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Is Kitesurfing Dangerous?

Kitesurfing is often regarded as an extreme sport, placed highly along with American football, rock climbing and bungee jumping which all share a high degree of risk. Kitesurfing has been made famous by those horrific ‘close call’ videos that circulate around the internet and on TV shows, but just how dangerous is it? Any sport

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2020 Phase 5 Hammerhead

2020 Phase Five Hammerhead Review

The 2020 Phase Five Hammerhead is a completely new take on the skim style wakesurf board and unlike anything I have ridden.  The board was designed by 7 time world champion wakesurfer Drew Danielo and he clearly did some out of the box thinking when he came up with this design.  I have to admit

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Best Water Skis For Beginners

Water skiing is a fantastic sport that involves coordination and skill. Beginners will want to travel at slower speeds to get some comfort as they learn, somewhere around the 20 mph mark. Once you get the hang of it, you could be travelling as fast as 36 mph like the pros. We put together our

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Yoga girl over SUP Stand up Surf board

Best Stand Up Paddle Board For Lakes

My wife and I have loved paddle boarding ever since we moved to the lake. It is a great way to exercise, disconnect from the real world, and just feel a sense of peace. When it came down to getting one of our own though, we opted for something not traditional that our neighbor introduced

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Girl riding on the wakesurf board on the river on the wave in the background of the sunset and trees

Best Wakesurf Board For Small Wake

I have a 2017 Mastercraft x46 and love the boat. The layout is amazing and it looks really sharp with it’s silver fleck over black exterior. For all the amenities that the boat has to offer, it severely lacks in ballast and creates a small wake. I found that having a small wake on a

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Attractive blonde girl jumping on the red wakeboard

Best Camera For Wakesurfing

As we head to the lake and take part in various water activities, we want a camera to capture all of the moments. With so many options out there, it is difficult to find which is the best camera for wakesurfing? Are you going to spend too much and go overboard with features you’ll never

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