Best Wakesurf Board for 360

The all elusive 360. It’s taken me probably more than a 100 tries to conquer this trick and still to this day I am unreliable on landing it. Sometimes over rotating, sometimes under rotating, always face planting, that’s just how you learn. Clearly though the board you ride makes a difference as you will want a skim board with a single fin that will allow you turn and spin easier than other fin setups. Here is our list of the Best Wakesurf Board For 360.

Phase Five Hammerhead | Top Overall Pick

The 2020 Phase Five Hammerhead wakesurf board is ideal for pulling tricks and executing 360’s on the surf. Its ultralight weight profile is thanks to a carbon fiber construction which also provides incredible durability. The board features a continuous core of 3/4″ thickness from tip to tail which ensures increased float meaning that the rider can spend more time in the air pulling tricks than on the surf. Its peanut shape lends itself to the rail style which provides increased overall speed and added lift due to the wider points at either end of the board, this makes the board ultra-responsive. Furthermore, the ultra-responsive, playful profile of this board is mostly due to its single tail fin which provides the ultimate manoeuvrability, enabling the rider to execute endless 360’s. Users love how loose the board feels when riding, allowing them to perform tricks on the surf, however, due to this, it would be best suited to more advanced riders.

2020 Hammerhead
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Connelly Benz | Best Budget Board

The Connelly Benz wakesurf board is a highly versatile board that can tackle a vast array of wave sizes and suit riders of all sizes due to its hybrid style. This board has a lightweight profile due to its EPS foam core which results in a board that is ultra-responsive and adapts to many styles of riding. The board has the option to rock a twin fin or a single skim fin, therefore, the twin fin can be used to gain better stability and control whereas the single center fin will provide a loose, playful rider, perfect for pulling off 360’s. When sporting the twin fin, the rounded surf style rails will complement and provide the rider with a controlled, grippy experience on the surf. Users love how versatile the board is since it can perform like a stable, controlled ride as well as providing a loose, trick pulling one when using the single center fin.

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Lib Tech Air’n Skim Wakesurf Board

The Lib Tech Air’n Skim wakesurf board provides the rider with a great tool for performing 360’s on waves of various sizes. Its construction process uses various eco-friendly components to construct the board; however, this does not compromise its durability and performance because the board maintains its lightweight design and high performance. Its low rocker combined with a three dialed skim fin system equals the ultimate playful experience and ensures that the rider gets one of the highest speeds, loose experiences on the surf with increased airtime needed to execute multiple tricks. Furthermore, the board versatility comes from the fully customizable fin system to cater for all riders’ requirements. Users love how lightweight and responsive the board is on the water and how it effortlessly executes carves and tricks with its eco-friendliness being an added bonus.

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Ronix Flyweight Skimmer Wakesurf Board – Blem

The Ronix Flyweight Skimmer wakesurf board – Blem has a unique, minimalist construction which results in the thinnest, most lightweight board in the Ronix range. This ultra-lightweight profile means that riders can enjoy a faster, high octane experience capable of easier trick rotation whilst offering greater natural control due to its thinner profile. The skimmer shape ensures tight contact with the surface which affords the rider with more play. The rockers and hard rail ensure that the rider can reach high speeds and execute carves with ease. Furthermore, it’s single fiberglass fin perpetuates the playful nature of this board and maintains a loose feel on the surface which is essential for executing 360’s. Users love how well controlled the ride is without compromising on the overall loose, playful nature of the board which allows them to execute various tricks on a variety of wave sizes. 

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Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Skimmer Wakesurf Board

The Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Skimmer wakesurf board allows the user to have the ultimate tricky experience on the surf, whether pulling 360’s, ollies or stomps, this board is more than capable. Its super thin profile is achieved by compression moulded air core construction which makes for a lightweight, but durable board. Its skimmer shape affords the rider with an experience that is highly in touch with the water which maximizes responsiveness. Its hard rail ensures that riders can perform carves at high speed and accelerate very quickly to achieve the most airtime. Its playful feel comes from the single carbon fiberglass fin which affords the user with great flexibility and the ability to execute many 360’s on waves of various sizes. Users love how lightweight, thin and effortless this board rides on the surf, providing extensive rotation ability which is essential for executing 360 after 360.

Ronix Air Core
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Liquid Force TC Skim 50” Wakesurf Board

The Liquid Force TC Skim 50” wakesurf board is a great option for those looking for a lightweight, durable but playful board to execute tricks on the surf. This lightweight profile comes from its EPS foam core and carbon tail wrap which affords the user with increased float without compromising tensile strength and stiffness. Its single concave shape means that the rider has increased lift, allowing them to spend more time in the air executing tricks. Its single fin system is a staple for all playful boards, providing the rider with endless loose play on the surface enabling them to pull off 360’s all day. Due to its incredibly loose nature, it would be better suited to more advanced, expert riders who have experience controlling a board of this profile. Users love how light the board is, enabling them to achieve greater air time and perform 360’s effortlessly.

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Hyperlite Hi-Fi Wakesurf Board

The Hyperlite Hi-Fi wakesurf board provides the rider with a great experience of the wake, with an ultra-loose feel enabling them to perform tricks all day long. Its lightweight body is achieved by an EPS core and dura-shell construction which affords the user with the ability to gain increased float and maintain a playful feel on the water surface. This profile is complimented by its skim shape and rockers that are present at both the tip and the tail to make carving easier and increase overall speed. The interchangeable three fin system provides the rider with the ultimate versatility as it can be ridden with all three fins for increased control and stability or with just the one to provide a much more playful experience for those wanting to execute 360’s. Users really enjoy this versatility and as a result, it is a board that can be used by riders of varied ability.

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Phase Five Diamond Turbo Wakesurf Board

The Phase Five Diamond Turbo wakesurf board provides a unique, adrenaline-fueled experience on the surf for riders looking to perform tricks and have a more playful ride. This is made possible by its 3/4″ continuous core construction which gives the board increased float to perform tricks and gather high speed. Its wide, diamond tail results in a board that is highly responsive and capable of reaching high speed whilst maintaining stability, the hard rails complement these features. It also features a three-fin system that is interchangeable to provide the rider with extensive versatility to adapt to an array of different circumstances such as wave sizes or rider ability. Users love its unique diamond tail as it makes the board capable of achieving high speed and pulling tricks whilst maintaining stability.

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