Best Wakesurf Boards For Beginners to Advanced

We have been surfing for multiple years now have gained the knowledge of what the most important aspects of getting a wakesurf board are for each riders level. For beginners you are going to want something that is forgiving and that will allow you to easily catch up to the wave if you fall back. Your more advanced riders are going to be looking for a speedy board with hard rails to cut the waves with a lot of pop. Based on that we we have compiled our list of best wakesurf boards from beginners to advanced riders for 2022.

Beginners Wakesurf Boards

Liquid Force Primo LTD Wakesurf Board 2022

If you are a beginner in surfing, this product might be ideal for all your needs. Liquid Force Primo LTD board provides a wider tail which is needed for more pivotal and sharper turns. Additionally, the crisper channels give great hold while you surf. It comes with two fins options. A center fin provides the classical Skim feel, while the twin-fin gives a hybrid surf feel. Hence, whatever wave you take is suitable for you. The Primo LTD comes with foot straps and inserts. You can slide your feet and experience a new type of riding altogether. 

The overall dimension of this wakesurf board is 4 feet in length, 19.2 inches in width, and 1 inch thick. The stringerless EPS foam, foot straps, squash tail, Dura-surf build, and all these features together make it easier to perform flips, spins,  grabs, and ollies. These tasks are hard to perform for a beginner, but with this wakesurf board, these tasks may look effortless. You might feel surfing is easy with this board since its straps allow the board to keep in contact with your feet for getting up on your board. The straps are removable, and hence it offers the freedom of enjoying the ride without straps. 

Liquid Force Primo LTD Wakesurf Board 2021
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Slingshot Mothership Wakesurf Board 2022

This wakesurf board is also considered one of the best beginners boards available in the market. You might feel this board is a perfect choice if you like the classical and longboard designs. Many surfers believe that if you need to perform more actions using your surfboards, you eventually need classical and long design wakesurf boards. And Slingshot Mothership seems to be designed for the same reason. This model comes with a single fin sled design. This allows kicking back and focusing more on fluid turns while surfing. 

It has a pintail and extra deck space in its front to explore the front half of your board, and it also has the space to wrap a couple of your toes around the nose. This surplus area of the Slingshot Mothership makes it easier to drop deep into and back of the breeze wave. If you want to explore the fun and what all you can do in the classical and single-fin board, don’t look beyond this surfboard.  This board is built with vacuum-sealed EPS foam that you can see in many traditional boards. The design helps to generate speed and perfect to make cutbacks sharp turns. 

Slingshot Mothership Wakesurf Board 2021
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Liquid Force POD Wakesurf Board 2022

If you need to use a lightweight wakesurf board that is suitable for beginners, you might feel this is the best one. This board provides high-end surfing performance, and the great thing is it is durable for many years. The surfers who like the Liquid Force brand and want to try the best in their products for beginner level, this is the go-to one. This board is made of stringerless EPS foam and contains a square tail. The construction with a single to double concave hull with a progressive outline assists you in achieving loose, fast, and perfect surfing experiences. 

The Carbon Honeycomb fins included providing great hold and quick response while taking turns. The usage of EPS foam core blended with multiple layers of fiberglass creates a perfect balance between weight and strength. Hence, it managed to provide a lightweight yet sturdy board. This product has a stable rail, and it helps generate speed while edging and making it ideal for big carves and cutbacks. The squash tail is combined with the benefits of both round and square tails; hence, it can provide a balanced and comfortable feel and helps to improve maneuverability and stability. The Quad fin is designed to pass the water through the centerline without any resistance. Hence the speed of this will become more. 

Liquid Force POD Wakesurf Board 2021
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Intermediate Wakesurf Boards

Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board 2022

OK – there’s no way easy way to put this, the Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board 2022 is an expensive board. One of the most expensive wakesurf boards on the market, but for good reason. This wakesurf board is made of lightweight aerospace materials, and they are durable and considerably reduce weight. This model is the latest design made with the collaboration of Butch Customs and Virial Surf Technologies. The responsible ride is easy with the swallowtail design. This design allows controlling the speed as quickly as other tails. The rides on the boat size waves become more comfortable and enjoyable on this board. Like all other Hyperlite wakesurf boards, this also uses its exclusive infused glass and foam technology. It makes it possible to get durability and lightweight abilities without the need for a stringer. 

