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Towable Tube

Best Towables For Kids

Having been on the lake for a number of years, we’ve seen and dealt with our share of ups and downs of owning multiple types of towable tubes. From flips, rips, tears, and leaks, we’ve seen it all and we have our favorites list of best towables for kids. As a complement, see our list

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life vests 2

Best Life Jackets for Wakeboarding

For anyone who loves wakeboarding, they know that wearing the perfect gear is quite essential. Those high tides and splashing water make this sport quite thrilling, but if you don’t feel comfortable in your life jacket, the fun doesn’t seem worth it. If you have previously invested in a life jacket but are not satisfied

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Best Wake Surf Boats for the Money

Heading to the beach or your lake house for the summer is a great way to beat the heat. Want to know how it’ll get better? Try out some super fun activities like Wake Surfing and Wake Boarding. Don’t know where to get the essential supplies from? Not to worry! We have designed the perfect

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Mastercraft Winterization Procedure

Introduction: Mastercraft Winterization is a process that requires immense care and utmost importance to avoid damage under any circumstances. If not dealt with earnestly, one may face difficulties while reactivating their boat. So make sure you follow the instructions carefully to complete the winterization process without any complications. Treatment for Fuel System: If you are

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How to Dock a Boat by Yourself

One of the basic elements of navigating a boat is learning how to dock it. Numerous factors need to be taken into account when considering how a boat is to be docked such as the type of the boat, the type of the dock, the direction in which the dock is to be approached and

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How To Remove Water Stains From Fiberglass Boat

There is one thing many boat owners have in common – water stains. No matter how much you care for your boat and how often you clean it, as a boat owner, if your boat is not on a lift, you will find that there is always those stubborn water stains that just won’t go

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