Byerly Buzz Wakesurf Board Review

The Byerly Buzz Wakesurf Board is one board I found to be very good when I want to aggressively attack the wake with style.  I found that the Byerly Buzz Wakesurf Board gives me the freedom I need to move smoothly through the waters riding behind a boat. This hybrid board is a fantastic ride that has all the bells and whistles to get you out there to carve it up. Your wallet will be happy too as the Byerly Buzz Wakesurf Board falls towards the cheaper end of the price spectrum of wakesurf boards out there.

Personally I find the Byerly Buzz to be a great men’s board that is light weight and very maneuverable. The carves are very controlled and removing the outside fins makes it easy to turn for a 360. We highly recommend this board for beginners to advanced.

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The Twin Tip Design of the Byerly Buzz board ensures that you maneuver your way into the correct position when spinning. And if you love shuv it’s, you will find that it makes it easier than other boards.

Externally, its mellow tail channels and single concave contour base allow the board to be stable, especially when you are transitioning from edge to edge.  Also, its monocoque construction makes for a sturdy board with an EVA tail pad that helps both newcomers and advanced surfers have an easy surf.

This wakesurf board is extremely maneuverable and is the fastest board in the lineup of Byerly wakesurf boards.  The body shape also makes it easy to switch and land softly.  On first touch, you will notice its full outline, pulled in tail and added thickness. This must be the reason I could easily fly across the water and still found it easy to take turns.


This board’s added thickness helps it to pick up speed like that of a rocket. Plus, its single to double concave style ensures that you achieve and maintain glide speed, especially when riding behind a boat.

The Dura-shell construction and the inbuilt EPS core and its feather-light nature is the reason that the Byerly Buzz board is a lightweight, and yet a high end durable wakesurf board. This helps the board to perform and feel like an epoxy board all compressed in a molded shape.

It is often referred to as the centerpiece from the Byerly range of wakesurf boards. It is an ultimate fusion surf machine that in my opinion will be easy for beginners to handle.

Conversely for the more advanced wakesurfer, the Byerly Buzz boards mellow rails and the twin design helps you take effortless spins.

Its mellow tail channels and single concave base is the reason this wakesurf board gives you both stability and speed. Additionally, its maneuverability and skimmer-like pop are one of the things that makes this board one of my favorites.


You want speed? Then the Byerly Buzz wakesurf board is exactly what you need. The double concave nature of this board which runs out of its tail ensures that you get a quick response all the time. You also get an amazing edge with its tucked-under and domed deck style rails.

It comes with three removable fins which allow you to customize your ride from floaty and loose to response and maximum drive.  Also, the fast Rockerline makes it possible for you to increase and maintain speed no matter the wave or curl.

The internal dual construction of this wakesurf board with its EPS core is why you will still feel light even when you are surfing on speed. The core also makes it super easy to spin when you need to get the wakesurf board out of water.

The Byerly Buzz wakesurf board is very quick and pops just like a skimmer all thanks to its full length mellow and single concave. The center fin of 1.5 inches and outer fins of 3.5 inches turns this board into nothing but a space rocket.

The speed is such that whether you are a beginner or a pro, it allows you to feel like you are one superhuman catching waves in an ocean. But actually, the speed is perfect if you are a beginner because it allows you to control the speed.

You get to effortlessly ride the Byerly Buzz at top speed whether you are new to the sport or an expert.



The Byerly Buzz base features mellow tail channels that help to drive out water that enters the fins. It also allows you to channel through different edges.

Its concave base contour (single to double) which is a split channel found around the base makes room for smooth and easy pivoting. With that, it creates stability even when transitioning from edge to edge.


What you get with the Byerly Buzz is three fins with the Future Fin Boxes design; a 1.5 inches center fish fin and a 3.5 inches dual flux fins. This makes for precise and super-fast handling.  One good thing about three fin wakesurf boards such as the Byerly Buzz is that they are very accommodating of any type of wave situation you are faced with.

The additional wing it comes with greatly increases your velocity effortlessly. Besides, three fins boards are very versatile and most people prefer them to single fin boards.

Materials and Construction

Monocoque construction – this combines a top and bottom glass and fuses them together. It eliminates the chances of delamination for a very durable board that can withstand impacts.

Dura-shell construction – no one wants to keep replacing their wakesurf boards due to damages. This construction makes the Byerly Buzz wakesurf board lightweight and very durable that no amount of throwing down, chucking or surfing with the board should damage it. The Dura-shell also makes the board more resistant to scratches and dings.

Layered glass – the Byerly fiberglass usually comes in three weights. And because traditional woven fibers usually separate over time, the layered glass of this board gives you more pop for many years to come.

EPS core – lightweight foam core that gives the quickest performance. It also makes getting the wakesurf board out of water very easy even when you are taking spins.

Style – it’s a combination of skim and surf hybrid. Skims are good for tricks and competitions while surfs are great for beginners as it is easy to control while providing the right balance. And the hybrid provides the perfect balance between the two. This is why anyone regardless of their expert level will enjoy this board.

Sizes – The Byerly Buzz comes in two different sizes. If you are on the lighter side and weigh under 190lbs, you should go for the 4’8″ inches. While those on the heavy side like me and weigh anything between the 190lbs and 240lbs mark should go for the 5’2″ inches.

Rail – it features a floaty and super smooth rounded surf rail that any traditional surfer will appreciate.

Final Thoughts

Coming from the stables of Byerly Company, this wake surf board is designed to provide you with the best of surf riding experience together with a good skim.  The versatile nature of its deck combines skim styles and surf so as to provide you with a zippy board that is ready to perform. Basically it is the all-in-one package.

And since Scott Bouchard incorporated his innovative masterpiece in constructing this board for Byerly, it makes it the one of the most progressive wakesurf boards in the industry that will stand the test of time.

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