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We would go to the ends of the earth for our kids.  From the smallest amount of affection to the grandest of gestures, we love our kids.  They make life worth living.  Frankly speaking, there is nothing more rewarding than spending time with your kids and helping them succeed.  I had this experience when teaching mine to wakesurf.  Yes, there was frustration and some tears.  Some talk of, “I am never going to be able to do this….”, but in the end, we kept at it and now they love it.  They want to go out all the time.  Wakesurfing is now a family bonding experience and we learn together.   Use our Best Wakesurf Board For Kids list and create your own memories!

Hyperlite Gromcast Wakesurf Board

If you stop reading this article here and buy this board, you will not regret the decision.  My kids learned on this board.  This is the one that got them up and loving surfing.  This is the board that my 9 and 12 year old still use to this day.  From personal experience, I can’t speak highly enough about this board.  The Gromcast supports riders up to 110 lbs.  What we found was that the heavier the riders (older kids) were able to take this board and really do some crazy carving and tricks with it.  There are 3 removable fins on the board – 2 – 1.5’ Fish fins and 1 – 2.4” Fish.  The EVA traction pad keeps the feet planted securely while the layered glass will prevent woven fibers from separating like competitor boards.  This is a short easily maneuverable board that eases the learning curve for the kids.  The Hyperlite Gromcast is an outstanding board that will grow with your kids as they learn to carve, do tricks, and shred like nobody’s business.

Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Wakesurf Board

The Ronix Super Sonic Space Odyssey Wakesurf Board like the Hyperlite Gromcast comes in at a size of 3’ 9”.  The machined EVA front and rear traction pads help the kiddos feet to stay seated firmly.  The front EVA pad has a concave design and the rear EVA pad has an extra tail kick.  2 – 2.3” fiberglass fins and 1 – 2.9” fiberglass fin gives the board extra stability.  The board has a unique design because it incorporates the stability aspects that you’d find in a long board, but has the bottom drive that you’d see in a thruster board.   The board has a lot of surface area so the kids will be able to build their confidence on the wake.  The board has a thin profile up in the nose that allows for good contact and feel of water while the rear of the board is thicker and wider allowing for powerful drive off of the wave giving the opportunity for pop and possibly catching some air if they want.  Finally the board is wrapped with a compression molded shell that is very durable so you can feel comfortable that the board can take a beating when the kids are not being as gentle as they should be with their board.        

Liquid Force Gromi Wakesurf Board

The Liquid Force Gromi Wakesurf Board, like the rest of the boards on this list, is aimed at kids who want to learn and grow their wakesurfing capabilities.  This skim style board allows for superior stability and control from the diamond tipped shape and beveled catch-free rail edge.  This board is capable of high performance and has a single concave hull to help glide and smooth ride.  You can set up the board with three fins for a thruster style board for drive and speed.  A two fin setup (two outside fins) will give a loose styled ride similar to that of a skateboard.  A single fin in the center makes this board a true skim board that allows for an easier time with the 360s and spins.  This compression molded polyurethane core design will hold up on the water and give the kids some great memories.

Idol Surf F-Grom Wakesurf Board

The Idol Surf F-Grom Wakesurf board is a tremendous board for your kids.  The board is made with a unique single to double hull design.  This design allows for acceleration and speed down the line and the progressive rails make it possible to easily hold in the pocket but remain flexible for spin tricks.  The board is crafted with an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core and durable fiberglass.  The boards block tail gives the board an edge over others when looking for big air tricks.  Like the Liquid Force Gromi, there are 3 fins that you can play around with to customize the feel and ride style your riders are looking for.  This surf style board is a great starter board for your kids to grow with and then take their riding to the next level.

Driftsun Gromp Wakesurf Board

The Driftsun Gromp Wakesurf Board, like all the other boards before it, comes in at a length of 3’ 9”.  Perfect for the beginner to intermediate kids, the board boasts it’s EPS Core with natural wood stringers.  This great looking board comes with 3 fins and that can be adjusted in different configurations for either a thruster setup or twin setup.  The diamond cut full EVA traction pad keeps those feet in place for cuts, spins, and jumps.  The smoother rocker line and concave base give a quick responsive ride with soft rails to promote comfortable consistent riding techniques.  Cutting through all the specs this is a great board made by one of the best companies.  It is an easy board for kids to learn how to get up and ride the wake, plain and simple.

Phase Five Scamp Wakesurfer 

The Phase Five Scamp is one the top selling kids wakesurf boards.  The Phase Five Scamp is built using a ½” fiberglass design.  Combines high performance skim boards with the different features.  The board has a super thin profile which allows it to be very lightweight.  This is an important feature because when the little ones are in the water, they will have an easier time getting their feet set and being able to flip the board up.  The flat rocker profile allows for plenty of speed without a big bulky design which is very important because it allows the board to be more maneuverable and easier for kids to control.  The 3 fin setup (1″ fakie fins on the side and a 2″ center fin) allows for stability and control when the kids are on the wave but free enough for them to move the board easily.  One of the coolest things about this board is that it is an airbrushed design so that no two boards are identical and you are getting a completely unique board.   

Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board

The Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board is a little different than the other boards on our list.  For starters, the Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board is a board that is designed for the intermediate to advanced rider so if your kids are just starting out this may not be the board for them.  The board boasts DuraShell Technology for durability of it’s compression molded shape.  Some of the Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board’s features include it’s EVA traction pad, single concave base design, and mellow tail channels.  These features allow for a quick responsive ride that is extremely maneuverable for spinning and air tricks.  Available in 3 sizes and coming with 2 – 1.5” fish fins and 2 – 3.5” torq fins, there are plenty of options to play with to find the right setup for each rider.  The layered glass deck ensures that this board will have some serious pop to help shred the wake.

Mission Kappa Skim Wakesurf Board

The Mission Kappa Skim Wakesurf Board is very much like the Hyperlite Shim Wakesurf Board in that it is for the intermediate to advanced wakesurfer. Designed for those looking to expand their skill set, the Mission Kappa Skim Board has a single 1” x 8” fin with a full length footpad.  Great for spins, this classic skim shape board has compression molded construction and hard rails that deliver velocity and control in the wake.  Available in 3 different sizes, the 44” board would lend itself most towards the kids with rider weight up to 140 lbs.  Probably tailored more toward the young teen, this board can compete with the best and will give them plenty of opportunity to show their stuff.

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