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Best Floating Water Mats For Boats

Water mats have become a lake staple where we live because they provide a nice place to lounge, kids to play on, and even the dog to frolic.  They are an awesome add on to any day on the lake.  A quality water mat that is easily rolled back up and durable are key features

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Ronix Eight.3 Ballast Bag

Best Ballast Bags For Wakesurfing

I have a 2017 Mastercraft X46 and am in love with the boat.  I am also in love with wakesurfing, but to be honest, what the X46 makes up for in style, amenities, and comfort, it lacks in standard ballast (a mere 2015 lbs which by today’s standards is incredibly low).  To remedy the problem,

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Outboard Motor Tubing

How To Tow A Tube With An Outboard Motor

There are a few general guidelines for how to tow a tube with an outboard motor.  Check out our list of Best Towables which we think are the safest to significantly reduce the risk of tipping while tubing. Location The location of where you are tubing matters.  After living on a lake, I still shake

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Best Wake Shaper for Wake Surfing

For all those wake surfing enthusiasts out there, you already know that wake surfing is a sport that is both fun and thrilling, but getting the right wave can sometimes prove to be a bit tricky.  While playing with the tabs on your surf boat and/or adding ballast to different areas of the boat will

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Flexiteek vs. Seadek

When it comes to flooring your boat, you really don’t want to compromise. Apart from the aesthetics aspect, you also don’t want to end up falling off your boat when it gets wet due to skid. But with various options out there, it’s easy to get lost and have a hard time deciding on which

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Heyday WT Surf Review

When you hear so much buzz about a particular boat, you sure would want to check it out, right? And so we happened to meet up with some folks that are equally interested in boats like we do. Turned out that all the noise was about Heyday WT-Surf. I think it’s alright to have an

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