Best Wakeboards for Intermediate Riders

Are you ready to take your wakeboarding skills to the next level? Do you think it’s time you swap out your old beginner wakeboard for a more advanced intermediate one? Well, look no more because we’ve got you covered. Carry on reading to find out some of the best wakeboards for intermediate riders.

Liquid Force 2021 Raph Wakeboard – Editor’s Pick

The Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard branded by Raph Derome comes in three different sizes ranging from 142 cm to 152 cm. It can support weight ranging from 130 lbs to more than 240 lbs based on which board length you choose. It is one of the best available wakeboards in the market that combines speed, durability and control together to provide you the ultimate wakeboarding experience.


It has a progressive three stage rocker that gives you maximum pop on landing. Also, the 2D FlexZone™ Tip Design allows you to have medium flex and greater control. The single concave hull provides maximum speed with clean release. It allows you to perform lots of tricks and turns while giving you a smooth stable riding experience.

The board’s Triax Glass Layup and LF Sintered Grind Base combine stability with durability to give you the experience of a lifetime. It features a Wood CNC’d Core which adds additional spring loaded flex and rebound to create a more exciting and thrilling ride. The Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard is finless. This gives the rider the opportunity to better his posture and explore more riding styles.

Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard 2021
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Connelly 2021 Wild Child Women’s Wakeboard – Best Women’s Pick

The Connelly 2021 Wild Child 136 Women’s Wakeboard has all the qualities that you need in an intermediate level wakeboard. It can support weight ranging from 120 to 130 lbs which makes it ideal for women and allows them to unleash their true wakeboarding potential.


This wakeboard has a three stage rocker that is perfect for practicing tricks. Furthermore, it is equipped with a deep center channel which helps set the wakeboard a little lower in the water giving the rider maximum control. With its full length center spine, it softens harsh landings and provides you the ultimate wakeboarding experience. It comes with 4×4 molded fins along with 1″ removable center fin to allow for better grip. All these features of the Connelly 2021 Wild Child 136 Women’s Wakeboard allow you to test out different riding styles and choose the one that suits you best.

Connelly 2021 Wild Child Women's Wakeboard
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Hyperlite 2021 Riot Bio Wakeboard – Best Men’s Pick

The Hyperlite Riot Bio Wakeboard 2021 can support heavier weights and therefore is meant to be used by bulkier individuals. It comes in three different sizes; 138cm and 141 cm with a minimum weight requirement of 160 lbs and a 144 cm board that requires a minimum weight of 170 pounds.


With a unique continuous rocker, this wakeboard has the added advantage of giving the rider a greater pop without having to cut down on speed. The monocoque construction, CarboNetX lamination and layered glass combine together to provide you with a durable long lasting board that is highly lightweight and responsive. The board comes with 4 angled fins for added grip.

The thin unique design of the board provides better control and softer landings. The board has a highly versatile shape. The Dual Concave under foot provides softer landing transitions into a single concave along the tip and tail for a clean release. It has a Variable Beveled Edge that combines speed with clean release which is basically every rider’s dream come true!

The shorter models of this wakeboard are slower but easier to maneuver when you perform tricks such as flips. For added stability and heaviness, you should consider getting the longer model of the Hyperlite Riot Bio Wakeboard.

Hyperlite Riot BIO Wakeboard 2021
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Ronix District Wakeboard – Best Hybrid Style

This amazing wakeboard can be used by intermediates to advanced wakeboarders. It’s size ranges from 134cm (with a weight support of up to 185 lbs) to 150 cm (with a weight support of 180+ lbs). This easy to ride and easy to push wakeboard is a great pick for any type of rider and adapts according to his/her style. It is a great equalizer that is sure to make your experience worthwhile.


The Ronix District Wakeboard has a hybrid rocker; it has a continuous rocker along the middle of the board that changes to a 3 stage rocker along the tip and tail. It also has a 5 (1 stored energy- 10 instant energy) flex that provides a quick lift, explosive jumps and fast take offs.

The concave bottom of this wakeboard is best for ollies and presses and allows you to maintain a neutral stance. The board also has a variable rail and increased side cut. Moreover, its Low Friction base is ideal for gliding in high end boat boards.

The four Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins provide additional stability while performing tricks which makes it ideal for intermediate level riders. Additionally, the M6 inserts also allow the board to have more grip in shallow water due to higher thread count which makes performing tricks even easier.

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 WakeboardConelly Wild ChildHyperlite Riot BioLiquid Force RaphRonix District Wakeboard
Length 136 cm138/141/ 144 cm 137cm – 152cm 129cm-143 cm
Weight  120-130 lbs 160-170 lbs 130lbs-200+ lbs 175lbs-180+ lbs
Rocker  3 stage Continuous 3 stage Hybrid
Fins 4×4 molded fins + 1” removable fin  4 fins  Finless  4 fins
Gender based on length and minimum weight   Women   Men   Unisex   Unisex


One thing to keep in mind before you go on your wakeboarding adventure is to make sure you check the weather beforehand. This is very important because you need calm, quiet and placid waters to take your skills to the next level and try out tricks like grabs, Ollies and 180s.

Guide to buying an Intermediate level Wakeboard:

A few important things to keep in mind when buying an intermediate level wakeboard are:


Rockers basically refer to the shape of your board from one end to the other. They can be classified into three main categories:

Continuous rocker

A continuous rocker will have a single curve that extends from the tip of the board to its tail. It provides a smooth and predictable ride.

Three stage rocker

A three stage rocker has three distinct planes on the board’s bottom which gives you more pop (height) upon hitting the wake. They’re a bit slower with harsher landings as compared to other rockers. But these rockers are ideal for performing different tricks and

Hybrid rocker

These rockers are somewhere between continuous and three stage ones. They give you the best of both worlds; the speed and smoothness of continuous rockers combined with the exhilarating aggressive pop of a three stage rocker.

So in general, intermediate riders usually lean towards three stage rockers so that they can practice more tricks but a hybrid one might be the best option for those of you that want smoother rides.

Center Spine

As an intermediate rider, you should look for a wakeboard with a spin that extends throughout the length of the board. This helps in smoothing out harsh landings from extreme tricks and gives you a smoother wakeboarding experience.


Fins come in different sizes and forms; deep, shallow, fat, thin, etc. Each type of fin is suited for a specific wakeboarding style so be sure to try out a few to know which one suits your style best. However, most intermediate riders opt for the built in molded fins as they allow you to better your posture which is really important for performing hard core tricks.

Long and Short Wakeboards

Shorter wakeboards tend to slow down your riding speed as they produce greater friction. However, they are easier to maneuver and perform tricks on which makes them ideal for intermediate level riders.

Longer wakeboards are generally meant for beginner level riders as they’re more stable. You also get more control, better speeds and softer landings. However, their high weight makes it really difficult to perform tricks using them so most advanced level riders will opt for shorter boards.

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