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People, it is summer alright, which probably means we are heading to the nearby beaches and lakes to kill the heat. For all the young adventurous people out there, we have just the right sport this season. We are all familiar with wake surfing or wake boarding and most of you must have tried it. Well, Wake Foiling is one extreme version of it. The foils of the board are designed to elevate you high up, giving you the feeling as if you were flying over the water. The sport has indeed stormed the surf industry. The modern water foils are extremely reliable, and with the right equipment, the barrier is extremely low for beginners. Here is our list of Best Wakesurf Hydrofoils to get you in the water.

Phase Five Gizmo Wake Foil Package

The Phase Five Gizmo Wake Foil Package has the Innegra and carbon inlays to make the board stand out from its competitors. It is arguably one of the fastest and most durable boards available in the market. The 28” mast is the largest available, allowing for higher raise when foiling. The improved 760 front wing with a whopping surface area of 1534 cm² maximizes stability and lift. The Phase Five Nova foil has a new light weight carbon wing finish and a long 27cm foil track mount. Neoprene wing covers are also included to make sure that your foil wings do not get damaged when they are out of the water. These sophisticated features make the Phase Five Gizmo the leading experts’ choice.



The WAKEFOIL SS AK Foil Package is a great size at 4’ 6″. The product is available in a glossy red and black tint. It comes with its own inserts to give you the right grip for your foot straps, so you never dread falling off! The product can be used both as a wake surfer and a wake foil, thereby giving you the full experience afloat the waves. The design is slick with a high-density board for buoyancy and effective pumping. The foil is newly designed for lifting at very slow speeds and gives the rider maximum handling and stability. The surf wings are constructed from carbon for a very controlled lift and fuselage is hydrodynamic for less water flow resistance.

Slingshot WF-2 FSurf V3 Foil Package

The Slingshot WF-2 FSurf V3 Foil Package comes in at a size of 4’10. It comes in a beautiful orange and grey color. It is designed to ease your way into gliding the waves with its soft-top foil board (just the right amount of softness for a comforting experience). The WF-2 can be doubled as a wakesurf board without the added equipment. The dual cupped rail channels provide excellent stability before launch to prevent falling off because let’s be honest; the first impression really does matter. Moving on, the lift can be adjusted manually with the foil mount racks for varying speeds. The package includes the WF-2 board, a half strap, and the track mounting hardware. This foil will give you incredible lift and stability when you get out on the water.

Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil Package

The Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil features a classic wakesurf platform. With its sharp and edgy rocker structure you can penetrate through rough waters seamlessly. The board is sized at 4’6. with a twin fin setup. The foil comes with a 61 cm mast height that lets you rise high off the waves. With a surface area of 960 cm² and meticulous innovative design, the foil lets you efficiently pump water and shifting from one wave to the next. Whether you are a beginner or an expert the Slingshot WF-1 FWake V3 Foil has the stability and performance to certainly give you a fun ride.

Liquid Force POD FOILS Package

The Liquid Force POD Foil Package is designed to give you a fast ride that will allow you to explore your limits. The hydrofoil has a sleek design and a beautiful deep aqua color. Ride on the high waves with the advanced Glider 125 wings and the new and larger 27” aluminum performance mast. Foot straps are not included and sold separately. With a front wing surface of 1250 cm² it will allow for lift of a 180 lb rider at 6 MPH. Padded wing covers protect the foil from damage when it is not in the water. This foil will preform well even on the smaller wakes.

Liquid Force Galaxy AK Wake Foil Package

The Liquid Force Galaxy AK Wake Foil is designed for enthusiasts to completely elevate the wake foiling experience. The new and improved Deep V Hull allows for super smooth and effortless landings. Compression molded with stringerless EPS foam and Dura shell, the board is built to last. The board is one of the shortest on the list coming at 4′ 2″. The foil is one of the quickest around. The mast is 27″ to maximize your flight height. Featuring the quick release collar, the board and foil can be separated or put together quickly for easy setup or storage. Foil features a surface area of 1100 cm² and is the Impulse 110 wing, which is Liquid Force’s most versatile wing, allowing easy for carving. The minimum speed for lift on this board and foil is 10 MPH for a 180 lb rider.

WAKEFOIL 2.0 Wakefoil Package

The WAKEFOIL 2.0 Wakefoil Package is a budget friendly foil. The design is made for beginners eager to learn the art of wake foiling. The dense rocker on the product allows for efficient pumping and greater buoyancy. It creates a lift at only 6mph making it suitable for small engine boats or jet skis. The Wakefoil 2.0 comes with its own foot straps to provide added control for novices. The foil board comes in at a size of 4′ 6″ and has EVA traction pads for stability and a narrow profile to make it easier to control. Additional specs on this foil at the 24″ alloy mast, alloy fuselage, and 120 cm carbon surf wing. If you are new to foiling this is a great starter and doesn’t hit as hard on the wallet as some of the other foil packages.

Summing up

All these products are laced with advanced technology providing you with the grandest of wake foiling taste. I personally like the Phase Five Gizmo Wake Foil as this is the ideal choice for seasoned wake foilers or those that come in with some wake boarding or wake surfing experience. Its ‘largest in the market’ front wings glide through unsettling waves so effortlessly. That being said, the hydrofoil industry is still growing, and new and better products are coming in, but you can’t go wrong with any of the foils on the list above.

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