Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board Review

The Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board is one of the best selling wakesurf boards ever for very good reason. It is the board that I used when my wife, kids, and I all used when we first started wakesurfing. It is a board that I can firmly say is a universal fit for the family. It is such a good started board for the family because it offers offers good performance for just about anyone regardless of your ability level. Now that I am a more advanced surfer I am able to put it more to the test with tricks and airs and still performs well.

Here is our review of Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board.

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Featuring a dual concave base accompanied by a rocker line, what you get is a responsive and fast ride with this board. Its mellow profile is probably the reason I was getting air especially when spinning. It also helps with good stability for newcomers to the surfing sport.

Commonly referred to as the “Family Sedan”, its Monocoque construction design allows you to enjoy a solid ride whenever you are surfing with it. Also, I consider it relatively short-sized but that is a good thing because it then gives you a large surface area to stand on. Some may see it as some sort of compression but it’s actually working for me.

Additionally, it has rails with a double edge so that you can grip it as tough as you want when trying out crazy stunts and tricks. Its swallow tail shape keeps it maneuverable and nimble even when on high speed.

For the width, you get a stable board that increases your confidence as a surfer even if it’s your first time. The Hyperlite Broadcast also comes with a traction pad that is a fully-machined EVA so that regardless of your size, you will feel comfortable placing your feet on the board with a super grip.


For the performance, I would say that the Broadcast is fast, stable and very user-friendly especially if you are just starting out. But you really get to know how fast this thing is if you are an advanced surfer like me. Its speed is the reason I can easily do rotational tricks and also generate good speed for air. 

The dual nature of this board helps in improving top-end speed and acceleration. That way, I could easily keep up with any wave I am faced with.


The Hyperlite Broadcast has monocoque construction making it a durable board that can withstand just about any impact. It integrates the top and bottom glasses into one. This also prevents it from delamination. It also features a layered glass so that you continue to get the same pop with this board’s double up for many years to come. Its machined EVA deck pad allows the surfer to have maximum traction, especially when riding behind a boat. 

It comes with one 2.4 inches and two 1.5 fish fins. This ensures that the Hyperlite Broadcast offers great performance for the rider on any ability level. The monocoque construction makes the board durable and lightweight.

Hyperlite is known to have loyal supporters who works with its team of professional riders to come up with what most riders love to see in a wake surf board. The result is the production of the best wakeboards, ropes, handles, vests, and bindings that a surfer needs.

The company also partners with other companies that are into surfing so as to come up with a wake surf board made with USA aerospace-grade materials. This gives some peace of mind for people like me who prefer a durable board made with good materials.


The best way to define the Hyperlite Broadcast is that it is made for air time and speed. This is because its dual concave structure allows newcomers to achieve just the right momentum and thrust to maintain balance and also build air rotation.

The tails that come with the board makes it possible to slice through the water so that you can pick up speed even as you perform tricks or catch waves. Here is another place the EVA traction pad comes into effect because it offers you the right grip as well as cushion.

With the presence of the tri-fin system that comes with the Hyperlite Broadcast, it allows you to use the board with one, two, or three fins as you may wish. Although it offers great speed, it however allows anyone with any skill level to control the pace.

With its extended rail grip with a fixed tail which you get to have superior control even when riding on high speed.


Hybrid Style – with the Hyperlite Broadcast wake surf board, you get a combination of a surf style board along with the spin style of a skim board. Expect to get a slippery feeling with making use of this board.

Thruster – known to be the most popular surf fin set, the Broadcast features a large center fin which helps in tracking. Also, its two flat foil fins on the side do not just generate speed but also make sure you maintain the speed in the face of a heavy wave.

Swallow Tail – the swallow tails make it possible for you to increase the turning arcs in a situation where the tail shape is wide. This feature in the Hyperlite Broadcast helps in balancing stability and push as a result of the swallow tail.

Rider weight – this is good for anyone weighing above 120 pounds for the 4.8 inches. However, if your weight is still a little above this, you can still make use of it. The 5.4 inches size can take anyone up to 250 pounds and above.

Size – 4.8 inches and 5.4 inches

Width – 21.25 x 22 inches

Layered Glass – traditional woven glass fibers that some manufacturers use in making their wake surf boards usually separate over time. But the Hyperlite Broadcast like other Hyperlite boards come in layered glass so that the deck will retain its double up pop off over time.

Fins – 3 fins (two 1.5 inches and one 2.4 inches fins). It also features 3 bolts thru.

Ability level – suitable for both beginners and intermediate

Final Thoughts

I took my time to go over the Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf and found that it really steps up to the game. I wasn’t really surprised being that it was shaped by Butch (Scott Bouchard); a popular name when it comes to surfboard innovation. He is known to only work with the best wake surf board manufacturers.

I like the fact that the board is a durable one that can stand the test of time. The ease and speed I got when using this board are such that I commend having tested a lot of wake surf boards myself.

The Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurf Board 2020 is one of the popular boards from the stables of Hyperlite and with its impressive performance, versatile shape, and great value, I believe it is a wake surf board you will be glad to have. 

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