This surf style board comes with a stable rail and aids in generating the speed when edging, and hence it is perfect for taking big carves and cutbacks. The production of these boards is made in the USA and meets all the standard quality parameters. This board features fin boxes, UV-resistant technology, and aerospace-grade construction materials. The Quad fin setup makes it suitable for generating more speed. This fin also makes it easier to pass the water through without creating any resistance. In short, this is one of the best intermediate-level surfboards. 

Hyperlite Arc Wakesurf Board 2021
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Liquid Force Reign Skim Wakesurf Board 2022

For the riders who need a fast, lightweight and easily maneuverable pro model of wakesurf boards, Reign from the Liquid Force might satisfy all those needs. The board comes with a skim shape and includes the lightweight Aero Core technology that you can see exclusively in Liquid Force boards. The board features a lightweight precision CNC’d PVC material core with 2 C4 carbon strips on the base and deck to provide a snappy and positive response. The pintail of this board is of round shape and consists of sharp rails nose. This configuration comes with a mellow single concave. All these features make it easy, fast, and effortless to glide smoothly on the waves. 

The grooved traction, a slightly concave deck, and the SK fin of the low profile give excellent board control. Overall this board from Liquid Force is a great choice for intermediate riders who wish to perform various actions on the waves. It is easy to make quick turns, flips, and all other actions a true rider dream. Jake Caster designs this model, and that is why it looks so professional. The loose skate-inspired design lets the riders make whole 360 degrees flips and turns. The Reign comes with a single fin configuration, and hence it adds fast quality to this board. 

Liquid Force Reign Skim Wakesurf Board 2021
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Lib Tech Fly Pad Wakesurf Board 2022

This board from Lib Tech is one of the short and skateboard-like wakesurf boards.  This design attracts many people, and for most riders, it suits. Mike Olson introduced this board, and it is a complete package with high performance. This board is teched up, wake expanding, ultra-speedy, short, and shareable size. This is a game-changing board in the Lib Tech brand, and it offers 3 short and attractive sizes. They are about 6 to 8 inches shorter than conventional boards. The available options are 3 feet 10 inches, 4 feet, and 4 feet 3 inches. Even though it is shorter than many conventional boards, 4 feet board is enough for big fellas like mike. This shortboard is loaded with numerous exciting features to make your ride fun and exciting using the CAD programs. 

It features a narrow bullet-looking outline; it is quick rail to rail and includes a speedy straight line. The super pop and a wide tail are making the board fast and easy to maneuver. These are combined with a precision nose and a flatter rocker body that fits radically into smaller pieces. The hard tucked rails help release the water, and the Particle Accelerator Dish or PAD concaves are fitted in the nose and the tail. To enhance the skateboard feel, the deck features a concave below the front foot. The high-strength stringer made of carbon, magnesium fiber, and Hexylon Fiber skin makes this board stronger and durable. The manufacturer offers a 12-month warranty for this board. 

Lib Tech Fly Pad Wakesurf Board 2021
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Lib Tech Air’n Skim Wakesurf Board 2022

This wakesurf board is named after the great pacific northwest and rippin’ rider. Those who have a medium-level grip on surfing will definitely love this board. This model comes with an extra-wide tail block and a flat rocker to provide a great deal of pop off the lip, power, and speed. I love this board because of its ability to hold on to the edge without losing free carving, even during surfing on the steepest waves. My love for this board is not only because of the qualities we discussed so far but also another huge plus point: durability. The long durability is achieved through the unique and eco-friendly technology of Lib Tech. They used the ecoImpacto Thermo Pressure system to achieve this feat. 

