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Best Women’s Wakesurf Boards

I had to enlist the assistance of my wonderful wife to help with this article.  Like me, she took to wakesurfing and gets excited to be out there early in the morning when the water is calm and we basically have the lake to ourselves.  Unlike me, she has an extreme sense of coordination, balance, and grace whereas I specialize in falling out of chairs, running into things, and tripping over my own feet. She’s just better than me. These are just facts. On to our list of Best Women’s Wakesurf Boards.   

Phase Five Diamond Luv Women’s Wakesurf Board

The Phase Five Diamond Luv is the skim style board that my wife rides so naturally it tops the list.  The board has a single 1” fin allowing for some insane carving and response.  Because it is single finned though, you will have less stability than a 3 finned board.  The loss of stability from the single fin will translate to better performance.  Phase Five Diamond Luv is a high end board for the women who are advanced riders.  That’s not to say a beginner couldn’t learn on this board, they certainly could.  My wife actually did and struggled at first, but now has grown with the board and is crushing it out the water.  For pop and durability, the board is constructed with V.R.T.™ (Vacuum Ribbed Technology),  which is a lamination process of built in glass/bar strings on the bottom of edge of board.  Also the Techno Grip™ Traction is an EVA horizontal groove with dimple dots for increased foot traction.  If you stop reading this article here and buy this board, you won’t be disappointed.  It’s a board you’ll grow into if you are beginner/ intermediate or it will allow you to really push some limits if you are advanced/expert.

Ronix Koal Classic Fish Women’s Wakesurfer

The Ronix Koal Classic Fish Women’s Wakesurfer is an extremely versatile board from beginners to advanced skilled surfers.  This board will provide a smooth and stable ride with 3 fins inserted (2 – 4” symmetrical fins and 1 – 3” symmetrical fin) and provides excellent maneuverability with a single fin inserted.  Fins are floating fins with the new Fin-S 2.0 SpringLock Tech Tool-less System which allows you to easily change your fin setup in seconds.  The board is constructed with Ronix’s Technora core, which is Polyurethane foam with a woven stringer laminate.  The weave is added to specific locations like the belly and tail of the board to add strength, durability and responsiveness.  The front EVA traction pad is concave and the rear EVA traction pad has an extra tall tail kick with arch support.  With full rails, a tip rocker line of 3.7” for fast gliding and a size of 4’ 5”, this board is worth every penny of it’s price tag. 

Hyperlite Good Daze Women’s Wakesurfer

The Hyperlite Good Daze Women’s Wakesurf board is specifically designed for women who are intermediate to advanced riders.  The shim shaped board has an incredibly fast rocker line that allows for it to carry velocity anywhere you desire.  The board is available in 2 sizes (3’ 9” and 4’ 7”) and has a shorter profile allowing extra maneuverability for air tricks and rotation.  The board is made with DuraShell Technology, which is a process of thermally fusing and molding fiberglass layers to a precise Expanded Polystyrene Surfboard (EPS) foam core.  This layered glass will not separate like traditional fiberglass and will hold up year after year.  The board comes with molded EVA traction pads and 2 – 1.5″ Fish and 2 – 3.5″ Torq fins.  The Hyperlite Good Daze Women’s Wakesurf board is perfect for the woman looking to take her surfing to the next level.

Connelly Voodoo Women’s Wakesurfer

The Connelly Voodoo Women’s Wakesurfer is a surf style board that can quickly become your favorite board for the intermediate to advanced rider.  This board is available in two sizes – 4’ 5” and 4 10” and has a wider tip and tail that makes it easy to ride for a variety of riders.   The larger total surface area of the board provides for added buoyancy while allowing for plenty of stability and speed.  With its unique shape and center channel in the tail, you’ll have the ability to hang back on the wave until you want to shoot forward on command.  The board is constructed with EPS foam core w/ 5mm stringer for added durability.  The one piece EVA traction pad keeps your footing in place to give the maximum amount of balance and versatility.

Liquid Force Wildcat Wakesurf Board

The Liquid Force Wildcat Wakesurf Board is a fast strong skim board that is perfect for styled tricks.  The reinforced Innegra/Carbon deck is extremely dense and responsive.  With its Corduroy EVA traction pad that keeps your feet planted, the round tail will allow the board to spin more easily when desired.  Designed for the intermediate to advanced rider, the board has a single fin and fiberglass hand lamination.  This is a small, fast board that is extremely agile and allows for carving wakes like butter.  For a woman that is looking to be as nimble as possible out there on the water, this board will deliver.  

