Best Wakeboard Helmets

Wakeboarding is an exhilarating water sport that is enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. Like all water sports, it poses a real risk of injury as you may accidentally slip and hit an obstacle (for e.g. boats). This is why you need to invest in appropriate safety gear when indulging in this extreme sport.

One of the most important pieces of safety equipment to get is a helmet to protect you from concussions and head injuries which are very commonly associated with wakeboarding. With hundreds of helmets available in the market, it might get a little overwhelming to pick out the best one. Thus, we decided to try out different wakeboarding helmets to pick out the best ones.

Mentioned below are our top picks for best wakeboarding helmets.

Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Wakeboard Helmet- Reviewer’s Pick

The Pro-Tec Full Cut Wakeboard Helmet is especially designed to provide a comfortable and safe wakeboarding experience. It has several features which make it among the best wakeboard helmets.

he Pro-Tec Full Cut Wakeboard Helmet is made of high density ABS shell with 2 stage foam lining and tubular webbing. The Pro-Tec Full Cut Wakeboard Helmet can absorb maximum damage in case of sudden falls. It also offers ear protection due to its full cut while making the user look chic and retro.

Keeping in mind that it is inevitable for water to enter into the helmet during wakeboarding, it is specially designed to have 11 open vents that permit all the water to exit as soon as it enters to prevent accumulation.

It also has a rear mount strap that you can mount your head camera, goggles or camera on.

It is super lightweight and weighs only 1.75 pounds. Additionally, it comes in several different sizes i.e. XS, S, M, L and XL. This combined with the helmet’s adjustable rear interior fit system makes sure that your helmet fits your head perfectly.

It is resistant to odor and mildew which makes it ideal for waterboarding.

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Liquid Force Flash Wakeboard Helmet- Most Durable Helmet

For those of you that find traditional helmets too hard or uncomfortable, the Liquid Force Flash Wakeboard Helmet is the answer to all your helmet troubles. It is specially designed to combine comfort and performance together to provide you with a premium quality wakeboard helmet.

The Liquid Force Flash Wakeboard Helmet is one step ahead of most helmets. It has taken up its brain protection game by a notch by featuring a Sweat Saver liner. This liner consists of dual density foam covered by a layer of plush terry cloth. The function of this Swear Saver Liner is to act as a shock absorber along with providing maximum comfort.

It is made up of a high density ABS shell that makes it strong and durable. It also has 10 vents to allow water to escape.

Additionally, the Liquid Force Flash Wakeboard Helmet comes with removable ear flaps that offer some protection to your ears against damage caused due to hitting water at high speeds.

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Pro-Tec Ace Wake w/ Clip Wakeboard Helmet- Editor’s Pick

The Pro-Tec Ace Wake Wakeboard Helmet is a premium quality helmet that provides utmost comfort and protection. It has several amazing features which make it among our top favorite picks.

Its high density ABS shell provides maximum protection and durability. It also has dual density EVA liner that is waterproof. This liner keeps your head dry and prevents water from entering into your ears.

Its rear head lock is adjustable and cups your head perfectly to provide a perfect fit. This feature is complimented by the Full Surround Interior Fit System of the helmet that further enhances its high fitting capability.

The Pro-Tec Ace Wake Wakeboard Helmet has ear guards with padding to protect your eardrums from damage caused by the high pressure of water. The helmet’s comfort capability is further enhanced by its 15 vents that permit maximum water drainage. These vents also allow for air circulation to ensure a comfortable experience.

Additionally, this wakeboard helmet is so versatile that it can be used for any other water sport too which makes it an amazing investment.

It comes in six different sizes to ensure that each person gets a helmet that fits them perfectly.

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Mystic 2021 Predator Wakeboard Helmet

Another amazing pick is the Mystic Predator Wakeboard Helmet that is equipped with several outstanding features.

The Mystic Predator Wakeboard Helmet is designed especially for water sports. It has adjustable head straps that provide a better and more comfortable fit.

It is made of a lightweight shell that has a few vents to allow for drainage. It also has detachable fit mesh pads to provide superior comfort and protection. Additionally, its quick release chin closure allows it to fit your face perfectly while making the helmet super easy to put on or take off.

It comes with neoprene ear covers that are detachable. We recommend using them to prevent eardrum damage but if they feel too uncomfortable, you always have the option of simply taking them off.

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Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet by Triple Eight- Most Versatile Helmet

The Sweatsaver Halo Water Helmet by Triple Eight is highly durable with lots of ventilation. It is one of the best quality water sports helmets available in the market.

This water board helmet is perfect for those warm sunny days as it keeps your head cool by constantly evaporating the water that enters it through the 15 vents present in its ABS plastic shell.

It comes with an EVA foam liner that is waterproof and prevents water from constantly leaking into the helmet. Additionally, it also comes with ear flaps that offer protection against high speed water.

The Sweatsaver Halo Water Liner made up of three foam layers covered by plush fabric also adds to the helmet’s ability to absorb moisture and keep the inside dry. It is also odorless and extremely comfortable.

The helmet’s adjustable chin straps allow for a perfect fit and maximum comfort.

It comes in six different sizes including smaller sizes for kids, slight bigger ones for youth and larger ones for adults.

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Sandbox Legend Low Rider (Iridescent) Wakeboard Helmet- Best Stylish Helmet

Look fabulous with the Sandbox Legend Low Rider (Iridescent) Wakeboard Helmet which is always in fashion. Not only this but the helmet is comfortable as well. It will definitely take your wakeboarding experience up a notch.

The helmet is made up of an ABS shell and flexible EVA liner making it very durable. The purpose of the flexible EVA liner is to protect your head and keep it dry. Moreover, it comprises two sets of fit pads and has an amazing low fit. Additionally, the dry pads make the helmet much more comfortable so that you can wear it for as long as you want. The helmet is perforated and has vents so that your head doesn’t get heated up as they allow water to evaporate through them. The best thing is that it comes with a sandbox crash warranty.

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