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tower speaker

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers For The Money

As we get out and enjoy the summer, we want to be listening to the best tunes. Most people do not have the great speakers, but a simple upgrade can get you all the bass your heart desires. With a variety of different speakers to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are the

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Best Towable Tubes For Boating

There are a lot of towable tubes out there now and it seems like everyone has the same list (we know, you can actually see our list HERE), so this time we went in a completely different direction.  We found the coolest towables around that don’t conform to the standard designs that have been around

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foilboard in water

Best Wakesurf Hydrofoil

People, it is summer alright, which probably means we are heading to the nearby beaches and lakes to kill the heat. For all the young adventurous people out there, we have just the right sport this season. We are all familiar with wake surfing or wake boarding and most of you must have tried it.

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wake foil

How To Wake Foil

Wake foiling — a relatively new sport — is on its way to become a sensation in the short time since its discovery. It is easy, even effortless, and literally makes you feel like you’re flying! Wake foiling does not need specific water conditions and can conveniently be done by tying the board behind almost

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water bouncer

Best Water Trampoline

Have you ever pondered over what the perfect addition to your family getaway home would look like? Well, might we suggest water bouncers. Water bouncers are large bouncing platforms that can transform any boring family get together into hours of fun; all you need to do is place them over any river, lake, or ocean

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Best Wakeboards For Beginners

The market is full of options as to the best wakeboards for beginners.  When looking for a beginner board, you’ll want something that is extremely forgiving when starting out.  If the shape of the board is smooth and fluid, you’ll up your chances of not face planting right off the bat.  A board that has

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