Best Wakeboards for Kids

Thought of getting your kiddos into wakeboarding? Wakeboarding is a great bonding experience for your kids and it will give you an opportunity to learn more about them. Teaching your children something as technical as wakeboarding from scratch and watching them succeed is one of the most humbling and eye-opening experiences for any parent. Of course, it won’t be easy… there will be hurdles and frustration as they say how they won’t be able to do it but, in the end, they will manage just fine. In this review, we recommend the top 7 wakeboards for kids.

Hyperlite 2022 Motive Kid’s Wakeboard

Our favorite board is the Hyperlite Motive Kids’ 2022 Wakeboard, which is a great wakeboard for beginners venturing into wakeboarding. The Hyperlite Motive has been around for many years, but it has stayed true to its core design and values. When starting, you want a wakeboard that is flexible and provides soft landings and this wakeboard is just the perfect board for that.

The Hyperlite Motive has some quality specs including a continuous rocker design, which is the bow of the board that goes from tip to tail. With a continuous rocker, the flow is smooth and evenly curved and doesn’t have any flat spots throughout the board. The continuous rocker design is SO important because it gives a smooth controlled feel to the board when the kids are learning and are transitioning their weight around to feel comfortable on the board. Once they start improving and attempt jumps, the continuous rocker will allow the board to leave the water in a smooth controlled arc.

The fin design is a single 1.3″ fin on each end of the board with dual molded fins rail. The 1.3″ fin is removable and can be adjusted with a shorter fin or completely left off. We recommend if your child is new to wakeboarding to leave the fin on, but if they are starting to learn tricks like doing 180s, then removing the fins will allow the board to transition much easier.

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Ronix 2022 District 129 Wakeboard

The Ronix 2022 District 129 Kid’s Wakeboard works for riders at an intermediate and advanced level. Fitted with Ronix’s latest 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins, the wakeboard provides traction and balance as one aggressively slashes through the waves. The variable rail allows one to ride higher while preventing the board from burying the edge as they slash through big cuts. Generally, this board provides quick response and its maneuverability is remarkable. Designed with a thinner profile, be rest assured of breathtaking speeds. We can’t forget to mention the G&R Technology that provides grip and release channels therefore providing the much-needed traction while minimizing any resistance. The glides are almost effortless. It also comes with Hybrid rocker ranges providing smooth turns to wide open cuts. With this board, kids at an intermediate and advanced level can expect massive wake to wake jumps and fast takeoffs. It is a versatile ride that opens new opportunities to those who are advancing in the water sport.

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Liquid Force 2022 Rant Wakeboard

The Liquid Force Rant Wakeboard is one of a kind. Among the best-selling wakeboards in the kids and youth category, there is more to this board that its appealing visuals. A continuous rocker type of board, it is designed with beginners and those at an intermediate level in mind. Artfully crafted, expect easy presses and hard landings with this one. It is a durable board thanks to the LF grind base. The quad slider fins and Liquid Rails™ provide grip and stability to the board. The base is strong and resilient. You can be assured that this wakeboard will last for a long time. This is nothing short of a premium board. It is a great gift to a kid who is keen to start their wakeboarding adventure. Featuring Hybrid technology, the Liquid Force Rant Wakeboard is quick in response and rebound. Your kid will have a pleasurable and memorable experience with this board.  The base and core are tough and one can enjoy wake jumping pops without worrying about the board. The board comes in three different rocker types; 120 cm – continuous rocker, 125 cm – progressive hybrid rocker and 130 cm – progressive 3 stage rocker.

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Connelly 2022 Bella 124 Wakeboard

Are you looking for an easy stable ride for kids? We highly recommend the Connelly 2022 Bella 124 Kid’s Wakeboard. Designed for beginners, the wakeboard measures 124 cm. Mostly popular among girls, it comes with a 3-stage rocker that provides that extra lift. Going from the toe side to heel side with the Connelly 2022 Bella 124 Wakeboard is a breeze as a result of the 4×4 molded-in fins that provide an amazing edging surface. In case your kid has earned the basic skills and wants to go to the next level, there is a removable center fin that can be ejected. This board is a great place to start if one wants to understand the fundamentals of wakeboarding. It will provide confidence to your young one and ensure that they love the sport. With a full spine, the board displaces water to the heel edge and the toe of the board therefore providing soft landings. Worrying about weight or durability? This board has a base shell with Laminated Nexus ensuring protecting it from UV rays making it not only durable but lightweight too.

