Phase 5 Trident

Best Wakesurf Board For Big Guys

For us bigger guys, finding the right wakesurf board can be a challenge.  A board that is too small requires a lot more effort to keep it going, while in contrast a board that is too big will cause a lack of responsiveness.  For bigger guys, an optimal board will provide you with a fast responsive ride that will give the ability to spin and air. This is our list of the best wakesurf boards for big guys.

Phase 5 Trident

This is my favorite wakesurf board hands down.  A buddy of mine let me try his board and I fell in love.  The Phase 5 Trident is not recommended for riders under 190lbs.  Riders that weigh less than 190 are going to have a difficult time controlling the board.  The Phase 5 Trident is without a doubt a super fast ride. The board is constructed with ¾ thick super stiff black carbon cloth and comes with 3 – 2 inch fins that provide extra stability and control. The pads are the new P5 Techno Grip Traction pads, which provide more grip than ever.  This board also features V.R.T. (Vacuum Ribbed Technology), continuous core, polyester resin, and polylam gloss which add to its already impressive specs. Weight limit is 250lbs+, but we have had people that are 270lbs+ on the board doing 360s. The boards dimensions are 22” wide, 57” long and .75” thick.  All these factors added together will give a bigger surfer a speedy fun ride.

Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2 Wakesurfer

The Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2 Wakesurf board is for all rider levels, from beginner to advanced.  Similiar to the Phase 5 Trident, the Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2 has a weight limit of 250lbs+. The boards dimensions are 20.5” wide, 64” long and 1.75” thick.  The Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2 has an optional quad-fin that can make it easier to maneuver while surfing.  Board is constructed with a Drop-V Tail, which is a gully at the board’s rear to release the maximum amount of water tension from beneath the board.  Additionally the Vortex channel at the front of the board is a concave gully that increases water velocity flow and pushes air under the board to prevent nose diving while also producing faster speeds.  With it’s full deck traction pad as well as the kick pad, the board is designed for aerials, spins, and tight turns.  

Inland Surfer Red Rocket

The Inland Surfer Red Rocket is a favorite among those that are height challenged.  This is a board that as a big guy you will love! Similar to the Inland Surfer Blue Lake V2, the Inland Surfer Red Rocket has an optional quad-fin setup.  Also it has the Drop-V Tail which will release the water pressure from the rear of the board and offers a very generous weight limit at 300+.  With dimensions of  23” wide, 66” long and 1.75” thick, it can support a larger framed person with ease.  The Inland Surfer Red Rocket is designed for the intermediate to advanced rider and certainly does not fall in the boring board category.  Deck pads are available in both flat or arched so you can see what feels most comfortable before adhering them to the board.

Hyperlite 5.9 Landlock

The Hyperlite 5.9 Landlock has a weight range of up to 300lbs.  It is the longest board in our list with dimensions of 69” long and 20.25” wide.  The board features Monocogue construction, where the top glass and bottom glass are layered into one.  This provides for more durability on the sides of the board, which would otherwise lead to delamination.  Traditional boards have woven fibers which will separate over times, but with the layered glass on the Hyperlite deck, you can rest assured that this board will continue to perform year after year.  The single concave forebody shape, rolled edge profile, and 2 – 1.5” Fish fins and 1 – 2.4” Fish fin allows for a smooth, super forgiving ride. This is a larger surf style board for the beginner – intermediate rider.

Phase 5 Kong

The Phase 5 Kong has the highest weight recommendation on our list at 350lbs.  The boards dimensions are 21.5” wide, 63” wide and 2” thick. This surf style board is for the beginner to intermediate and utilizes Phase 5 GatorSkin.  GatorSkin is a extremely durable carbon/aramid glass, which is the toughest material that Phase 5 uses. Phase 5 Kong boards have an ultra light, 2lb, EPS density foam core and have a textured finish to increase performance.  The Single Wing Thumb Tail and and Quad fin positioning provide for increased traction. Additionally the Diamond Groove EVA Traction with Arch Support will ensure your front foot is locked on the board when turning.  

Recommended Weight Ranges

While most board manufacturers put optimal weight ranges on their boards, I have seen times where those limits are exceeded and the surfing does not suffer.  Those board weight recommendations are not 100% accurate and are based largely on scaling.   

Staying within those weight ranges is of course recommended, but if your board is too large for you, it will become loose while surfing, while conversely if your board is too small for you, you’ll struggle to keep it going.  

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