Best Wakesurf Board For Big Guys

For us bigger guys, finding the right wakesurf board can be a challenge.  A board that is too small requires a lot more effort to keep it going, while in contrast a board that is too big will cause a lack of responsiveness.  For bigger guys, an optimal board will provide you with a fast responsive ride that will give the ability to spin and air. This is our list of the best wakesurf boards for big guys.

Hyperlite 5.9 Landlock | Best Beginner Board

Hyperlite Landlock

The Hyperlite 5.9 Landlock has a weight range of up to 300lbs.  It is the longest board in our list with dimensions of 69” long and 20.25” wide.  The board features Monocogue construction, where the top glass and bottom glass are layered into one.  This provides for more durability on the sides of the board, which would otherwise lead to delamination.  Traditional boards have woven fibers which will separate over time, but with the layered glass on the Hyperlite deck, you can rest assured that this board will continue to perform year after year.  The single concave forebody shape, rolled edge profile, and 2 – 1.5” Fish fins and 1 – 2.4” Fish fin allows for a smooth, super forgiving ride. This is a larger surf style board for the beginner – intermediate rider.

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Slingshot Mothership Wakesurf Board | Best Cruiser Style Board

The Slingshot Mothership is a fantastic wakesurf board for those on bigger guys!  Coming in two sizes (5’2″ and 5’6″) the 5’6″ board is capable of holding riders 250lbs+.  The Slingshot Mothership has a single 6″ fin cruiser style board.  Although there is plenty of speed that you can grab when needed, you will not be getting much air with this board.  What it lacks with air, is made up with your ability to slash and carve the wave.  Because of its large length, staying in the wave is quite easy even with the smaller wakes.  The large surface area, full EVA deck pads, and dual step down tail channels are just some of the added specs of this board.  We all have at some point buried the tip of the board and took the plunge, the Slingshot Mothership has a very mild nose rocker that keeps your nose above the water without sacrificing speed.  This is a great board for any beginner or intermediates out there that are looking just to cruise on the water.

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Connelly Ride | Best Budget Board

The Connelly Ride is weight rated for “all riders” and we have tested this theory, having riders as little as 150 lbs to to riders 275 lbs on the board.  In all cases, the board showed no signs of faltering.  This is a great beginner board and is the board that we start all our riders on when they come down to visit and are new to wakesurfing.  The board is extremely buoyant because of its Polyurethane Resin Core core and double rail edges provide additional stability.  It has the EVA traction pads, like all the other boards on this list, that give the rider good foot stability and control.  Connelly ride is our budget friendly pick for the bigger rider and comes with 3 removable 1.75” inch fins.  The three fin setup gives extra control and once the riders are comfortable and confident, we would remove the two sides fins, leaving the single center fin.  The single find setup allows for more maneuverability and easier carving on the waves.  The Connelly Ride is an extra wide board and is perfect for those that are looking to get out there and just surf the waves or for those that have a lot of visitors that are looking to learn to wakesurf.  

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Phase 5 Doctor | Top Overall Pick

The 2021 Phase 5 Doctor is an amazing surf style board for the bigger guy!  Designed to be a high performance board for someone that is a bigger rider or has a smaller wave, It will give you the opportunity to cut and carve like no other boards out there.  With weight capacity is 325 lbs., the Phase 5 Doctor is not the typical big sluggish floundering board that is built typically for the bigger riders.  The Phase 5 Doctor has a greater amount of volume throughout the board because it has a domed top deck.  The domed top deck allows the construction of the board to be a little narrower than other boards, thus giving it a greater capacity to move side to side with upgraded performance over its competitors.  There is a quad fin design that allows you to play around with what feels best by moving the back fins forward or backwards, allowing for more control or a looser feel, or removing completely if you want to perform any tricks or 360’s. 

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The Phase Five Doctor is designed to provide the maximum amount of speed while optimizing control over the board.   WIth it’s Flexspine Carbon Stringer, Flextec V2 Lamination, Parallel Rail design, the board is expertly constructed and is extremely durable and versatile.  This is the highest performing board out there for bigger guys which is why it tops our list.  

