers consider it a spinoff to the Malibu boats due to its amazing capacity and design. The wave provided by it is said to have a ton of steepness and power, which is greatly required for a thrilling experience. It is highly recommended for watersports such as wake surfing and wakeboarding.

Does it hold enough value?

As the boat has impeccable design and plenty of room, it is fair to say that it reaches the standards of a good wake surf boat. Along with its unique style and interesting features, Axis A24 seems like a quite reasonable deal-definitely worth the shot!

Moomba Helix

Pros of this Boat:

Moomba Helix has a specially designed convertible rear sliding seat so that people can position it accordingly and don’t miss out on the fun behind them. Moomba’s Auto-Wake Technology makes it easier to tame the wave, which is why it is considered as one of the best boats. It maintains the optimal hull position for wakeboarding and wake surfing, monitors the running altitude and adjusts the ballasts automatically. Features like the Digital Pro 3 and Flow 2.0 Surf Package are what make it all the more alluring to buy.

Cons of this Boat:

The boat comes with a tower but no Bimini. But you can always purchase it for an extra $1000.  Also, there’s no optional engine package, but it isn’t required if you look through it.

What price range does this boat fall in?

You can find this boat in the range of $56,000- $60,000, which is not much provided the great quality, unique features, amazing horsepower, and a guaranteed exhilarating experience.

What do people think about it?

Water sports enthusiasts go crazy over Moomba Helix due to its quality and economical cost. Wake surfers crave for such an unbelievable deal and experience. It is considered a good value deal.

Is the boat worth the price?

Getting such a great package at such affordable prices is a blessing in disguise. It is really difficult to find such a boat at such a reasonable price. You’ll get a similar experience on if you purchase a $100k boat but why spend more when you can have Moomba Helix? If you get your hands on this deal, go for it!

Supreme S211

Advantages of buying this boat:

This boat is believed to provide high waves and wakes, which make the wake surfing experience ten times challenging and exciting. Supreme S211 is well-equipped with a New Skylon S5 Tower and 750 pounds of ballast with an option of additional 1850. Its Quick Surf system allows one to glide from side to side within seconds. Its deep V Hull is what guarantees a rough water ride which the youth craves for!  Its new large Smooth Track Tracking Fin has got the attention of watersport enthusiasts. This boat also has wake and wave turning plates, which are a must for wake surfing. In addition to that, it has a digital display with wake settings and analog speedo and tach on the dashboard. This makes controlling and monitoring the boat quite accessible.It’s also easy to operate, owing to the touchscreen on the dashboard. This creatively designed boat is available in 25 bright colors with two beautiful gel coat schemes, and 12 metal flakes finish. It comes with friction snap out flooring which is quite comfy and functional.

Disadvantages of buying this boat:

Supreme S211can accommodate around 12 people, which is understandable but not feasible for a large group of friends or family members. And it’s a bit too expensive. Apart from that, it’s a good one.

What is the consumers’ opinion about this boat?

If you’re looking for some thrill, this boat is guaranteed to give you huge waves, higher wakes, and a rough water ride. One feels proud to be seen in this stylish yet chic boat.

What is the expected price of this boat?

It is supposed to cost around $83,217, but the prices can go higher or lower.

Does the boat hold enough value?

Supreme S211 has one of the best engines and has amazing features to offer. As a 5-year warranty comes along with this masterpiece, it is no doubt worth the cost.

By now, we hope that through our detailed analysis, you must have decided which wake surf boat is the perfect fit for you and your pocket. Don’t wait any longer as its time to beat the scorching heat with your wake surfing techniques. We hope you make amazing memories and have fun with your friends and family. Happy shopping!