How To Choose A Wakesurf Board

Settling for a wakesurf board with all it’s the available options is not the easiest of tasks. A wakesurf board isn’t like a pair of sunglasses that you check out, fit in, and then go ahead and make your purchase. As we are going to share in this piece, there is a wealth of information that you need to know before you go ahead and get your board.

There are many options for wakesurf boards in the market today. It’s normal for a beginner to be overwhelmed. Wakesurf boards come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different styles and features. Many have attested finding the beginner search for a wakesurf board intimidating and overwhelming.

As a beginner, you don’t want to settle for a wakesurf board that will outgrow you right away. Same as opting for a wakesurf board designed for an advanced surfer. As you’ll notice, beginner boards are large to provide buoyancy while advanced boards are small in size. Confused? You’re in the right place. We will go step by step offering some great tips on choosing a wakesurf board. Our suggestions will be based on one’s riding style and skill level.

Once you’re done with this piece, be rest assured that you’ll make an informed decision when you go out there to purchase your wakesurf board.

Board Styles

There are three different board styles; skim, surf and hybrid. The different styles cater to different riding styles and unique tricks one can engage in. Wakesurf board shapes borrow their concepts from the skimboard and surf worlds.

Now let’s look in detail at each shape and the unique features it provides the rider.

Surf style

Surf style boards are the most common among the three reasons being they’re the simplest to master. They are stable and buoyant on the water. For beginners, this is the best place to start. Intermediate and advanced surfers aren’t left behind since they can enjoy the high speed. More advanced riders can get lots of air for aerials and ollies in addition to making huge slashes. 


A wide and stable board, the Connelly Ride is a great one for beginners. It has a wide platform while it’s double edge railed makes it versatile. Even though we recommend it for beginners, it has some great features and you’ll find it also among intermediate and advanced riders.  What we liked is that it’s super buoyant making it easy for the beginner.

Connelly Ride
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At the intermediate level, our pick is the Connelly Voodoo Wakesurf Board.  If you’re a surf style purist, this board will provide the stability and speed that you need. It’s great in maneuvering the waves. The large total surface area provides stability and added buoyancy. If you’re a big guy, no need to worry either. Speed is guaranteed as the wider tail provides that extra acceleration. At those speeds, waves are slashed up and down with the swallowtail design. 

Connelly Voodoo 2021
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It takes time and practice to be an advanced rider. What’s a better way to reward yourself for being a pro than going for the Liquid Force POD Wakesurf Board? With its progressive shaping, double concave hull and 4 fin setup, you’ll be ruling the waves. Expect speed, power and snappy riding as you slice through the waves effortlessly. The POD Wakesurf Board is infused with the new Dura Shell layup with its high-performance durable construction. Also, worth mentioning is that the board lasts for quite long. Totally worth it.

Liquid Force POD 2021
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Skim Style

If you’re one who loves engaging in tricks and spins, skimboards are a great choice for you. A skim shape board is a perfect choice to learn and practice different tricks. In case you’re a beginner, this isn’t the best choice. We recommend it to intermediate and advanced surfers who have some experience.

The skimboard is highly maneuverable as a result of its thin frame which makes it less buoyant. In addition, you’ll find that most boards are compression molded and this further adds its maneuverability.

Skim style wakesurf boards have small fins in comparison to surf shape boards and fewer hull features. Expect a board that’s slippery and agile on water.

Some skim boards have nose fins that provide control when riding the board switch. If you love doing continual spins, surface spins, pop shove, or a host of tricks this is the board to go for.

We normally don’t recommend skim shape wakesurf boards to beginners since this board can’t stick to the straight and narrow. Either it’s spinning or sliding or doing anything else but not gliding normally.


If you’re ready to go to another level with your bag of tricks, the Idol Surf Butter Knife Carbon Skim Wakesurf Board is your go-to skimboard at intermediate level. With its pintail design and a flat rocker, this wakesurf board works magic when it’s gliding while effortlessly holding in the pocket.

Its outline is fast and stable and this places the board volume at your feet. This sheds off any extra foam. The rails are hard while the bottom contours and flat rocker lie in unison. The pintail will give you those smooth turns while ensuring the board tracks down-the-line.

The future fin (Futures TMF-1) is a great feature for intermediate riders since it provides room for upgrading to any Futures compatible fins. Once you are ready to go advanced, you only need to upgrade the fins. We think that’s an amazing offer!

Idol Surf Butter Knife Carbon Skim
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Speed, pop and stability best describe the Phase Five Diamond Turbo Wakesurf Board 2020. Made with carbon fiber and fiberglass, you’re looking at a reliable powerhouse that you can use to try all your tricks.

This wakesurf board has been a go-to board from skim riders for the last few years. Considering it is the bestseller from the line of P5 boards speaks volumes. In the new board, the diamond tail has been removed to provide a better edge on the water since the Diamond Turbo can lock easily to the face of the wave. You also now have more volume left on your back foot ensuring balance and more acceleration.

The new tri-fin set up provides more speed and stability. The board is wrapped with Gatorskin ensuring its durability. Lastly, the look is amazing. For all the advanced skim surfers, we highly recommend it!

Phase Five 2020 Diamond Turbo
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Hybrid Style

Are you overwhelmed on whether to settle for either the surfboard or the skimboard? The great news is that there is an in-between and that’s the hybrid surfboard. Their selling point is that you can surf and do tricks while on this board therefore enjoying the best of both worlds. Its design combines the surf board’s maneuverability with the skimboard playfulness. The hybrid style board is not the best place to start for beginners. It’s recommended among the intermediate and advanced riders.


The Liquid Force Primo Wakesurf Board offers a playful ride. Its tri-fin setup can be configured with one single fin, crisp turns or a twin outer fin. The board gives you freedom of choice. To experience those smooth turns, you can configure the tri-fin setup with the twin outer fins and for a looser skimboard, you set up the single fin. The board is lightweight and makes the pop easy. It’s responsive and you’ll have so much fun surfing on it. You’ll land those 360’s as you have never done before.

Liquid Force Primo
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Referred by surfers as the mean machine, the Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Sprocket Wakesurf Board lives up to its word. With this board, you’ll rip waves into shreds. Thanks to its Carbon Air Core 3 model, it’s light and stiff. Maneuverability is fast and smooth. The Sprocket unleashes its raw power. It will reveal the playful personality in you. The fishtail and thruster fin provide the much-needed grip to lock the waves while its skimmer shape keeps you turning and tossing. Highly recommended in an understatement.

Ronix Carbon Air Core 3 Sprocket
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Wakesurf Board Size

Similar to surfboards, wakesurf boards are measured in terms of feet and inches. Considerations that are taken are the wake size and the rider weight. Factors that influence the size of the board include the board’s shape, the rocker and the nose and tail shapes.

Large Wakesurf Boards

These boards have a larger surface area and provide buoyancy. They are the go-to option for heavy riders. Also, they are a great choice for beginners since they are slower than the smaller boards.

Smaller Wakesurf Boards

These are maneuverable and fast on the wave. A great option for intermediate and advanced riders. Also recommended to light riders.

Wakesurf Board Size Chart

 Rider Weight Surf Style Skim StyleHybrid Style 
 Up to 110 lbs Up to 4′  Up to 4′  Up to 4′
 100 – 170 lbs 4′ – 4’8″ 4′ – 4’4″ 3′ 9″ – 4′ 8″
 150 – 200 lbs 4’8″ – 5′ 4’4″ – 4’10” 4′ 8″ – 5′ 3″
 190 – 250+ lbs 5’+ 4’10″+ 5’+

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