The fins are the important factor that decides the performance of any wakesurf board. If you are wondering what the options are you will get on this board, the answer is, you can get two types of fins to choose from. It is loaded with the Freedom of Choice or FCO II fin boxes, and they help reduce the weight up to 40% than conventional fin boxes. It provides the option to choose between FOC II or 2 tab fins as per the requirement of the riders. 

Lib Tech Air'n Skim Wakesurf Board 2021
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Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Skimmer Wakesurf Board 2022

If you are looking to get maximum fun from surfing, Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 might help you get that. This board is built using a compression molded layup (carbon) which provides an excellent feel and completely rigid ride. This model provides the highest responsive construction in the Ronix family. 

This model stands out from other models of Ronix. The thinner design, excellent reactive rail give a completely distinctive shape from the typical models of Ronix. This design is the idea of one of the greatest and skillful skaters, Reed Hansen. Hence, it almost looks like a perfect design with a crossover shape. The lighter board gives more contact and feel. In the water also provides more feel because the skimmer shape is sacrificing a small portion of water momentum. 

The hard edges of the board provide a higher speed to burn the rail. It uses the most advanced fins, epoxy molded ones. Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 gives an extra tall tail wedge and arch support. In short, it has everything that defines a good wakesurf board. 

Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Skimmer Wakesurf Board 2021
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Advanced and Expert Level Wakesurf Recommendations

Liquid Force POD LTD Heritage Wakesurf Board 2022

Every surfer is aware of the quality of the products made by the Liquid Force. They offer one of the top-rated wakesurf designed for expert-level surfers. If you already know the skill of playing with the waves then take your fun to the next level, maybe this is the product for you. This board comes with a single to double concave hull with a progressive shaping and a four-fin setup. The entire design is made to provide fast and snappy rides. The durability is the key thing every surfer looks for in every wakesurf board. To achieve a long shelf life, it is built with a Dura Shell layup of Liquid Force. This gives high performance and robust construction to the POD LTD heritage. This board lasts for more than two years generally. To celebrate the innovation of 25 years in the field of wake shredding, this series comes with a limited edition of attractive throwback graphics. 

The tail of this model is of square shape, and the single to double concave hulls are made with EPS foam. Even though the board is made with sturdy and high-quality materials, it is not recommended to store the board in boat board racks. Storing in the boat board racks can be damaged easily, and it is not possible to cover the loss under the manufacturer’s warranty. This board comes in a typical board size of 4 feet 4 inches. 

Liquid Force POD LTD Heritage Wakesurf Board 2021
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Hyperlite Frother Wakesurf Board 2022

It is not a surprise if you feel that this is the first wakesurf board that provides the feel of authentic ocean surfing. This design is suitable for every rider, from small ones to heavily built people. It can easily withstand about 300 lbs. If you are such a person and face issues finding the comfortable rides and sweet spots in your previous boards, this might help you overcome those problems. It has a fair surface area, and if you find the exact placement then (generally, it takes time to find the sweet spots), unlimited fun is guaranteed. If you can easily find the exact foot placement, I bet you can drive further back than you normally used to do. The core materials used in this product are high-quality wood and carbon fiber. The board comes with 2 fins set up, and the brand offers a warranty period of 12 months. 

This board is made in Australia. If you are not using the superior quality advanced boards, you would definitely find it surprising to experience the high speed and the effortlessness in performing spins, flips, and sharp turns. Even though it can handle more weighted people, the overall weight of the board is less. Another fact I like about this product is the customizable options you get in fin selection and the choice of the trackpad. 

Hyperlite Frother Wakesurf Board 2021
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Idol Surf Trimmer Skim Wakesurf Board 2022

If you are looking to enjoy the thrill you will get in the wave riding, with advanced wakesurf boards, we have another top-quality recommendation. The Idol Surf trimmer Skimboard is the ideal choice for mid-sized surfers who want to explore all the tricks included in surfing. This model uses the core materials such as bamboo for the base and carbon fiber for the other parts to provide a long durability. The hard rails and pintail helps to get a firm grip. The construction of this board is strong, and the EPS foam core, carbon fiber, and bamboo made it possible. To provide more stability, multiple layers of 60z fiberglass are wrapped on each side. All the materials used in this board are non-toxic. 

