Heyday WT Surf Review

When you hear so much buzz about a particular boat, you sure would want to check it out, right? And so we happened to meet up with some folks that are equally interested in boats like we do. Turned out that all the noise was about Heyday WT-Surf. I think it’s alright to have an insight on what to expect from this boat.

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When Heyday Wake Boats originally owned by John Dorton and his son, Ben Dorton, decided to sell Heyday to another company; Bayliner in 2016, boat enthusiasts like myself had our concerns on whether the move was going to push the company ahead to greater heights or be its end. Well, from everything we have seen so far and with Ben Dorton still retaining the post of the portfolio manager, we had some of our fears erased.

And so, we have seen Heyday coming up with innovative, sleek and functional boats all along. In 2018, they introduced WT-Surf, which according to them is their most comfortable and largest model of their wake sports boat, yet.

Taking a closer look, the boat is built for ultimate fun onboard the boat and behind it. It also comes with enough room for 17 people; that’s more than a crew. The WT-surf has more standard ballast than you have seen before. Right from the bottom up, this boat is the typical wake sports boat for people that don’t mind mixing luxury with fun. 

The hull of Heyday’s WT-Surf is patterned in such a way that it displaces water more than the previous models. So, if you like wake-surfing, say hello to a more enjoyable ride since you get more wave to power your surf. It’s interesting to see a boat that comes complete with all the features you will normally want to see in a boat like the trailer package and the rest.

At first glance, the boat cuts a striking and alluring profile with clean colors and bold styling. They also made the onboard space meant for storage and seating in a creative way. The design of the WT-surf is created in such a way that boarders and wake surfers will still have a nice time without having to use any of the devices that is connected to the hull. And did you know that the tanks of the ballast are also constructed to fit into the boat structure? For me, that’s like value and comfort all in one place.

Stretching at over 25 feet, Heyday’s WT-Surf comes with rich upholstery, full windshield, and removable backrests with flexible seating. It can easily be summed up as providing huge value for spectators and riders alike.

Advanced By Design

Seems like Heyday’s WT-Surf has set a new bar for what we are used to when it comes to inboard performance. In what may be about a decade ago, inboard boats have become more sluggish, grown larger and seemed to have lost its acceleration and sportster-type turning that it was known for. So, for the WT-surf to bring back the sporty performance that seemed to have been lost is a welcomed development in the wake industry. For an innovative hull pattern that breaks long held tradition, that’s one nice move.  

The Heyday company has a message- to provide quality wakes that still inculcates the core value. They therefore made sure that the WT-Surf hull has the ideal wake that is suitable for wakeboarding and wakesurfing that doesn’t call for expensive tabs for wake-shaping.

WT-surf at a glance

  • Model name: WT-Surf
  • Trim or Name: Base
  • Generic role:  Primarily recreational


  • Beam:    8’ 0”
  • Overall: 25’ 1”
  • Draft:      Estimated at 29”


  • Dry Weight : 4,300lbs


  • Maximum weight capacity: Ballast is 2,800lbs
  • Seating capacity:                 17 persons
  • Fuel capacity:                      60 gallons


  • Engine power capability:      Base 350HP (5.7L)


  • Transmission:  Inboard
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Horsepower:   409
  • Length:            25′ 1″
  • Propulsion:      Single Inboard
  • Beam:              8′
  • Hull Material:  Fiberglass/Composite
  • Engine Hours:  0

Power is the most essential thing when it concerns tow boats. Heyday’s WT-Surf comes with Crusader Challenger 5.7L that makes use of 350HP, which allows you get it on plane and maximize the riding time. The boat can also be upgraded to Mercury 6.2L with a 320HP or any other option that offers up to 409HP, and the boat will still be able to pull riders with ballast and full crew onboard. The billet toggle located in the dashboard gives you the option to set the wake to your preference. So, you can choose to set it to riding, surfing, or cruising. You will find the engine box in the area that is between the hot tub seats and the aft.

And if you are among those that believe in “the bigger the better,” with its roomy capacity, your team or crew will have enough room without overcrowding the boat.


WT-Surf is all shades of sleek with a finishing gel coating to give it that sophisticated classy look. It comes in Apollo gray and Oxford pure white.


I have already mentioned that this boat is out to make sure that the crew is quite comfortable and happy with its spacious capacity. It also comes with windshield that is dual-console, a covered non-skid SeaDek floor, deep upholstery foam density that is double-stitched, huge spaces for storage, and the backrest that can be moved around for versatility.


Its 117-degree transom that is properly angled helps in creating that natural curl surfers love. This allows wake to be generated on any part of the boat. When at speed, you can’t help but notice that perfect wake thrown by the hull which makes wakeboarding more enjoyable. The extra depth and width of WT-Surf’s transom as well as the ballast tanks that are built-in made it all possible.

Another thing about the boat is that apart from the fact that it offers enough room for seating, the 3 seats it comes with also has room for life jackets and surfboards storage. For the cockpit lounge, the backrest is removable so that the occupants can sit in a flexible position to watch what’s happening in the back or for forward cruising.

We can’t help but notice that the hot tub seats are curved giving you the freedom to face forward of aft. These seats easily lift to grant you access to the gear storage when you are in the cockpit. Heyday’s WT-Surf’s windshield has side wings and center panel that opens as well as deeper gunnels.

In case you are wondering if the wake tower can fold aft, then the answer is yes. This makes for easy storage. We cannot overlook the sound system which renders quality sounds through its 4-speaker that is Bluetooth-enabled. Love extra speakers? The head unit is pre-wired to allow such. To prove that the WT-Surf is made with sports lovers in mind, you will find a ski pylon (optional) right on the boat’s transom step. And there is a walkthrough that stretches from the cockpit all the way to swim platform (removable).

With the way the WT-Surf’s hull is designed, you will not need to use tabs or any other devices for wake-shaping. And yet, you will have powerful, clean wake for surfing and boarding.


The WT-Surf is definitely an improvement of the WT-1 and 2 models. According to Ben, the company strategically decided to move from smaller boats to larger ones so as to allow room for the sort of growth that comes with value. He added that while engineering their older smaller model boats, they found areas that could be improved upon and the best place to express those ideas is on larger boats that are still cost-effective.

Additional Features

WT-Surf has reasonably deep gunwales where the crew can retire to stay dry or safe. It features a digital screen that can be connected to GoPro or the boat’s sound system. You also get to see the engine data which shows the amount of fuel in gallons that is burned per hour, the fuel level, RPM, engine temperature, oil pressure, and other info that are quite useful.

Final Take

I can trust the Dortons with wake boats and anything that has to do with it. Many boat lovers and enthusiasts like me know that these guys are not clueless when it comes to wake boats. And I bet their reputation precedes them. I can’t help but notice that the new owners of Heyday; Brunswick Corporation is a part of Bayliner. And Bayliner is known for coming up with boats that are quite affordable when compared to other boats. So, with Heyday designing the WT-Surf whose starting price is $54,499; that is one affordable wake boat even with all the features it comes with.

With what I have seen so far, I would say that the WT-Surf is a boat to reckon with. I am yet to fully drive the boat, but from the inspection so far, I like the concept behind the boat. If you are like me, you would certainly breathe a sigh a relief when you learn that to create the ideal wake; you don’t need a contraption usually located where the transom is. For sure, that is a welcomed development.

Don’t expect the WT-Surf to be any different from other wake boats that is usually made for protected water. And I must admit that at such affordable rate for a boat that allows family and friends to spend quality time on, create the perfect wake for riders, it certainly pulls its weight.