Phase 5 Wahoo | Best Surf Style Board

The 2021 Phase 5 Wahoo is a fantastic choice for bigger guys with it’s 56” model having a weight capacity of 250 lbs.  The Phase 5 Wahoo has something that has really changed my view on wakesurf boards and riding, the “peanut rail” outline.  In our review article of the 2022 Phase 5 Hammerhead, we talk about the peanut rail out line and how it displaces water differently.  The both outer edges of the front of the board and back of the board allow water to miss the middle of the board, which means it will accelerate quicker with reduced drag.  The Phase 5 Wahoo has this feature, which we love.  It has a quad fin setup for extra stability and control.  Similar to the Phase 5 Doctor, the fins can be adjusted or taken out completely to change the feel and the ride of the board.  The Flexspine, which is the extra carbon inlay, creates an extra stiffness and improves overall board performance, along with the epoxy resin construction.  Again like the Phase Five Doctor, this is an extra durable fun, fast high performance ride. 

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Phase 5 Trident | Best Skim Style Board

This is one of my favorite wakesurf boards hands down.  A buddy of mine let me try his board and I fell in love.  The 2022 Phase 5 Trident is not recommended for riders under 190lbs.  Riders that weigh less than 190 are going to have a difficult time controlling the board.  The Phase 5 Trident is without a doubt a super fast ride. The board is constructed with the new CI-V Carbon Innegra. The new CI-V Carbon Innegra is a vertical glass which is designed to give the board superior strength and an awesome sleek look. The board also comes with 3 – 2 inch fins that provide extra stability and control. The pads are the new P5 Techno Grip Traction Pad V2, which provide more grip than ever.  This board also features V.R.T. (Vacuum Ribbed Technology), continuous core, polyester resin, and Polylam gloss which add to its already impressive specs. Weight limit is 250lbs+, but we have had people that are 270lbs+ on the board doing 360s. The boards dimensions are 22” wide, 57” long and .75” thick.  All these factors added together will give a bigger surfer a speedy fun ride.

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Phase 5 Kong | Highest Weight Rating

The 2021 Phase 5 Kong has the highest weight recommendation on our list at 350lbs.  The boards dimensions are 22” wide, 63” wide and 2” thick. This surf style board is for the beginner to intermediate and utilizes Phase 5’s FLEXtec V2 glass system. The FLEXtec V2 will allow the feeling of a traditional surfboard all the while being able to perform like a killer wake surf board. Phase 5 Kong boards have an ultra light, 2lb, EPS density foam core and have a textured finish to increase performance.  The wide round nose and the high performance sting round pintail make board extra forgiving. It is a board that will allow you to stay in the wake as there is plenty of volume and push. The boards Quad fin positioning provide for increased traction as well. Additionally the P5 Techno Grip Traction V2 will ensure your front foot is locked on the board when turning. 

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While most board manufacturers put optimal weight ranges on their boards, I have seen times where those limits are exceeded and the surfing does not suffer.  Those board weight recommendations are not 100% accurate and are based largely on scaling.   

Staying within those weight ranges is of course recommended, but if your board is too large for you, it will become loose while surfing, while conversely if your board is too small for you, you’ll struggle to keep it going.  

Skim vs Surf Style Boards

The boards we list above for the most part are surf style boards.  Surf style boards come with multiple fins setups which give the surfer added traction and control in the wave.  The boards themselves are larger in size and have a larger volume.  This equates to more buoyancy which is what a heavier rider would need.  The larger volume will also add speed to the board on the waves.

Conversely the skim style board is shorter in length and will have less volume to work with.  They are less buoyant and will have smaller fins and/or fewer fins.  The skim style board does have one advantage over the surf style board in that it was built for tricks, spins, and slides.  Where a surf style board will allow for some cruising and carving on the waves, riders will find it easier to perform 360’s and air tricks on a skim style board over a surf style board.

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