Best Wetsuit For Wakeboarding

When you hit the waters, you should notice that most wakeboarders prefer wearing wetsuits. It is ideal for cold waters where safety, extra buoyancy, and warmth is required.  Therefore, you should go for a wetsuit that fits comfortably well. I personally chose the budget pick on this list, the Hevto Guardian wetsuit and I have never had an issue with it. To give an idea of the weather conditions, I live in North Carolina and had no issues wakeboarding in February with it on. I will say that if you it is absolutely necessary to get yourself gloves and boots if you are going to go in February wakeboarding as I found out the hard way.

Top Considerations When Purchasing A Wetsuit For Wakeboarding

The best wetsuit in the market will give you a long term and thrilling wakeboarding experience. For you to cross this bridge you need to know the different parameters that pro wakeboarders use to determine the best wetsuit for wakeboarding in different seasons and environmental conditions.

  • Thickness – The measurement used is in millimeters. The thicker the material, the warmer you’ll feel. Since thick wetsuits are less flexible, you’ll need to find a balance.
  • Durability – Quality wetsuits for wakeboarding do last more than a year, all you need is one that fits you well and has the right mix of features.
  • Flexibility – The suit can stretch. The type of material (Neoprene) and stitching used for the seams will determine the flexibility of a wetsuit.
  • Waterproof/Watertight –A wetsuit with a high-pressure waterproof rating should keep dry for a very long time in the water.
  • Fitness – for a more comfortable ride, I always go for a wetsuit that fits well on my body. You need to try on different suits until you find one that fits you well.
  • Performance – The wetsuit should only allow small amounts of water to penetrate, which can easily be dealt with by the body heat.

XCEL 3​/2 Axis Flatlock Back-Zip Wetsuit | Editor’s Pick

The XCEL 3/2 Axis is a top wetsuit for wakeboarding designed to give you warmth and service for up to a year. It appeals to wakeboarders that need their bodies fully covered.  It uses black neoprene and nylon material.

With a 3/2mm wetsuit, you are set for the spring and fall weather and temperatures of 56° – 64°F (13° – 18° C). This wetsuit is easy to get on and off thanks to its traditional style of entry that uses a backside zipper closure. Flatlock stitching used strengthens the seams and makes it more flexible.

This lightweight wetsuit is ideal for cooler temps, so you won’t go wrong with the XCEL 3/2 Axis full suit. What you need to do is find your size: medium short, x-small, small, medium-large, and xx-large.

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Hevto Wetsuits Men and Women Guardian | Budget Pick

The Hevto Guardian wetsuit is what I use and I have never had an issue with it. It serves its purpose and does a great job of it. I live in North Carolina and had no issues wakeboarding in February with it on. I will say that if you it is absolutely necessary to get yourself gloves and boots if you are going to go in February wakeboarding as I found out the hard way.

The Hevto Guardian I wetsuit is available in both men’s and women’s designs. This affordable wetsuit keeps you warm in cold waters and at temperatures ranging between 50℉ and 67℉. It is made from Neoprene, Nylon material, and only available in the black color.

The 3mm wetsuit is made of neoprene and nylon elastic fabric. The use of flatlock stitching in this design makes it appear delicate and neat. The back zipper on the back makes it easy and comfortable to use. Since fabric restricts water penetration, your body remains warm and protected from skin sensitivity.

Beginner and amateur wakeboarders looking for an environmentally and skin-friendly wetsuit that provides warmth and buoyancy during a fall have a good choice with the Hevto Guardian. It is best to get one that fits you well for it to last more than a year.

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O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit | Best Men’s Pick

The O’Neill Men’s Epic 4/3mm is perfect for men who wish to wakeboard with extra protection. The material used is 100% ultra-stretch neoprene. It features a great combination of colors where black takes the center stage.  

The use of a soft premium material in the design makes it flexible. The use of glued and blind stitching (GBS) keeps the wetsuit watertight, which improves its durability and performance. It comes with extra insulation against cold temperatures in the range of 10-15°C (50-59°F).

This is a wetsuit with a backside zipper closure system which makes it easy to dress and undress. Features on the wetsuit such as lumbar seamless design (LSD), double seal neck closure and Krypto Knee Padz add value to it. The O’Neill Epic series offers high-end wetsuits for wakeboarding.

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XCEL 4​/3 Axis X Back Zip Wetsuit | Best Women’s Pick

XCEL 4/3 Axis X back zip wetsuit is designed for high performance and maximum flexibility. It uses an eco-friendly limestone neoprene. The back-zip design making it easy for women wakeboarders to dress and undress.  

If you intend to use the XCEL 4/3 Axis X Back Zip Wetsuit for wakeboarding, then it is important to know that you will be opening the zipper from the backside.  The use of Triple glued and blind stitched seams makes the suit construction watertight. The use of precision tape technology keeps the air and water out.

The wetsuit is available in different sizes; therefore, you will need a size chart to determine which one fits you. Despite having wind resistance and watertight features, the wetsuit is lightweight and offers better stretch and durability. It is a good choice where gaining warmth quickly and keeping more water out is key.

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Realon Kids 2mm Full Wetsuit Kids | Best Kid’s Pick

The Realon 2mm full Wetsuits is ideal for kids interested in waterboarding. This type of body covering draws its superior waterproof features from the material used, which is a combination of neoprene (90%) and nylon (10%).  It is available in blue, red, navy, pink, and yellow colors.

The Realon Kids 2mm full wetsuit uses a back-zipper system, which makes it easy for kids to dress and undress. Kids rocking this wakeboarding wetsuit are protected from the cold, UV lights, and irritants in the water.

The water protection focuses on your kid’s arms, legs, and neck, making sure that they are well secured and sealed. The fabric uses flatlock stitching which makes it easy to stretch. The anti-wear design contributes to the durability of this Realon Kids 2mm full wetsuit for kids.

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