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Whether you are a great wake surfer or new to the sport, you need to know the basics or what you need to look for in a wake surf rope.  We’re going to lay out the things to look for when buying a wake surf rope and our favorites that will last season after season on the water, so let’s get started with the top considerations when purchasing the best wake surf rope. 

Five Things To Consider When Purchasing A Wakesurf Rope

Length Of The Rope

the speed of wakesurf rope depends majorly on the length of the rope, how fast the boat can go, and the size of the wake. Beginners should consider purchasing shorter ropes. On the other hand, advanced wake surfers should buy longer ropes since they allow more room for tricks. The rope length should be anywhere from 20 – 30 feet in length.

Material Of The Rope

Wakesurfing ropes is majorly made of polyethylene (Poly.E) or polypropylene (Poly.P). Polyethene based ropes are more sturdy hence better for colder temperatures, while polypropylene based ropes are considered lighter but more durable. They are non-stretching as well.


A wakesurfing rope that offers flotation is one of the best things you can do. If you want to cut down on time spent between rides, you should purchase a wake surfing rope that can either float completely or at least has a floating handle.

Handle Style

The handle of the rope plays a vital role in wake surfing. The T-handle is usually made of aluminum, and because it’s attached to the center, you can maneuver left and right easily. Triangle handle offers more stability hence beginner-friendly. No-handle uses knots as a holding mechanism.


If you share your rope with a few different surfers, then you should purchase a rope with a decent amount of grip that has different points to use. Age determines the grip section’s size since it ranges from 8 inches wide up to 12 inches. A good quality rope will give you a few different grip options so that you have flexibility in where you choose to hold the rope.

Hyperlite Pro Surf Rope w/Handle – Editor’s Pick

This is the rope that we use on our boat. We have no issues with it after two seasons, the pads are just starting to show some wear (and we are out there every weekend during the summer). It is a fantastic rope for beginners to advanced alike.

This rope has a 10-inch soft grip handle to keep you comfortable and safe with oversized form endcaps. With the extra padding on the handle you can rest assured it won’t ding your board.

It also has removable sections to ensure your rope is the correct length. The rope is of high quality, heavy-duty, adjustable length, and it stays afloat so that there is no way your arm can get stuck inside it for a bad accident.

The handle is soft, and the pads on each knot allow riders to easily pull themselves in well as well as a rope for everyone.

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Proline LG Surf Rope With Handle- Budget Pick

If you want value for your money, then consider purchasing Proline LG surf rope. It consists of high-quality materials and construction combined in an affordable package, and it is free from any fluff or unneeded features.

It is equipped with a traditional triangle style handle that will last for years hence the best wake surf rope you are looking for.

The fully enclosed triangle offers enough room for both hands to fit on the handle while getting up but is small enough to stay out of the way once you’re riding before you drop the rope. This rope can last for many seasons because of its durable braid construction, where the majority of the wear-and-tears occurs.

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Hyperlite Surf Rope with Handle- Best Men’s Pick

Hyper lite surf rope is ideal for men surfers. It has a 10-inch handle, and the total length is 25 inches. This rope is braided as well, making surfing easier.

It also contains easily removable sections and foam grips that are very comfy when learning to surf as you move up and down the move. It is also considered a beginner-friendly rope.

The quality of the Hyper lite rope is perfect and makes a difference when trying to pull yourself closer to the wake. Although it’s a pricey rope, you are guaranteed value for your money. The ripe is also comfortable and easy to use.

It also has soft pull points spaced out on the rope, which makes it a great rope. It also has foam floats in the handle yolks to ensure full flotation is achieved.

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Ronix Women’s Bungee Wakesurf Rope- Best Women’s Pick

Ronix women’s wake surf rope is a fine blend of performance, safety, value, and a stylish one. Its 1.15-inch diameter handle includes 3mm thick memory foam to ensure exceptional grip and a comfortable fit in your hands is achieved.

Its ability to float makes it easier for the rider to find their way in the water. This rope also guarantees you a one-year warranty where if it doesn’t meet your standards, you can gladly return it.

It is exceptional because it contains premium suede grips, bungee style ropes, and rope spinners, where the quality and styling of Ronix wake surf ropes and handle combo is unquestionable.

The Bungee surf rope is 25 inches long with four sections, which includes a two ft bungee section to help get you in the pocket of the wave quicker and easier. If you lay your eyes on bungee surf rope, you will for sure understand the need to get one. You will make all the surfer chicks on your lake envious.

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Ronix Braided Surf Rope- Best No Handle Rope Pick

This rope has no handle but works so perfectly while wake surfing where you hold onto any of the three sections or 5-inch diameter knots to get you smack dab in the middle of the wave. This makes it easy to hold onto the rope whenever the wave’s pocket is at.

This rope includes foam floats to keep the rope sitting on top of the water once you toss it and start surfing.

The rope has a one-year warranty where if it doesn’t meet your standards, you are free to return it within the stipulated time.  The rope is adjustable as well where you can make it either longer or shorter hence a must-have rope for everyone.

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