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How to Dock a Boat by Yourself

One of the basic elements of navigating a boat is learning how to dock it. Numerous factors need to be taken into account when considering how a boat is to be docked such as the type of the boat, the type of the dock, the direction in which the dock is to be approached and

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How To Remove Water Stains From Fiberglass Boat

There is one thing many boat owners have in common – water stains. No matter how much you care for your boat and how often you clean it, as a boat owner, if your boat is not on a lift, you will find that there is always those stubborn water stains that just won’t go

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How to Make a Bigger Wake on your Boat

Making a bigger wake really comes down to one key item – weight.  From how much you are using, to where it is placed, will determine the quality and size of your wake.  Wake is created by applying force to the hull of the boat, displacing water which will then try to rush back to

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