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Best Water Trampoline

Have you ever pondered over what the perfect addition to your family getaway home would look like? Well, might we suggest water bouncers. Water bouncers are large bouncing platforms that can transform any boring family get together into hours of fun; all you need to do is place them over any river, lake, or ocean nearby. Next time you go to any lake house or beach house, make sure to take these inflatable bouncers along with you for additional amusement. Here is our list of best water trampoline.

Island Hopper Water Bouncer

This Island Hopper Water Bouncer has a huge 13 ft dimension, which allows a number of children to jump at the same time. It even comes with 6 anchor tie D rings for safety so that it does not move. On the same note, it comes with a 4 step ladder for children to mount it carefully. Moreover, it is made up of heavy-duty, reinforced PVC, making it extremely durable; you won’t need to spend money on a new one over and over again. Once it is inflated, it’s the height of 26 inches that makes it even more fun for children to jump off. In addition to this, it comes in a yellow color so it is easy for boaters to see and 10 swimming assisted handles are there for safety. The springless design gives the jumper lift with a trampoline feel.

Island Hopper 25′ Giant Jump Water Trampoline

The Island Hopper 25′ Giant Jump Water Trampoline is without a doubt a beast of a water trampoline. This is a commercial water trampoline and is ideal for camps or resorts. Designed with 9 mm 1100 Denier mesh reinforced PVC, the trampoline inflation tube will stand the toughest beatings and test of time. Comes with a 5 year ”NO SEAM BLOW-OUT” and frame limited warranty. There are 3 chambers of the in inflation tube that give structural strength and 7 D-rings for secure mooring. There are 8 swimmer assist handles around the outside of the tube. The dimensions of this monster are an overall product weight of approximately 490 Pounds. The overall depth from Front to Back is approximately 300 Inches as is overall width from side to side. The overall height from top to bottom is approximately 42 Inches. It you have the room and looking to impress, this is certainly one of the best water trampolines out there, but comes with a steep price tag.

Rave Eclipse AJ-120 Trampoline

This blue and yellow water trampoline is offered in different sizes to accommodate both small and large families. The black nylon webbing jump surface is attached to the inflatable tube that has metal springs, leading to maximum bounce. With this trampoline, you receive a high speed inflator/deflator and anchor connector kit for mooring. The trampoline is constructed with commercial-grade highly durable materials. With dimensions of 12.2 feet in diameter and 26 inches tall, it is perfect for four children or two adults. Moreover, it even has a 3 step ladder attached to it so climbing onto the trampoline is more convenient.

SportsStuff PVC Funstation Bouncer

This FunStation bouncer comes in two sizes: 10ft and 12ft. This allows you to choose how big you want the bouncer to be according to affordability, size of people, etc. It comes with a detachable board which makes climbing onboard easier and molded handles on the sides for additional support. The anchor system it comes with allows it to stay in one place, so it does not move around the water body. Additionally, it has a large bouncing surface, which is made of K80 PVC along with a padded nylon collar, allowing for bigger jumps.

RAVE Sports O-Zone plus Water Bouncer

This O-Zone water bouncer is 5 ft across, allowing multiple children under the age of 10 to play at once. It even has a swimming platform and soft handles alongside grab lines around the perimeter for children to hold onto for an easier climb. To top it all of, it even has an attached slide making it ten times more fun for everyone to play in. The 12 ft long anchor line and 40 pound anchor bag allow the trampoline it to stay in one place. Since it weighs 60 pounds, it’s easier to transport and inflate, which makes it set it up quickly.

RAVE Sports Bongo Northwood’s Water Bouncer

This is a classic, high-quality water bouncer that has a lifetime warranty and has a 22 ounce reinforced PVC tube, allowing it to last a very long time. This is not only made for bouncing; it can even be used to sit comfortably on the water with multiple people since it has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. It has a bouncing surface of 78 inches in diameter, allowing it to host a number of people. Also, it comes with a 3-step ladder making the climbing process much easier. It is available in multiple sizes, such as 10ft, 13ft, 15ft, and 20ft. The recommended age for its use starts from 7 and above, so adults can enjoy this equally.

Island Hopper 10′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

This water bouncer comes only in the 10 ft size, which can be perfect for children who want some form of entertainment. The springless, nylon webbing allows the child to have a short yet enjoyable bounce while the adults can relax on the ½ foam padding, which is comfortable and safe. Since it is 23 inches off the water surface, children can enjoy a tall jump. This water bouncer, similar to the previous one, has a limited warranty of 5 years, which does not take into account the small rips or tears made from customer use. However, it does have 8 assisted handles and a 4 step mounting ladder alongside 6 secure anchor D-rings.

WOW World of Watersports, Inflatable Floating Trampoline

The WOW World of Watersports floating trampoline has a large bouncing surface of 70 inches with a 10 ft diameter. This is another classic product that can either be used to jump into any water body or to sit with 1-2 people and relax on. Since it does have a maximum capacity of 240 pounds, 1-2 adults is the max. However, it is made of heavy-duty, specially formulated PVC that can withstand the summer heat, making it long-lasting. It even has speed valves, which make inflation and deflation quicker. To further simplify things for you, this trampoline comes with an anchoring system and a boarding platform.

Rave Sports Bongo Water Bounce Platform -10′ with Slide and Log

This water bouncer offers 34 square ft of decagon-shaped bounce surface with a 120-inch diameter once inflated alongside 26 inches in height. Since it is 37 pounds in weight, it is easily portable. It can accommodate one adult bouncing while three loungers around him/her. The special feature about this bouncer is that it comes with an attached slide and log that can be inflated just as easily. This trampoline needs a minimum water depth of 8 ft and has a limited lifetime warranty. The material is made of special 22 ounce PVC mixed with UV inhibitors that reduce fading and increase the life-span of the product. This tube can be inflated in 10-20 minutes, which means you don’t have to wait all day to start using it.

AQUAGLIDE Platinum Rebound Bouncer

Enjoy this perfect bouncer for any lake adventure due to its portability and manageability. It can host three people due to its 12 ft by 12 ft bouncing surface, which is made of Duratec material mixed with layers of 28 ounce PVC. It is infused UV blocking coating, which has a lifetime of 3 years. It comes with a swim step that is attached with an interlock system along with 4 heavy-duty molded handles that make boarding convenient. Ultimately, this product offers an amazing bounce without the complication of metal springs and frames.