Ronix Flyweight Bat Tail Thruster Women’s Wakesurfer

The Ronix Flyweight Bat Tail Thruster Women’s Wakesurfer was redesigned in 2020 to take on the steeper, bigger waves that are being produced by today’s boats.  The thruster shape allows for better quickness, versatility, and carving.  The profile has been slimmed down and uses an all new Flyweight core that consists of lightweight minimalist construction.  The 4’ 5” board has a maximum feel with its 2 – 3” asymmetrical fins and 1 – 2.5” asymmetrical fin. Like the Ronix Koal Classic the fins are floating fins with the new Fin-S 2.0 SpringLock Tech Tool-less System which allows you to easily change your fin setup in seconds.  For the intermediate to advanced woman rider, the board also features a wax mat direct front pad and machined EVA rear pad with arch support and an extra tall tail wedge.  The Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin that is glassed on the board in the final step of the building process is meant to withstand the hottest days on the water.

Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 – The Skimmer Women’s Wakesurfer

The Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 – The Skimmer Women’s Wakesurfer at first glance is a board that has an awesome design.  A more in depth look at the board is even more impressive.  The board is very lightweight and has a thin profile that allows for more contact through the waterline.  This is a board for the advanced rider that wants to explore their potential with it’s single 2.5” symmetric carbon fiberglass fin.  A fun ride for just carving the waves, but with specs designed to increase your odds of landing your tricks and 360s.  Similar to the Ronix Flyweight Bat Tail, the board uses Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin and floating fins with the new Fin-S 2.0 SpringLock Tech Tool-less System.  This skim style board will get you ollie with a skate inspired deck that has front and rear wax mat cush pads and arch support and an extra tall tail wedge.

Ronix Potbelly Rocket Women’s Wakesurfer

The Ronix Potbelly Rocket Women’s Wakesurfer has a unique design that is different from other wakesurf boards out there.  The Potbelly refers to the fact that there is more volume down the center of the board.  This excess volume allows for more stability and push which is similar to that of a longboard.  Compression molded with the minimalist approach, the board offers a quick and responsive ride that any surfer would love.  With it’s 2 – 4.5” Asymmetric fins and 1” – 4’ fin there is a lot of thrust with this board.  Like all the other Ronix boards on the list, fins have the new Fin-S 2.0 SpringLock Tech Tool-less System, the top is coated with the Liquid Lava high temp resin and machined EVA concave traction pads. Tip rocker design and hard rails give control at increased speeds for riders that love to ride fast.  Just a flat out fantastic board!

Phase Five Swell Wakesurf Board

The Phase Five Swell Wakesurf Board is just a flat out beautiful board.  Designed by Stacia Bank, this board is a major success. The board has FLEXtec V2 Lamination, which combines Innegra and carbon inlays for a faster and more durable foam board.  Like the Phase Five Diamond Luv it uses V.R.T.™ (Vacuum Ribbed Technology) and an EPS Core.  What sets this board apart from it’s competitors is the Flexspine, which is enhanced rigidity and overall board performance.  With Reflex Speedrails and a quad fin setup, there is a perfect balance of agility and thrust.  Designed for the intermediate to advanced surfer, this board will outperform your expectations.  It can be anything you want from the casual cruiser to the insane slasher board for 360s, airs, and thrashing about like a fishing on the end of a hook.  This is a board that will not disappoint. 

Phase Five Diamond Turbo Wakesurf Board

The Phase Five Diamond Turbo Wakesurf Board has been around for the last 8 years and finally got a revamp in 2020.  The board now has a wider diamond shaped tail, Turbo Tail, which allows for extra acceleration without needing to redistribute weight forward.  This was accomplished with the redesign by allowing more volume under your rear foot so there is no need to be heavy with the front foot to accelerate.  Wrapped in Gatorskin, which is Phase Five’s trademark technology, the board will last for many years to come.  With 2 – 1” Fakie Fins and 1 – 1” Tail Fin, the board allows for the versatility that is desired for the advanced surfer.  It’s Polylam Gloss finish, makes this board’s exterior as impressive as to what it is capable of on the water.   

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