Wakeboarding vs Wakeskating

People often confuse wakeboarding and wakeskating water sports. In this article, we are going to differentiate between the two water sports in addition to also mentioning the differences between the wakeboard and the wakeskate. In the end, we are going to review the best wakeboards and the best wakeskates for both the men’s category and the women’s category.

Wakeboarding Overview

Wakeboarding comprises both water skiing and skateboarding concepts all brought into one. As a water sport, it isn’t difficult and with enough practice, you can use any wave as a launching pad.

In wakeboarding, one rides a wakeboard while being towed by a motorboat moving at a speed of 30 to 40 mph. Apart from using a motorboat, other methods that can be used for towing include personal watercraft, closed-course cable systems, and winches.

A Brief History of Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding as a watersport began in the early 1940s. The sport is governed by the International Waterski Federation. Wakeboarding has also been recognized by the International Olympics Committee.

Wakeboarding was first referred to as skurfing. In New Zealand and Australia, in place of wakeboards, they first used small, hand-shaped boards with no bindings. Jeff Darby was the first person to make a board out of the skurf model. Later, he collaborated with Tony Finn and they created the original skurfer board. The skurfer board gained increased recognition.

In 1983, Howard Jacobs assembled the first wakeboard after he added foot straps to surfboards. The foot straps were to enable him perform back flips on the Jacksonville River.

The term wakeboarding was coined by renowned surfer, Paul Fraser. The first wakeboard was manufactured and sold by O’Brien in 1981. Its debut was in the 2nd World Skiboard Championship in Colorado. It went ahead to define and popularize the water sport.

In comparison to wakeskating, wakeboarding is safer since you are board bound making the likelihood of crushes lower. The boat tows you as you hold onto the rope. We recommend wakeboarding if it’s your first time venturing into watersports.

The only disadvantage we ought to mention it that is harder to perform stunts while wakeboarding since movement is restricted by the foot bindings.

Men’s Wakeboard

Our top pick when it comes to the Men’s Wakeboard is the Ronix District Wakeboard 2021. An all-purpose wakeboard with a hybrid rocker profile, the Ronix District Wakeboard 2021 is a favorite to many riders.

Also called The Great Equalizer, the Ronix District Wakeboard is great when it comes to wake-to-wake jumps. It’s made for fast takeoffs and solid curves. The new 2021 model features a new thinner profile offering a smoother rider.

A hybrid rocker model, the board has a continuous rocker that runs right in the middle of the board. Fitted with the G&R Technology, the grip and release channels are on point offering the rider traction while minimizing any resistance while on the water.

The wakeboard is fitted with a Modello Core, to date the most durable core produced in the Ronix line. The core is light and tough. Your movements will be complemented with the 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins. Besides, the board has a concave bottom while the rail is variable. Finally, in terms of features, the wakeboard is designed with Chade Sharpe’s Universal Riding Style in mind.

The Ronix District 2021 is a great board for those who are at intermediate and advanced levels. Expect a lightweight board that is strong and agile. You’ll have a decent pop off wake with the board and secure landings. Maneuvering on the board is easy yet there is steadiness under your feet. All in all, the Ronix District 2021 is an all-around board.

Experience confidence and style on the water while riding on this board. Adapting will also be quick as a result of the variable rail and the versatile hybrid rockerline.


  • New Thinner Profile
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0″ Ramp Fins
  • Concave Bottom
  • G&R Technology
  • Variable Rail
  • Universal Riding Style designed by Chad Sharpe
  • Hybrid 3 Stage – Middle/Continuous/Outer Rocker
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Women’s Wakeboard

It’s a common misconception that it’s only men who are interested in water sports. This is far from the truth. Women also have a keen interest in this sport. Hyperlite created the Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard with women in mind.

The Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard is our top choice for women’s wakeboards. It was designed to savor those sweet moments on the water. Asymmetrical in shape, it is easy to make carves and jumps while riding on this board. The stability and comfort offered by the board ensures that you have a remarkable experience and that you’ll always come back again. You’ll also notice its pop off the wake is really good. The layered glass on the board also ensures its durability.


  • 3-stage rocker
  • Monocoque construction
  • Available in 3 sizes: 125, 130, and 135cm
  • Weight limit: 130lbs to 145lbs.
  • 4 removable fins present
  • Made for women riders

The asymmetrical design on the wakeboard makes it shorter yet more effective especially on the edges and therefore makes it easier to learn wake jumps. Learning with this wakeboard is easy and effective giving the rider confidence to do more.

The new thinner profile gives the wakeboard smoother toe-side transition resulting in better release and fewer drags. Besides, four (removable) fins give the rider more control while on the board.

This wakeboard is designed for beginner and intermediate riders. Riders at an advanced level may find it unsatisfactory. It’s worth your money since it is durable thanks to the layered glass. You’ll have better control and a chance to learn to wakeboard easily once you opt for this wakeboard.

The only con we can mention is that it may not be as challenging to advanced riders. For beginners and those who are at an intermediate level, it makes a great board.

Hyperlite Eden 2.0 Wakeboard - Women's 2021
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Wakeskating Overview

Wakeskating is almost similar to wakeboarding the major difference being that in wakeskating, you are not bound to the board. Unlike wakeboards whose surfaces are covered with Grip tape to secure the rider who wears shoes, in wakeskating the rider is not bound and this presents challenges. Despite having wakeskates covered with EVA foam to give the rider more traction, crashes are a norm in wakeskating.

A Brief History of Wakeskating

Wakeskating has its roots in the United States. In comparison to wakesurfing, wakeskating started much much later in the 1970s. In the beginning, riders would ride behind boats on large surfboards. At one point, skaters began putting grip on wakeboards and it is at this point that wakeskating began as a water sport. You’ll often find many riders in this sport who have a background in skateboarding. Today, the sport is popular especially among the younger crowd. To wakeskate, you need to wear shoes so that you can get grip on the wakeskate.

In comparison to wakeboarding, wakeskating is livelier and more exciting since you can perform stunts. It is especially easy for skateboarders to adapt to this sport and show off their skills. Unlike wakeboarding where your board bound, in wakeskating, you’re not boat bound although the rope secures you.  It is therefore relatively safe.

Wakeskating however takes time to learn especially to get balance. It requires shoes that can stand firmly on the grip tape e.g. athletic shoes.

Note: Both wakeboards and wakeskates are small and light and they are easy to carry and store.

Best Wakeskate

Liquid Force is a name to reckon with in the watersports industry. Its wakeboards are well known. When it came to wakeskates, it didn’t let us down.

The Liquid Force Tao Wakeskate 2021 referred to simply as The TAO was designed by Daniel Grant and it’s the most indestructible wakeskate in the market. You can think of any surface, the Liquid Force Tao Wakeskate 2021 will bombard through. As Daniel Grant once said, he designed this particular wakeskate to “conquer it all”.

The TAO is made up of a Paulownia wood core and is wrapped with Liquid Rails. The base is made up of Sintered Grind Base that is exclusive to Liquid Force. This package, therefore, provides the best takeoffs and is consistent for dynamic pops.

The belly is concave shaped for quick release. The TAO is designed for riders who are at an intermediate and advanced level. You can use this powerful wakeskate on the rails or the podium, it’s your choice. The progressive 3 Stage rocker line provides much needed stability.

The TAO is one of Daniel Grants pro model boards from Liquid Force. The board has great visual graphics too. There are two sizes of the board; 39 inches and 41 inches. 39 inches supports weight of up to 170lbs while 41 inches supports weight of over 170 lbs.

The TAO is King! You can never go wrong with this one.

Liquid Force Tao Wakeskate 2021
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