Connelly 2021 Bella Wakeboard
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Ronix 2022 Vault Wakeboard – Big Kids’

The Ronix Vault Wakeboard is a friendly board, the hallmark of its great craftsmanship being its stability. This wakeboard is designed for young riders who are at beginner and intermediate levels. Don’t be surprised to see those at an advanced level also using this wakeboard. If your kid weighs over 140lbs, this is a perfect wakeboard for him. It is easy to control and this makes it a popular choice among beginners. The asymmetrical rail line makes carving and cutting a breeze. The wake is boosted by the 3-stage rocker design with a later arc while the low friction base and the two glass fins provide for a smooth ride. Among the pros of this wakeboard is that it’s made with quality material and is therefore highly durable. It is lightweight and provides a good hold. Maneuverability is top notch making it easy to use and ride. The only cons we may mention is that it has no bindings and the thin profile may cause difficulties for some riders. This board provides decent air jumps as a result of being lightweight and stable. It can be used for different riding styles too. Beginners will find wakeboarding a wonderful experience with this board since it removes the fear of falling into the water. The 3-stage early rocker allows the rider to keep gliding along the water even during transitions without breaking the pace or slowing down.

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Liquid Force 2022 Fury Kid’s Wakeboard

The Liquid Force 2022 Fury Kid’s Wakeboard is a beginner level wakeboard. It’s a great wakeboard for kids who intend to begin wakeboarding or those who are looking into improving their skills at an intermediate level. The 3-stage rocker will ensure that your kid grows with this board. Besides, it is also durable and of high quality. The board is made up of Biax Glass Layup that makes it lightweight. It has three position inserts and precision PU Core that ensure its durability while remaining lightweight. Its fins grow progressively while getting crisper from 115 to 125. It is also easy to use. The wakeboard comes in three different styles; 115 cm, 120 com and 125 cm. Among beginners, we recommend using the 3-stage rocker rather than the 5-stage rocker. What you’re looking for is an optimum pop – one that is not too excessive and one that’s not too low. You want your child to at least control it. The board comes with a V-tip channel Pro-Glass combo layup and concave beveled edges. It is waterproof too. The board is molded-in quad fins with a removable center fin for riders who want to go to the next level.

Liquid Force 2021 Fury Kid's
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O’Brien 2022 System 124 Kid’s Wakeboard

When starting out in a sport such as wakeboarding, children are mainly looking for a predictable experience and this is what the O’Brien System wakeboard presents. Made of high-quality material, it is hardy and durable. The O’Brien 2022 System 124 Kid’s Wakeboard is a budget wakeboard which provides great performance at its price. Its continuous rocker has a greater edge hold providing stability to the young rider. It rolls up the wake producing a smooth pop. The dual channels found at the tip and tail provide stability while the center-mounted Flank Fins provide a predictable ride alongside easy edging. You can get in and out of the water easily thanks to its extra buoyant foam core. Your kid can expect nothing less than an easy, comfortable and fast experience with the O’Brien System Wakeboard. The wakeboard comes along with perfectly fused bindings. We would like to note that this board isn’t the best for advanced riders. Works well for those who are a beginner and intermediate level. If you are on a budget and you’re looking for a great wakeboard for your children, we highly recommend the O’Brien 2022 System 124 Kid’s Wakeboard.

O'Brien 2021 System 124 Kid's Wakeboard
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When choosing a board for your kids, they are clearly going to look at the coolest design so you’re going to need to factor that in when making your decision. Personally I am big fan of the Ronix Vault and Hyperlite Motive, but all the boards on this list are great beginner boards that they can grow into so you really can’t go wrong making your decision.

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