The shape of the board is pintail, and this design makes it possible to make smooth turns. To hold and glide in the ocean with ease, it has hard rails. Hence you can easily get a good grip and maneuver it as you please. You will get the future fins in this board, and hence you can upgrade to all future compatible fins to serve different needs. It comes with one large fin ideal for beginners and one Futures TMF-1 fin for intermediate and advanced riders. 

Idol Surf Trimmer Skim Wakesurf Board 2021
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Hyperlite Wingman Wakesurf Board 2022

This product from the Hyperlite comes with a quad fin setup, and it is ready to lift off on the go. This board comes with a new shape, and it is designed to provide speed and creates lift for airs. All the uniqueness and advanced features are inserted inside the compact size board to increase mobility. This board is meant to be ridden as a quad fin using the smaller fin sets and as a twin fin for forwarding placements. The fin placement of Wingman delivers a high-speed performance with explosive acceleration capabilities. The motto behind this design is ” Go Big or Go Home,” as the designer Butch says regarding his unique design. 

The compactness of the board makes it easy to maneuver, and one must thank for its hard wing rear. Also, it has more volume and width to offer stable rides for beginners.  The deep single concave bottom supported with a vented tail provides tons of rides even if you ride straight towards the boat. So, if you need to drive and perform all the crazy things, you must select this board. 

Hyperlite Wingman Wakesurf Board 2021
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Phase Five Asym Port Wakesurf Board 2022

The name of this board from Phase Five is derived from the word asymmetrical, and it is suitable for point break wave ridings. The Asym design comes with a longer rail to provide swift responses and speed back to the wave. The board’s tail is of round shape, and it allows it to perform sharp carves and blows off the top of the waves. The unique shape of Asym accelerates the re-entry recovery and assists in performing all types of tricks. Additionally, the extended round-shaped nose allows the riders to get more range while carving from top to the bottom of the waves. 

In short, this advanced wakesurf board has everything that is expected from high-end boards. It provides more drive than other traditional surfboards and helps to generate more speed. It is built with Phase Five’s exclusive FLEXtec V2 glass system. It provides the feeling of a traditional surfboard and, at the same time offering the specific features of wakesurf boards. The board has a weight limit of 210 lbs, and it is suitable for all levels of surfers. However, the recommended height range to use this board is between 5 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 2 inches. 

Phase Five Asym Port Wakesurf Board 2021
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Jetpilot Dylan Ayala Pro Wakesurf Board 2022

The Jetpilot Dylan Ayala Pro board is our last recommendation in the top 15 best surfboards for 2022. This surfboard is ideal for riders who are itching to try out new things and perform all actions on the wave. To provide lightweight quality to this board, lightweight carbon fiber is used. It not only offers a lightweight feature but also significantly increases durability. Additionally, the hard rails and stout outline assist you in controlling the board and ensures smooth maneuverability. It comes with a twin fin setup, and it helps generate the speed and ensures to maintain looseness as a true shredder. 

The board comes with a round-shaped tail, and the edge holds on to hard snaps and generates excellent speed. The base consists of a single to double concave, and it offers a lift for crucial recoveries and controlled lifts. The twin fins set up offers a great stability level and ensure to provide hold with less drag. The hard rail configuration cuts through the water easily and assists in generating high-speed and swift spins or snaps. This construction releases more water, and it is better than soft, rounded, and full rails. 

Jetpilot Dylan Ayala Pro Wakesurf Board 2021
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Our primary criteria when choosing a board is “Whom is the board primarily going to be used by?” If you are beginner wakesurfer, but are going to be a consistent rider then you should go right to an intermediate board or better. If you are looking for a board to have in stock when your friends and family are visiting, then purchase a beginner board. It is going to be easier for them to learn on a board with with more stability. Your newbie riders will thank you when you they have an easier time getting up and can surf!

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